Greetings earthlings! Madqueenshow here. In today’s menu we have the tutorial you all been asking for: how to build the spiral stairs. Hooray! Truth is, this technique is so easy that the stairs that you see in the settlement: it was my first time. I didn’t record this to be a tutorial, I was building and, after a while, I thought that it would be great to keep the video to show you, but I didn’t imagine that you would all go crazy about this structure. And I won’t lie, I’m glad. I learnt this building method from Jug, the vertical stack of wood floors that, with a small modification it would turn into this lovely stairs. For some it may seem a bit slow and weary, but once you get the hang of it is pretty simple and useful, and it has so many applications.

The procedure is pretty simple: you just need to stack vertically the small floors (it also works with big floors, but in this case I rather small ones), when three are snapped making a cross, the fourth you put will be automatically stack vertically and it will be perfectly aligned. Then, you just have to pick the corner you’d like to center and spin the floor a bit. You can use the floor beneath it as a guide to know how much you need to rotate the floor.

One strip will suffice. Beware not to make it much bigger than that, otherwise the stair will have a twist where the level will be too close one to another and the ceiling will be so low you won’t be able to climb the stairs. Also, as you can see, sometimes one floor will automatically snap where it doesn’t belong, you just need to allow it to snap. Let it be. If you don’t it’ll be a pain in the ass. Worse than Preston. Trust me. You saw a jump there: I ran out of wood so back to Diamond City market for shopping, I always go to Diamond City for the shopping because, well, what I use the most is wood, tons of wood, I used like 6.000 wood in this settlement, copper and steel.

So, I go there to have the three of them very handy and I may also buy some junk to decorate as well. I usually spend so much wood that I end up with excess of coper and end up building statues like a crazy bitch and in the most peculiar interactions possible. I may show you sometime, you will learn nothing from it but, well, it would be good for comedy time.

What you can see here is me fucking up with the floors I have to remove. At this point I was blaming myself for forgetting to save the game just in case I fucked the whole structure and should start it all over again. I can happen. So if you’re not the ki- – Woah. Raidus interruptus Why they always have to raid in the worst moment when I’m very happy building? I don’t even know why I do pay attention to raids, because my settlers they’re armed to the teeth and they usually take very good care of themselves. As i was saying, at this point you just have to remove the excess of wood. You can try different shapes here, like having a third line of wood going the other way to have a peculiar effect, you just have to try what you like the best.

You just try and fail and then repeat is the best way of learning. And please, save in between. Don’t be like me. Be smarter I didn’t notice it went dark, I hope you are able to still see what’s happening, just removing more and more floors, and getting smart and saving, I mean enjoy the fact that you can save, for god’s sake! If you played Bloodborn or Dark Souls you know exactly what I mean. What a saga of frustrating games, really, why are we so masochist to play them? Really, haven’t played anything so frustrating since the nineties. I haven’t played anything so frustrating since the snake. In a Nokia phone. There was no way you could win in this game, it’ll end always we you strangling yourself and that’s what Bloodborne is about. You die. Then you die again. Then oh, an epic battle.

Then… surprise! Die again. Oh it should rise my insight because I was definitely seeing this coming! Back to the stairs again, we’re done removing the excess of floors and now what we are doing is dragging the whole structure to the place we want it to be. Just x and hold, remember to save, put it in the place you want it to be and pray that you remembered to save. Because there’s no Control+Z here. Obviously I had to make it several time to have it exactly where I wanted to, this video only shows the success but there’s lots of failings in between that you didn’t see, so don’t get frustrated if things doesn’t go as well as you want you just have to try again.

Except with relationships. Don’t keep trying or is considered stalking, but with the rest of things in your life, and specifically with Fallout building: keep trying. Like James Cameron Terminator one was good but he kept trying and bam! He made this badass film called Terminator two. Here we have the finished structure. Lovely. Well, thanks for watching. I hope you found this information useful! You can also follow me on twitter at Madqueenshow where you will see hundreds of pictures of my new tattoo. I’m so in love with it. Also you can follow on Instagram at Madqueenshow, for pictures of food. Don’t forget to subscribe for more Fallout geekness, see you in next videos and happy building..

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