Hello and welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson and we find ourselves in the root cellar around the back of one of the houses in Sanctuary Hills. So we’ve been to the vault, we’ve seen our husband killed and our son kidnapped. We’re now on our way to Concord, effectively. That’s what we decided we need to do. We’ve spoken to our robo-butler and he has suggested that. So that is our current task. So I’m going to pick up all the stuff in here. It’s a lovely storeroom full of all kinds of survival stuff. And then we’re going to make our way out and do have a bit of housekeeping. We’re going to set up shop here on a little bit more of a permanent basis – just for the time being anyway. I’m going to pick up. everything I can lay my hands on. You won’t be able to get into the safe just yet.

You’ll notice this is an advanced safe so we need a lock- picking perk to do that. But term these gold bars are nice – they’re you can sell the man also they are used for building some things. The beer we’ll pick up. The empty beer bottles I think are actually more valuable than the beer that’s in them, but it can’t be helped. As I was mentioning in the first video, empty bottles are really important because you need somewhere to put the purified water. Otherwise you won’t have any and you’ll get unwell and have to take medication, or die. So I’m picking up everything in here because it’s all worth having. We will have to come back, like I said – just going to look under some of these things. Going to have to come back for the contents of the safe but that’s an unavoidable. So that now is everything that we can pick up. We’re going to go out into Sanctuary Hills again. Here we are. This is actually out the back – this is where we found the root cellar.

I’m going to go back over the road to where the workshop is. The workshop is opposite the house that we started off in. So our house is over here where Codsworth is hanging around out front. We’re coming over here because this is where the workbench is. Now the workbench, or the workshop as they call it – you might have just completely ignored this in easier levels of the game. You certainly could if you wished to. The workshop was needed to set up communities, to creates sources of water to build accommodation if you wish to. But if you didn’t wish to that was fine because in easier levels you didn’t need any of those things.

You didn’t need to sleep, you didn’t need to eat and you didn’t need to drink. We now find ourselves having to do all that. So while we actually have to eventually use the workshop, it’s better to use it early on for a couple of reasons. One is that you get points for doing so – experience points. And the second is it gives you a lot of resources you can tie into using the local leader perk which I’ll show you later. The local leader perk is another way of connecting all these workshops together so that the junk that you put into one workshop is available in all of the other workshops. But bizarrely is just the junk. So anything which you put in here like a weapon or a piece of apparel will be in this workshop only. But if you’re building staff, and you’re in another workshop, and its linked to this one, then you’ll be able to make it take advantage of all the wood and steel, for example, that we are we pick up here.

So I’m going to press E for search and he gives me the serve this big explanatory dialogue. I’ll give you a very quick tour of the workshop menus but they’re pretty straightforward once you’ve got the hang of them. We have various categories at the bottom here: structures furniture decorations, power, defence, resources, stores, crafting… and this is actually downloadable content which I’m just going to ignore. It’s cages – you can build cages and traps for animals and for people and it just doesn’t interest me very much. So I’m going to forget that. But here we could build, for example, little sheds and shacks and stuff. I’m not going to do that straight away. I might build myself a bed because if you recall the mattress in the root cellar is actually more or less on the floor, so we weren’t allowed to sleep there for more 5 hours at a time. If we build a bed will be able sleeper as long as we like. So I’m going to build bed somewhere. Decorations you can leave for a long time. Power – not really needed until you start wanting to do things like producing a recruitment beacon to get people to come to your community.

Defence is again not needed until a bit later – we’ll put some turrets in and they will prevent you having to defend everything personally. The resources like water, obviously very necessary. Food will become necessary pretty soon because we will be needing to feed the people come to our community. And stores – they’re a little bit of a luxury item, but I always put in an ammunition store – a guns and ammo store – a bit later in the game, so I can get easy access to more ammo and things like that.

Otherwise you have to go traipsing around the whole of the commonwealth looking for places to buy and sell stuff. Crafting – I think you need for most of these the second local leader perk. So if we want to build additional weapons workbenches or cooking stations and so forth you need a bit more. And the last one is cages which I am not going to worry about. Now that’s for crafting stuff – all of all these items are for building things – but the other thing you can do is go around scrapping staff and that’s what I’m going to do now. You simply point it at an item, and almost everything in this environment is worth scrapping. There’s hardly anything you want to . keep. You might want to keep somewhere for people to sit but in fact we do want a lot of cloth so scrapping soft furnishing is actually good idea.

This whole wall of tyres can be scrapped – that’s where we’re going to get a lot of rubber. Up here there is hiding a bunch of cinder blocks and they’re of no value whatever here. So I’m just going to scrap those and that will give us some cement or concrete rather, which we need later on. I’m going to do this wonderful thing here which is always great fun to do.

We can scrap this entire house because it’s fallen down and we ago around and pick up and some of the other chunks of it. Now when it says Enter you can press the E key on the PC keyboard which is right next to R. So you can actually do a two-key shuffle, if you like. And do things very quickly. You can pick up trees and fallen trees and stuff like that. And I’m not going to make you watch me do this. I’m going to go away and spend a few minutes doing this and stop the recording, then come back and we’ll pick it up from there. I’m going to go into the houses and scrap all kinds of stuff and I’ll show you the results of that.

So this house is gone and there are some other houses I think that wreck over there can go and there are a couple behind us which I will get onto a bit her later on. So a I’ll see you in a few minutes… Okay. Well I’ve pretty much finish clearing up at this end of Sanctuary Hills. You can see that house that we got rid of their but further beyond that tree there were two houses standing which are no longer there.

All of the rest of these houses and I’ve cleared out almost everything that isn’t nailed down is now missing. I’ve left a few places for people sit down this end because when we do residents, as it were, they do they do like having somewhere to sit and it will save me having to build any more. I could have got rid of these guys – I’ll do that now – typewriters are great if you can carry them because they have all sorts of things in them. Duct tape’s good, these makeshift batteries are also good but they’re too heavy to carry with you normally. There are a couple of things over in our original house. This is where we started off at the beginning of episode one. I’m just going to come out of workshop mode – workbench mode.

There’s Codsworth on the left but so you may remember we picked up by a Grognac the Barbarian magazine and had a little chuckle over it. Well, if we pick it up now it gets us critical hits and melee attach damage plus five per cent, so that’s worth having. And you’ll find that’s true of comics and other magazines in general – not the burnt ones – but the real ones. This can I’ll just pickup – I should have picked up earlier There are a few things I haven’t actually picked up having promised you that I had. The empty milk bottle… I’ll just tidy those up while we’re in here. A lot of this kitchen equipment will just go away.

Sometimes, in a lot of the houses these upper cabinets go and that gets you steel, but here they don’t. Coffee and tea kettle down there – a few things around here we’ll get rid of. We may as well get rid of the entire cooker and these guys are worth getting rid of. That one I’m just going to pick up and turn over so that it can be used. This stereo’s rather dead. The rugs I mentioned are worth picking up. The televisions aren’t worth hanging on to. So I’ll leave the rest of that stuff there…

A bit of junk lying around, I’ll just tidy that up. Broken chair’s not really worth keeping. There, that’s more like it. Now there’s another item I wanted to show you worth picking up in here worth pi It’s here under the under the changing table. It’s You’re Special and that allows us to choose an attribute to improve. So I’m going to go for strength because I’d like to be able to carry some more. In fact, I can see now that I haven’t actually finished tidying up in here, so I’ll do that now.

There is no point – I was feeling a bit nostalgic about Shaun’s room when I played this game the first few times. But it turns out there’s absolutely no point in being nostalgic about Shaun so we may as well just clear this room out. Stuff that was inside cabinets or even inside safes, which is interesting – when you scrap a safe the contents just get transferred to the workbench. So you don’t have to even bother picking it. It ‘ll just take the contents and transfer them. But that’s only true of safes within workbench range. If you’re out in the real world, within the game, then you have to pick safes to get them open.

Here’s a toaster sitting out in the carport. Some stuff out the back here not really worth hanging on to. So I’m not going to do any more of this just now. Fences that have fallen down I’m getting rid of. Fences that are still standing are good defence against attackers. What we should see if we go back over to be our workbench is how our inventory is currently standing. And it should be fairly impressive so I’m going to press Escape to get out of workshop mode. I’m going to press R to go into transfer mode. That lets us see what our inventory looks like. So let’s go through the headings here. We’ve got the general workshop – that’s everything: 3 pipe pistols we picked up, one I found under some furniture, two we picked up on the way here. We’ve got some apparel – I think we brought all that with us.

Aid: some of that we brought with us, some of it I found lying around. We found six bobby pins in various places. And now we have quite a lot of junk. If you come down towards the bottom here – concrete we have quite a lot of now 76 units whatever they are. We’ve got a little bit of copper and we will have a ton of steel. There it is, 571 units and I haven’t even finished scrapping all the cars and houses yet.

And we should have a similarly large amount of wood – quite a bit more would actually – because we can act we can pick up the trees, scrap the trees and so forth. So what I’m going to do while I’m in the inventory is to get rid of some of the things I don’t want. I don’t want two pistols at the moment. I only want one security baton. I don’t think I want these different items of apparel. the case were OK when Eddie one issue there was actually an modifying others around you can see now so many things to I want to mollify this gun I’m holding. This 10MM gun – we can do that now that we’ve got quite a few resources. I’m going to press E for craft. I’m going to select a gun and it’s the receiver that is the biggest determiner of how much damage a gun will do.

So we can see over the left hand side here that our damage is currently 18 points. I’m going to click on standard receiver and I’m going to see what I can get in the way of the most powerful receiver. Now these down here below – Armour Piercing Automatic Receiver and below I can’t do because I haven’t got the gun nut perk yet. So I’m going to have to back up. I’m not going to go for any automatic receivers on any of my guns because it is to use too much ammunition in survival mode. So I’m going to go for the hardened receiver.

Press E for build. You can see the kind of stuff that’s involved here: we’ve got steel, screw, oil, adhesive. Adhesive is used all over the place. That’s why you just have to pick up adhesive when you come across it. and these things called gears which you’ll only get when you pick up things like typewriters and clocks and various other bits and pieces. So don’t think you can get away with just having a bunch of steel back in Sanctuary. You need to have all these other little fiddly things too. So we’re going to press E to make that. And that’s given me some experience points and I’m now on level 2 and I could go off and get that handgun perk. I might do that in a minute. Let’s just carry on with what we’ve got here so short barrel. I’m going to make that a long barrel because that will give me more accuracy. Standard grip – I’m going to make that a comfort grip which will give me still more accuracy.

Standard magazine – I can make that nothing in particular just yet as I don’t have the gun nut rank . So I might just go ahead and do that. I’m going to come out of here. I’m going to press Tab get into the Pipboy and I’m going to say T to get me to the perks and we should find a thing Gun Nut is lurking fair bit down.

This is a really horrible thing to have to navigate This is Armorer – you need that later on when you’re starting to do advanced things with the power armour. But I’m trying to find Gun Nut and I’m trying to remember where it is. Like I said, there are 70 of these things. That’s Commando which is different and Gunslinger which is different again. And I’m trying to remember where Gun nut me a second I will find it. OK, found Gun Nut after a bit of searching. I’d misplaced it but there we have it. We only require intelligence of 3 to have that at level 1 so I’m going to have that. And now when we go back to our bench we’ll be able to improve our earlier choice. I think comfort group – I could now go for sharpshooters group which might have been a more sensible thing to start with but never mind.

The long barrel, there really isn’t much choice yet. I don’t have enough adhesive for the Long Light Barrel. I’m not too worried about lightness just now. The standard magazine I could if I had some more adhesive and I could fix that. I should be able to fix that pretty soon. Standard Sights – I’m going to go for the glow sites just now. And the muzzle we don’t need for a while. Suppressors we will end up opting for because you can get more damage with suppressed weapons using your perks correctly. So that allowed us to improve our gun to get some experience points doing that.

We should look around and see if there’s other stuff. But I want to go down to the other end of Sanctuary Hills just now because there are more properties down here, but there are also some critters we need to get rid of. And I’ll show you the first ones down here. So there is always a Radroach on the wall here and if I press the Q button on the PC keyboard you can see that. Now you could use VATS and you could ask it to take a shot at it for you and he would probably miss, which is my experience of VATS in the lower levels. But standing in front of his log I do have the advantage that the Radroach will come towards me and if I play my cards right it won’t actually jump over this log. So let’s see if I can get rid of them. There are two in here but… OK so managed to get rid of that one without them even coming to the log so that’s brilliant work there.

I’ll pick up this empty milk bottle and get my meat. And then the other guy’s hanging out down here somewhere. There he is… now like a mention he won’t bother… I haven’t even managed to half kill him yet, which is a little bit disconcerting So I got him in the end but I am really not terribly happy about the number of shots that that took. But now I can come in here and scrounge some more things and scrap them. So I’ll do that very briefly while I’m standing in here just to show you what that’s like. There’s an oil can there. The chairs laying on their sides usually you have to scrap. You can’t pick them up. These things are put into a…

I’ll get rid of the fridge and I’ll store the Nuka Cola in the workshop. That we can just turn right side up by selecting it. I won’t leave these down here because we hardly ever come down here after we’ve moved in up the top with our community. The sink’s worth getting rid of, it will get you ceramics. I’m just going to scrap this first aid box and it will put the contents into my work bench for me. Nothing else in here. Dead bed. The contents of that suitcase will have gone somewhere, if there was anything in there. Gone to the workbench I should say – somewhere rather specific. OK so that’s this place more or less cleared up. Get key rid of the junk lying around out here. There is another Radroach lurking and you must not be in workshop mode when you start exploring because you can use your gun and the critters will still come after you, regrettably.

So let’s get out of workshop mode and get the gun back out. Reload it. I believe if we wander down here – this is a cooking station. Not terribly conveniently placed, we can move it up to the top if we want to. We should find in one of these houses – there he is. OK, so again quite a few shots at – whoops there’s another! Unlucky day! Now I feel ill because of parasites. So this is pretty typical. Now I could take an antibiotic, I’m pretty sure I’ve got one. I’m hoping I have…

No I haven’t. I haven’t picked up an antibiotic, yet so I’m a bit stuck just now. I’ll see if there’s one in the the work bench. I can do that by using this cooking station. So I’ll go transfer, I’ll go to aid and I’ve got an antibiotic, so I’m going to take it. I’m going to put it in my inventory. So that’s transferred it. I’ll also transfer these Stimpaks while I’m here and a few of these other things which I could use. A lot of these are edible. The bobby pins I could certainly use. The junk typically you keep in the workbench. So I could now take an antibiotic. If I had not allowed myself to get – see I’ve have taken the antibiotic and now I need water. So I’ll just Tab out the this and press my dash key and get me some fresh water. So we could now tidy up around here very briefly. Radiators we don’t need.

Bottle we do need so we’ll put that in the workshop. Sink cabinets… Broken chairs – get rid of. TV dinner trays are great because they’re made out of aluminium. Believe it or not, fishing rods are useful because they gave fibreglass in them. Look, there’s a safe. I’m just going to scrap it and it will tell me it’s put the contents in the workbench. I don’t know what was in there but whatever it was, it’s now in the workbench. Always worth picking up a rugs. OK. So now we could make use of our cooking station. It’s not that I don’t like trees is just that they count as part of your wood resource. Especially if they’re near the settlement it stops attackers from hiding behind things. Let’s see about making us some food now. I mentioned briefly in the first episode that most food that you eat that’s uncooked will give some form of radiation poisoning and you can get other illnesses as well from doing certain things.

So we’re going to cook all the stuff we got. Bloat fly from the first episode that we shot – in fact Codsworth killed for us. We’ve got a fair bit of grilled Radroach now. A tasty treat! Radstag is worth getting hold of because it allows you to carry an extra 25 but you have to find them and kill them and they can be bitter ornery, especially in the lower levels. Killing them can be a little bit challenging.

And it looks like we haven’t got any other food to cook just now. There are also soups but we need dirty water and various other things that haven’t picked up yet. Occasionally I make soup and if you’ve got the ingredients vegetable starch is an alternative to adhesive. For that we need corn, mutfruit and we need purified water, which we’ve got plenty of. And we need some tatos. Let’s get out of here. We’re finished with this, really. What I think I’m going to do, because it is a lot more convenient, is to drag this up to the other end of town. So I’m going to select it. It won’t let me put this back in the workshop – that’s what I was trying to do with it – so I’ll just carry.

I’ll come back for these other bits of scrap in a minute. I’m going to stick it over here because it’s just a lot handier there. Now the other thing I wanted to do is just to her craft a supply of water and bizarrely, if you put a well in you get clean water, which is fine by me because I can really do with some clean water. But it’s not clear to me why that should be the case. Now we could actually fill up all these bottles that we’ve picked up up ’til now. And they can be milk bottles, they can be Nuka Cola bottles, they can be beer bottles they can be old liquor bottles and they appear under different headings in the inventory, according to what they are which is just challenging for no reason other than to make the game a little bit more interesting.

On the plus side, the water doesn’t weigh anything, but the bottles do. So caring full bottles is no different to caring empty bottles, which is little bit strange but that’s how it works. So we’re now ready to head on out, down towards Concord. I’m just going to tidy up this last corner here which was a bit – I don’t need another one of those so I’ll just push the down key to get me out of the building part of this – scrap that mailbox. Scrap this junk around here… And then we’re going to head off down to Concord. And you can see the extent of our community here there is whether the green an finishes halfway across the bridge actually so we could in theory put a big water purifier into the river if we wanted to, but that isn’t really going to be necessary for us. In fact, yes, it finished here but it automatically turned it off. We couldn’t see because we were on the bridge. But the boundary for the Sanctuary Hills community is right about where I’m standing now and beyond that I wouldn’t be able to do things with the workshop, the workbench.

Some poor fellow had a bit of trouble with something. He’s got a pipe pistol I’m not going to bother with. Dog meat is good to cook and DogMeat is also the name of our companion we’re about to meet. The tyre iron is actually a better implement for bludgeoning things so we’re going to change our choice of… melee weapon from a security baton to tyre iron. I’m actually going to re-equip my gun, though. The Red Rockets are usually worth investigating – they are kind of a haven in most places you see them. It’s very rare to have any problems at a Red Rocket, although you can do. And here is DogMeat. OK, now we can start looking around here know quite a few things worth picking out a notice that there is also another workbench which is worth noting and quite a lot of stuff like Cram and these bits of metal. Some lovely rat poison. I’m not sure what that’s needed for but I’m sure it is. Now DogMeat’s trying to get my attention. He’s drawing my attention to these Stimpaks and things.

Let’s just have a quick chat with DogMeat. Now my experience with DogMeat is actually doesn’t stand still very well. Usually… DogMeat does more of that but most of them came straight for me that time so that’s a little bit disappointing. Now we can pick up some of this stuff. The things that we pick up this way go into our inventory, whereas if we were to go into workshop mode for this location, they would all go into the inventory for The Red Rocket that we’re in. But I’ll pick up all this MoleRat meat and we’ve got a weapons workshop over here.

I don’t think I really picked up much in the way of adhesive unfortunately. I’ll see if there’s anything already. Press E to get this going, it now says I can use this. There are few things here, but no adhesive, unfortunately. So we may not be able to improve our gun any further at the moment. Another power Armour set up. If we come into the office – let me just check that I’ve picked up all the lovely MoleRat meat. Missed him. The MoleRat teeth are used for something – I think they count as bone which is used for making certain components. If we come here into the office… there’s a cap stash and also a working terminal. And if we go through this terminal we discover, eventually – I won’t go into too much detail – you’ll notice in the middle here it says ‘Just hide them with the others. We will figure out a long-term solution later. Hey if nature’s going to favor us with a cave right below the shop, who am I to argue?’ So that’s just told us there’s a cave beneath the shop and in fact it’s pretty obvious so even if you and don’t do this you will probably eventually notice the cave.

But I’ll take you there. It’s got quite a few MoleRats in it but we’ve now got DogMeat to give us a hand. Hopefully he’ll do have a bit more than he did just now! So let’s go around the back here and have a look for this cave. Like I say, it’s not too hard to find – here’s a larger cooking station. It’s worth checking these trash bins by the way. So here’s a big notice effectively that there’s something interesting down here. And you come down here and there’s these gas canisters. Anything which has had oil in it is worth having. Now where’s DogMeat? I’m going to get him to come down here because I now cannot walk very far because I’ve got too much on me. I’m going to say ‘trade’ if he’ll stand still long enough. And I’m going to put a lot of junk in him. He can carry quite a bit – it isn’t nearly as much as he can do in the lower levels of the game but it’s still quite a bit. So I’m just pressing the E key repeatedly and emptying out as much of my job is I can do and that’s it that’s all I can manage but is still enough to make it worth having him there was something hiding, a screwdriver there.

We’re going to go in here. Into the MoleRat den it’s called so that gives you a little bit of a clue about what’s going to happen. And we can actually make things a little bit easier by perhaps arming a Molotov cocktail which is what I’ve just done. But we may not need to because they’re pretty… My arm is crippled by some bizarre reason which is sad. I do recall in the lower levels the playing this around first time that Molotov cocktails were extremely dangerous if you were anywhere near them the gets much better when you’re wearing armour and you’re higher up in the game but to start with you have to be really, really careful with Molotov cocktails in survival mode. I’m going to pick up all this brain fungus. It’s not particularly edible but I believe it’s used in formulas for something. And I’m going to pick up all this stuff up that the MoleRats have. We’re not finished with the MoleRats yet but I need to let my health improve. Picking up this glowing fungus this is good because I think it counts as nuclear material which is used in some things.

And you may have noticed when we were looking at the terminal that her mention was made of disposing of some of the waste. There are some radioactive barrels down here, unfortunately and you’ll be able to hear the tiger counter going off in a minute. Now my health is almost back up to normal. It takes a long time in survival mode. So now I don’t have to be quite so nervous about meeting another MoleRat. Here’s the radioactive material. There’s a fusion core which is actually what we need for power armour, so that is an excellent thing to have found. Trash busters award – they got an award for keeping their site clean because nobody knows that this stuff is under here. Here’s another pipe pistol. It’s these yellow barrels that actually are always the sign, the yellow barrels with the stripe are the ones that have the radioactive material in them so if you can spot than you can take steps to ignore them. Now we’ve got to go down this end I think… bones are worth having you can make them into something useful.

I was thinking there was another MoleRat down here but we may have already… where is he? OK, so that was again tedious but we got him. And there’s some duct tape – hooray, more adhesive – a coffee pot an a safe. Now we’re going to have to unlock this one and it’s a novice, so we can do. And I’m going to try my tested formula, so start where the pin goes in, press A briefly – nothing. Go over to the X. See what happens – nothing. Go to the other side. Something, so now we have to decide which way to go.

I’ll go a little bit that way; it didn’t help. I’ll go a bit more the other way… we’re in! And most of this stuff is worth having. While I don’t have any other means of protecting myself I’m going to pick up some of these bits of armour, so let me just see if I can put those on whether the changes my carrying weight. I’m going to put that on but I am still 3 pounds over my limit. So I am either going have to eat something which is sometimes how I improve my weight situation. I’ve just drunk some water and each of those is half a pound.. I could have a look at my inventory and see what I’ve got that I could dispose of. Or eat for that matter. The Cram weighs half a pound. You can use Buffout which lets you carry a lot more, but only briefly. And as soon as you start using it on any regular basis you end up getting addicted to it. The glowing fungus I could probably get rid of quite so much. I might drop a stout though, I hardly use it and it’s quite heavy.

It’s a weight of one. I’ll just get rid of these couple of stouts. Alcohol will give you some short term benefits but again you can’t really use it on a regular basis for getting addicted to it and suffering consequences from that. So on the way out – we’re now finished in here – I’m just going to make sure I haven’t missed anything lying around. I don’t want any more brain fungus, I have got enough of that. I want to make sure I’ve got all the meat – we’re going to go and cook more of the meat upstairs. Going back to the commonwealth now. So I think it’s going to be time to have a nap soon we’ve got nothing here immediately except that we can of course build us…

Some accommodation. So I’m going to go into workshop modem and just start scrapping stuff because there is quite a bit around as you can see. Tyres and… metal guard rails and… old phone booths and stuff like that. I’ll do this really quickly. The dome is partly Plexiglas or Perspex. Tyre walls are nice because they all go away in a hurry. That bottle I put into the… store. The cigarette machine and the contents have gone into the store. We can now get rid of the coolant pumps. Now again, of course, we were going to be a little bit short of cloth. I’ll see if there’s anything inside if we’re talking about making a bed. I’ll see if there’s anything inside that we can use. Maybe I do have some maybe in my own inventory. Now there’s lot of lovely empty bottles again, so let’s store those. I don’t actually need any more to drink just yet – I’ll check on that though.

That’s plastic, this is mostly metal. And you can see now where the periphery of our work bench is here. Get rid of some of trees. Here I wouldn’t really need much wood unless I was actually going to build a shed which I could do. A shack, and put some beds in it and stuff but that’s not really too much worth worrying about. I’ll do some housekeeping in here as well. Come over to the workshop here and stick my junk in there, which will fix my immediate problem.

So Escape from construction mode in the workshop and go to transfer mode. There is a lovely option at the bottom which is Store All Junk, so I’ll do that. So that’s now made my weight 63 of 125. The problem is, to be useful I’ve got to get this junk into my network of workshops and that means making this a community even if there’s nobody living here, eventually. OK, almost done and will be ready to have a nap and set off to Concord. If I hit Escape I can turn my light on by pressing the Tab key. Telephone’s one of those things I think that has useful stuff in, it has copper, fibreglass – those are all moderately rare things so they’re good things to have. The MoleRats are unfortunately going to hang around – I think forever. They might eventually go away. There. So we’re pretty much tidied up.

I like the music running. There’s nothing much more out here except for the as that tire… So let’s go over and cook some of this MoleRat stuff. Because that makes sense. MoleRat you have to do in pairs. Mutt Chops are also good for just general consumption. A lot of things will give you various benefits but not if you actually hungry which is a little bit her confusing. So if you see in your status that you’re peckish, then choosing something like RadStag… which gives you extra carrying weight; that benefit won’t be there if you’re actually hungry when you eat it. So you have to be really careful about that. So I’ve finished now here. Here’s an armour workbench, but like I say I don’t really do much with the armour. What I can do is shut the door, which is nice. And now I’m going to make my first bed because there’s no choice around here. We could wait until we get a bit further down… I can’t do it while DogMeat is standing there, unfortunately. I’ll just have to put it out of his way because he’s a bit dim. OK. There’s a dirty mattress on the way into Concord that we could use.

But a good night’s sleep is actually worth having and we can actually shut some of these doors as well, not that they actually makes any difference. I’ve never known anything to come wandering in. DogMeat, if you’re going to hang around out there, you’re going to stay out there. Although bizarrely, I think the doors open for DogMeat. OK. So let’s have a sleep and then and we’ll pick it up and go into Concord. It’s o’clock in the evening already, so I may as well have a good night’s sleep. So that’s it for this time. We’re just a couple of minutes outside Concord so that’s where we’ll be going in the beginning our next session. Hope you’ve enjoyed watching – if you have please subscribe and hope to see you next time. Thanks, bye!.

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