Greetings earthlings! MadqueenShow here. Before start talking about bunk beds, which is the subject of this tutorial, I’d like to send a huge Thank You to Norespawns for his sweet words in his Sanctuary gate video. Thank you David. And also your subscribers are so cute that some of them came here and sent me their love too, so thanks to you all! So, let’s go with these Ikea style bunk beds done in PlayStation 4. No mods. Hey, console people can build great things too! These beds are ideal for settlements where you have a very little space to put beds for your serfs. Because, let’s face it, this world is some kind of feudal system, and all that settlers earn in game, except the food they eat, goes to your workbench, in exchange for your protection. I checked on them many times and they never have caps. No salary. They’re serfs. This is the basic bunk bed I started using since my first settlements, I was so jelly that PC people could have bunk beds that I wanted to find a way to make them in console, so I could spend very little space in bedrooms and have more diaphanous space for everything else.

You can see here that calculating the place where you shall put the stairs is very simple: they are half floor long, so you have to put them there to have stairs perfectly aligned with bottom mattresses. See? Lovely. You want to make sure that you completed your first level before building the second, the mattresses you want to put or if you want to add lightning to the first level bed, you need to place it before you build the second level floors, because once you do, automatically everything you lay in first level goes up. Unless you rug glitch it, indeed. There’s a small variation of these bunk beds in case you’re a Lore Friendly obsessed builder and you believe that this first bed doesn’t follow strictly the laws of physics, and it simply consists in building the same structure or every structure described in this tutorial. Here I made a small variation from the first bed, as used in my Sommerville Settlement that you commented about this bunk bed. By the way, I don’t have my Ikea catalogue yet, next season I may have more bunk beds to share with you.

Or maybe I should star thinking about another kind of furniture. Nevermind, as I was saying, the thing is that you just need to build the main structure and, once you’re done, you rug glitch a wire fence post below the second level floor, this way you’ll have a pillar to support the weight of the people sleeping there. This pillar thing can be used in all the beds in this tutorial and, by the way, they are tested, count as beds, and settlers actually sleep there, So, if you’re a creep like this Twighlight Glo friend and you’d like to see settles sleeping because it turns you on, drop me a line on twitter, I have plenty of screenshots of settlers using these beds. You pervs. This construction I am doing now is my favourite model and it’s the one that made people start calling these bunk beds my Ikea Style beds, because it’s really inspired in a real piece of Ikea furniture, this is a bed I had in my place long ago and it’s very useful when you want to make separated detached houses and spend little space in the building, because you can have both the bed and the living room below it.

As I said before, you want to make sure that you have all your below space completely build and illuminated before placing the upper floor, this includes decoration in case you decorate from the workbench instead of picking the objects. Once the lower part is finished, then you just have to put the stairs and a big floor, and also the fence post for a Lore Friendly obsessed geek version. Then you just need to put the stairs. The stairs that, even if I’m so used to put it took me longer than expected and needed to redo several times.

I don’t even know why I’m so perfectionist with this part, It’s not even a settlement! I’m going to scrap everything once this tutorial is done, but even though I want things to be in the place that I want them and these small gaps put me on my geek obsessive compulsive nerves. And then put the mattresses over the floor and some railings around it to avoid people falling and to give it a closer style to the original bed that served as inspiration. Tara! I also like using these beds with prefabs when very little space is available, you will see many examples of this in my next settlement. Also, I love the look of metal prefabs, they look like metal bricks and the give a lot of ambient to the interiors.

The problem that you have when you use such a tiny space is that you can’t build directly inside it, you have to build the structure outside ant then drag it to the inside part with x and hold. Also the game doesn’t allow items to be attached to the walls, there is always a small gap that you can’t avoid unless you use your beloved carpet to glitch the pieces. By the way, I didn’t think of doing it here, so I’ll just have patience and repeat until the pieces are more or less where they should. The best part of dragging with x and hold is that the only object that you have to put in place is the one that you first selected, so there’s no problem if the rest of the items cross walls. Just make sure that, if there’s part of the structure crossing the wall you have something to cover it or disguise it, so it’s not seen. So! Thanks for watching. I hope you found this tutorial useful! Don’t forget to drop me a line in twitter with the things you build with my tutorials, I’d love to see them! Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed and subscribe for more Fallout 4 geekness! See you in next videos and happy building!

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