Hey whats going on guys today i wanted to show off the mod wild wasteland by watcherzero. This mod has been out for two weeks now and only has 900 downloads. So my guess is no one seems to know about it. If your new to the fallout series and have no clue what the wild wasteland perk did. It pretty much added a bunch of fun encounters, situtations and items you normally wouldnt come across. None of the encounters ever took themselves seriously eitther, so when you came across one you also got a nice laugh while you play. Well this modder must have missed that perk too, so he set out to bring a similar experience to fallout 4 and in my opinion he did a pretty great job on what hes included so far.

Now this is definitly one of those mods you just download and go into blind, so im going to try not to spoil to much of it for you. So what you see in the video is only going to be a taste of what you will experience. The first feature this mod adds is 8 brand new locations for you to discover while you wander the wasteland. The location i just showed off included a few raiders throwing a suprise birthday party for there friend, that is until you show up and ruin all the fun. Another location you can come across is a trailer occupied by two raiders that go by the name walter and jesse.

These two guys are known to cook up some of the best jet you will ever inhale in the commonwealth and luckily you can steal there recipe to cook up your own. All these new locations are scattered across the commonwealth, and while some of them have map markers, other ones are going to take some exploring off the beaten patch to find. Just make sure to explore each one when you get there because the mod author left some notes giving you a backstory. Along with all these new locations to explore theres also one random encounter and 15 unique NPCs for you to find. A few of the new NPCs include crusty the crab, snoop dog, and even mr. cuddles from alchestbreachs mojave adventures.

My favorite thing about this mod is while you discorover all these new locations and explore existing base game landmarks you will also pick up all kinds of items along the way. They range from weapons like muhammad alis boxing gloves to armors like the james bonds tuxedo. All together you will find 17 armor and weapons in total and i had a blast playing around with them all. If your someone who really loves collectables , then this mod definitly has you covered too. Scattered around the world you will find 24 different post cards from locations all over the US, a new perk magazine, new vegas poker chips and variety of other random items like graffit to decorate you settlements. Last but not least are 11 new easter eggs added that come in the form of grendes. These grendaes are filled with all sorts of goodies, and you never know what might come out until you throw one down.

This mod is really just a hidden jem right now that i think alot of people will love The wasteland can be alittle depressing at times, so its nice to have a mod that throws some humor into the world. Hope you enjoyed the video guys, let me know what you think about this mod in the comments below. Thanks for watching as always and i will see you in the next showcase..

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