Greetings, Earthlings! Madqueenshow Here. R: And Mr. Ruvver And Mr. Ruvver. On today’s menu we have… R: I can’t believe you made a video without me Well, it was quite difficult to have you in the video because you were sleeping R: I was not. I was waiting for the DLC to come out and as excited as you were. [Snoring] R: I’m going to play Dark Souls Well, as you can see here, I scrapped the entire settlement at Oberland station. Except for the bar that I will scrap later. I wasn’t especially happy with the results although the giant shaft had its grace, but I wanted to remove all the settlement and start all over. Besides, I didn’t know what the DLC Wasteland Workshop had to offer, and I’m glad to say that I saw much more that I thought I would, so I decided to go full concrete fangirl and make a huge concrete foundation, also this way I could explain a question I’m asked a lot: how to build a base in an uneven settlement.

Oberland is not as fucked at Coastal Cottage, to name one, but it has its thing, and when building a base to make your settlement or your main structure the unevenness of the terrain is a great opportunity to create multilevel to play with. This stair thing, later on I saw a better way of doing it, but in there I didn’t change it because wood stairs are going to look great with how I’m going to decorate this part. What I’m doing here is creating the wall of concrete around the settlement with different heights to adapt to the terrain, you will see some gaps in the beginning of the video as I was experimenting but as I didn’t have the results I wanted to I just deleted the scenes to avoid dizzying you.

Yes, I’ll stay around your robot sex building to point out your lack of So, I’m building this part of the floor higher as I intend to put the new bedroom lights in the floor to illuminate the scene from below. I’m glad they introduced these lights because I love illuminating with lower lights and so far the only ones that you could put that low were the orange mushrooms that weren’t very charming. And also made me happy this grills that allow to put the lightning, I think that this is one of the additions I like the most of the concrete section. This and the round walls, that I will be using a lot, as you saw in other settlements I’m a huge fan of round walls, although usually I made them out of wood, I still need to experiment a lot more with these new walls, but it’s going to be so funny for sure. The concrete pillars where a thing that we were expecting like water in May, as we say in Spain, as floating elements are always annoying and are a bit fed up with raider poles that always stand out over structures or fences that are not very height and sometimes doesn’t quite fit in.

I believe that the original purpose of these pillars were to cover the gaps between concrete walls, but they’re great because they sink and the can be slapped to cross small sections of the floor, that gives a more rusty effect to the usage effect of pillars than putting them just below the floors. So, no giant dicks this time No, I’m afraid not. At least not for now. Dick jokes were funny As a reminder for the people who are not following the Oberland series or are new in my channel, I’m building a robo-pleasure city that will be composed of several buildings with different utilities according to the specifications suggested in comments by the viewers, so this is the third part of the interactive video although it seems like a new structure, because I scrapped everything. You can still comment about the buildings you’d like to add here that are related to the robo-pleasure subject, so go crazy, some of you agreed in different ideas and this is just awesome, because I love to hear your crazy point of view.

Well this part of putting so many floors was becoming too monotonous so I’m just going to put it faster. Booring Well, I just scrapped the bar and it looked good! But I can make a new one. So, inside the settlement I’m going to put a hot dog stall, to make Potema happy, I’m so sorry I left you without hot dogs. R: It’s ok with me, I don’t like hot dogs What do you like then? R: Hot bitches So the floor here is going to be No, I’m fine, thanks. I’m changing the wood floor here for the grilled ones to put the lightning below it and ouch! Keep away of my ear. Now what’s this? R: a thermometer No it’s not. Is a pencil R: You have no imagination. Come here, Keep this pencil out of my ear R: Trust me, I’m a Doctor. Go play with the Tardis R: Ok, I will travel in time to where you had sense of humor. So, I just put some plants below the stairs to have the robot wandering around them to greet the newcomers, I wanted to make sure that he didn’t walk around some other plants and stayed there, so I asked on Twitter about how many crops did a single settler take care of and they were many, and as I’m half troll and I have trouble counting beyond three I just planted as many carrots as I could fit there well.

Just because. By the way, sorry it went dark, I hope there’s still enough light to see what I’m doing here. Ok, I’ll take the broom when I’m done. Back to the video, this smells so bad Ruvver. Back to the video, the concrete stairs were one of the best additions to the concrete section of DLC. They’re pretty safe, at least they have handrails which are perfect for clumsy individuals like me who experimented the humiliating death of falling from their own construction while trying to climb a ladder.

Also is great they’re not ladders, and they’re also pretty rusty, I love rusty, it gives more character to the settlement. It will look great when I start to use wood over it, and as I said I will also start using some more steel in my constructions, so the contrast is going to look really good. I love to have background elements to play with, like the tree in this settlement, except if they are ruins of past houses that can’t be scrapped, I’m looking forward for the moment that I can scrap them, I’m a mix between too lazy to repair them and to selfish to have structures that are not mine in the settlement. I usually build around them. God, it will be great when we’re able to scrap all this in consoles. Please mods come to me! I’m going to build a bridge in here, I’m thinking that maybe I can build the Shaft 2 in here, but probably the hallway is too thin and I won’t be able to fit anything this big.

Well, as you can see building over uneven terrains is not that complicated, the trick is to have good foundations. Also the trick is to match everything when you are working with lots of different levels, this is quite a challenge when you want to make one building with several levels, because so far walls that are half size in height doesn’t exist. Yet. Mods come to me! But combining different tricks you can make the appearance of multilevel work, also it looks great when you have some steps inside a house, it looks beautiful, and I don’t mean a ladder or some stairs, I mean steps, like the small wooden stairs. I started to go crazy about multilevels when I saw some post in Reddit, I can’t remember the name of the builder, sorry, but I do remember that it was on the castle, he put a concrete foundation and then all the beds lined up around it and it looked great! Not exactly the same thing, since he was using the full height of concrete and I like using only the height of wood steps, but it gave me de idea and I appreciate it a lot so, thanks unknown person in Reddit! So, after fighting with one of the levels and seeing that there was no human, or puppet, way to put stairs there that looked good, I came back to the idea of building spiral stairs, also gave me the opportunity to use floors with curves that I think that are also a very interesting addition.

By the way, I needed several attempts to put them in place; it’s not very easy to calculate the exact position from this angle. Or from any angle. I suppose you did see what I just did. Yes, I shot the Brahmin to have it out of the way. Even being dead there was no way that I could put foundations over it and, by the way, robots didn’t gave a damn. Well, Brahmin was already dead. I’m also thinking about the possibility, speaking of the robots here, that robots count as defense because, every time I fast travelled here the first thing I always saw were two raiders shooting at me. That’s a warm welcome. Well, that’s the second thing I saw because I have the corpse of a naked synth woman as well. But since I have the robots here, I only see the naked synth woman. No raiders.

Again I rested a bit and we have a beautiful wasteland day here to build. I had a little fight with some stairs in here, again levels that are not done according to the sizes that are stablished by the game, usually the best way to deal with it is to build your own stairs with half floors, save the game, and then multiselect them, fight with the angle for a while, try more than once and have your own size super steps. See? Lovely. Now it’s the time to show you the result of the base we just built here. Remember: no matter what things the game has pre-stablished for you, with tricks and imagination you can push the limits of your buildings without the needs of mods. Well folks, thanks for watching. I hope you found this information useful. In next episode of Let’s Build Oberland Station we are going to start with the buildings that are going to look super nice here. Please leave a comment with your questions or crazy suggestions for the robo-pleasure resort, you can also follow on Twitter at Madqueenshow and leaver your comments there.

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