Hey there guys! I’m just going to bring a little bit of a guide, or tutorial if you will. If you’re like me and you join the Institute, and you’re also a power armor collector like I am. And you think you can’t get a brotherhood painted power armor. Well you can… *Pew pew* And I’m going to try to see if I can get for you here. And it involves the charisma, and sneak perks…. *mumbles to self* there he is… And… A little bit of luck. We can do this. I’m going to try to avoid killing him. Sounds of gunfire, and death, and dying. Burned bodies, bleeding hearts, an dashed dreams. They left the Capital Wasteland with aspirations of accentual enlightenment so that the brotherhood too could sound like a Boston inhabitant. Unfortunately they were the target of someone making a youtube video.

Poor souls. and you basically want to kill all these other guys because they seem to give a moral boost or something. (probably just dumb luck) I’ve noticed he never says okay, when they’re around. Stop right there… criminal scum! You violated the law. You try to pacify them.There we go. Let’s see if he’ll stay pacified. Now you wanna… Get these guys out of the way. Cha ching. Alrighty let’s see if we can do this… Now you wanna Now you want to pick pocketing him. Find his fusion cell–Fusion core. And… Stop. It will eject him *from his power armor*. Now he can’t use his *power* armor, his hands are up. He doesn’t know what to do. *pew* Shoot him in the back of the head, because you don’t like the brotherhood. And there you go! That is your power armor! it’s brotherhood painted. You just go ahead and pop in your own fusion core–or his, since you took it. Then you just “Steal” it… It’s going to be permanently stealing. But nobody cares about the brotherhood once you’ve won.

And if they do you just kill them! And there you go! That’s how you git yerself some brotherhood power armor. *I have friends?* Painted Power Armor – that is. and another piece of *Power armor*frame if you really wanted it so you can showcase all your other stuff! Alrighty. Now once you have your armor. If you’re just collecting it to have a collection. Just bring it over to your collection.

Mine is over here. As you can see, I’ve collected quite a few. And you just go ahead and… Put it somewhere Here. And… get out. I’ve noticed people like to use your power. I don’t know what causes it so I just take the fusion core out. And there you go. You now have. Either a new *Power Armor* frame, or a brotherhood painted armor. I already have another one that I’ve “Stolen” right here. I got the Minuteman the Enclave one. I got all of them. I hope you find this helpful. If you do, I might make some more guides. If I don’t, I don’t. And enjoy you day! Goodbye. Obligatory menu screen of an armature..

As found on Youtube