Hey what’s going on guys today wanted to take a look at the USS Quincy by Alex Ramon. This really unique player home based off the USS constitution and is located just to the south of the wreck of the nothern star. Its currently being used as a minuteman outpost, and comes with its own crew of guards, traders, and workers. But when you arrive for the first time you will find out that the minutemen inside aren’t doing to good. There is a pirate gang on the top deck who are trying to break there way inside and call it there own. The pirate crew is lead by the main boss Barrbossa who’s armed to the teeth with a rocket launch and a full set of power armor. So before you can claim this ship your going to have to take care of Barrbossa. I really like that the modder included this mini battle, because while there is no quest involved in retaking the ship it does feel like you earned it and adds some personality before you even get inside.

Once everyone is dead there a few things to checkout on the outside before you jump down the hatch. On the main deck you will find a few crops to harvest, a armor workbench tucked on the rear of the ship and a small cabin with a bed. Up the rigging you will find 5 windmills which supply all the power to the lower decks along with 3 crows nest that can be accessed by the ladders on each of the sails. There’s ladders here to go up and down, and once your up top you get a nice view of the area. While you will need to grab the key from the captains quarters to open the duffle bad, the mod author included 3 unique weapons and the first one is a sniper. Lastly on the top deck you will find the junk vendor. I killed her by accident when I retook the ship, so if you do the same just wait a week and she will respawn.

Once your done exploring the outside, to get into the ship just open up the main hatch located right next to the crops. Once your inside on the first deck you will find a nice big open area for you to build whatever you like. There’s 3 decks in total and with a work shop located on the bottom deck. So you can give it your own personal touch and you can even scrap the crew if you just want to be left alone. In the middle on the ship there two prison cages to lock up the crew if they question your leadership, along with your very own guerilla who there to keep everybody in check. On the back of the ship is the navigation room. There’s a terminal on the desk which will give you the medical records of the crew, and just behind that is the medical wing which comes with its own doctor to fix you up. Across from the medical wing is the quarter masters cabin which includes a terminal which gives you some back story about the pirate gang and the ship.

Last but not least you will find the captain quarters. This room comes with your own bed, safe, trunk, bobblehead stand, and key which can be used to open the hatch Up top. In the next deck down, here you will find the ships galley were you can buy food and drinks from your crews chefs. Along the galley you will find 3 rooms that include a dispenser for purified water, a kitchen area with stove on the wall, and the last room has a terminal so you can see what the chef is up too. Across from the galley you will find a fountain on the wall so you can grab a drink, along with a light switch to control the lights. In the middle of the ship is the recreation area.

There’s a place for your crew to hang out, along with a terminal to play some games. Lastly in the rear of the ship you will find the crews quarters and in the locker on the wall you will find the second unique weapon which goes by the name of the fury. On the bottom most deck, you will find the toilets, more sleeping quarters for the crew, the ships guard dog and the last of the new weapons which is The blood sports bat. Just outside the crews living quarts is where you will find the storage and workshop area.

Every work bench you could ever need is here, there plenty storage for all your items, crafting supplies scattered throughout and even 2 power armor stations in the middle. This is also where you will find the weapons and armor vendors, but they do tend to wander off so you might have to track them down on a different deck. The last room on the ship contains the workshop, along with a maintenance terminal. This terminal will explain how everything on the ship works. So if you have any questions, make sure to give it a read. Over all this is definitely one of my favorite player homes ive downloaded so far. There is nothing like it in the base game, and it feels like a real minuteman stronghold. Ive never been a big fan of the castle, so this is a great alternative for people who feel the same and want a unique place for the minutemen to call there home. The only real nitpick I have with it, is I just wish it was a full on settlement. While you can build whatever you want on the inside, you cant send settlers here or set up supply lines to this new location.

I know the mod author designed it to be a player home, but it just feels like so much more than that. Id love to see a option added in the future to link this up to settlements or maybe to turn that small cabin outside into a full on settlement. If that could be done I really feel like this would be one of the best settlements in the game.

Which ever way this mod goes, the mod author does seem to have some great plans for this mod in the future. According to the mod page, hes planning on adding some future quests, so I cant wait to see where this mod goes. Hope you enjoyed the video, let me know what you think of this new player home in the comments below. Thanks for watching as always and I will see you in the next showcase..

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