Hello and welcome back to HardSkull gaming. I’m William Hudson and in our third episode we finish the very first quest of Fallout 4 Survival Mode. That is ‘Out of Time’. So we are finally going to make it into Concord and see what lays in store for us there. We’ve been doing a lot of preparation up ’til now and in survival mode that is actually quite important – things can go bad very quickly. Now you may hear that we have our companion DogMeat hanging around here somewhere – there he is – and you may actually also notice when I get to it that I now have a suit of power Armour. I’ve been busy in the night. I’m going to show you where I got this, rather than the are taking you through the entire process. There’s a fair bit of shooting and killing to be done to acquire that, but it’s actually all pretty straightforward. So I’ll let you do that yourself.

But I’m going to show you where it needs to be done. So these statues – statues of all kinds – you find throughout the commonwealth are generally worth having a look around because they’ve got nice stuff like this which I forgot to pick up earlier. And then I’m going to show where you need to go to get the power Armour. So here we are – that’s Sanctuary Hills on the other side of this body of water.

I don’t know if it’s a stream because it kind of disappears into a lake up this end, But if you walk up this way… I actually walked along the river bed. You can see down there along the river bed is a wild dog who may or may not give us some trouble. I will actually just make sure I’ve got a weapon available. I ran out of 10 MM ammunition so I think that is actually the right weapon. So I will pull that out in case. We could do us a more meat but I wanted to make this pretty quick for you. So as we move along this side of the river opposite Sanctuary we’re going to eventually come across a little raider encampment and also mole rat infestation.

Now if you walk up from down below – down there along the water you can sneak up on the raiders and you end up up here. At this area where there’s a corpse and some generally nice stuff lying around. But if you go a bit further down you come across the raiders in this kind of general area which is a good place to get them because if you further up the hill than they can see you off from a mile away. So come up this kind of area here, you can sneak up on them and shoot them. We might even find some corpses – there’s one there in fact – he’s got 10 shotgun shells that I didn’t pick up before. I couldn’t find him – it was a bit darker when I was doing this. And up this way is the raiders’ camp. Here are some sleeping bags we could use if we needed to. I’ve already emptied out this cooler. You can’t use the fire but, there were 3 of them altogether. And you can see now the dish that’s to do with the Air Force base up here, which we’re going to get to much later on in the game – there is at least one quest that has you entering that, but it’s a little bit premature for us because we have pretty underpowered still.

But we go up towards it, we come over this hill and down the other side. And what you’re looking at now is the wreck of a crashed plane of some sort. And standing right about here is the suit of power armour we were just looking at it’s entirely intact except that it’s missing a left leg – no sorry, it was the right leg it was missing. So that’s not a problem, everything else is there and everything else is in pretty good shape. And there is there’s a Radstag. I’m not going to shoot it. I did shoot one earlier – a couple red stags but at this stage it takes quite a lot of shooting with these little firearms and I want to hang on to some of ammunition here. So that’s where the power suit came from and what I’m going to do now is show you another site up this way.

We just go back up to the main road here. And let me show you where we are on the map, in fact. On the map we’re actually a little bit north east of the vault and of Sanctuary. In fact, when we first came out of the vault you may recall I had us wandering a little bit up in this area. If we had carried on around we would eventually have come to this but he wasn’t really quite a good time for it and we only had a handful of shells for our pistol. Let me see if I have – no I haven’t got these guys either. Let me just pick up the meat from these Molerats I left behind and I’ll get some of this stuff as well. Now this is called the robotics disposal ground and it’s actually quite fun. Because there’s a lot to be found here.

One thing which is a little bit weird is actually hiding behind this pile of tyres – I’ll turn my light on so you can see it. There’s a mininuke here. The strange thing is that the game refuses to allow you to pick it up until you start shoving things around and then all the sudden – having just bumped into it – it is now available for me to take. I’m not going to take it. These things are heavy, they’re not much use. They will blow things up very nicely but they are actually very heavy to carry – not the mininukes themselves, but the launcher.

This is a Sentrybot that was standing here and it was intact when I got here. And I’m going to show you what you need to do to have a bit of fun with it. But it has a lot of scrap in it, which I’ve now picked up, which is what I was after. There’s a lovely trunk here with lots of stuff in it and the mininuke launcher, which I’m going to ignore is here.

It’s called a fat man. And there is another mininuke there, but again you can’t pick it up. When you pick up the fat man it just goes away. So it is kind of part of the fat man but it isn’t really. I’ll show you just what I mean – I pick it up and should be my inventory, There’s the fat man. If I equip it though, you’ll see there is no ammunition for it. So I am just going to go back to the inventory and drop it. I don’t need it. Right. And what happens here with the Sentrybot is you come into this building… And you pick up all the stuff is lying around here and in the toolbox- and there’s here by the way – and also the first aid box. And you play with this terminal. And what you do is you activate the Sentrybot using this terminal.

And it goes around and kills all those Molerats we saw. And then you ask the Sentrybot to self-destruct. And it does that – oh, there’s our Radstag. I don’t know what it was doing there – and when the Sentrybot self-destructs you can get a huge array of lovely and circuitry and other kinds of stuff. Now there’s some more mole rats around here. So I think we’ll just try to beat a hasty retreat. Because I’m trying to hang on to some ammunition. We’re on the map – I’ll show you where we are. We’re going ahead back now to the RedRocket which is now a straight line. And you’ll notice that I’ve got my custom marker on the RedRocket. So if we look on my compass at the bottom screen here we’ll see that we are actually now heading directly to the RedRocket and interestingly, there is at the top of this hill a little rest area. I was attacked by a dog and a raider both of whom are now dead. I didn’t see the Mentats in there.

There was some more ammunition here. We could have had a little sleep, that would have been nice, but no need to do that. Now we’re up at the end of, and above, this body of water. I said I didn’t know what it was – I still don’t because that’s Sanctuary Hills in the middle there, which is an island. And this is obviously the end of this body of water.

If you are foolish enough to wander down where I’m aiming currently at the end of his body of water, there are an entire collection of Mirelurk eggs and Mirelurks who will simply, at this stage of the game, tear you to shreds. So, don’t go down there! We’ll head back to the RedRocket and then make our way into Concord, finally. And I will pick up the… I’ll put on the power suit and we’ll be set. Now you don’t have to put the power armour on to get into Concord and succeed, but it does help a lot I have to say. Straightaway down here we have some little flying insects and you may remember me mentioning that these things are non-trivial to get rid of at this stage of the game.

I’ve managed to kill one . The other one might well attack me… and then he flies off. He might circle round but he may not. The thing is they’re radioactive – if they actually spend more than a few seconds spraying you – with whatever it is they spray you with – acid or some other goo, then even in power armour you get killed. Which is depressing, to say the least. So we’ve survived that. You’ll notice by the way that we have 3 fusion cores – one we found under the RedRocket, one was with the stuff in the robotics disposal, and the third one I think I found somewhere else and I don’t now remember so I’m afraid I forgotten already.

This chem box has got some nice stuff in it t. The herbal anodyne is actually very useful for the various minor illnesses you get. And then I’m going to have a quick use of this mattress here as it just saves me having to redo stuff. It’s am already so I’ll just have a quick sleep… so we have good daylight. And I now have just spotted, possibly for the first time, that off to my left hand side there is some nice stuff on the window ledge. The problem is that there’s a hole in the floor, so I have to do this rather carefully. Here we go. And there is a safe here but we can’t open it yet. We can come back to it later on.

There’s also down here I think a cap stash and some more Nuka Cola and some Sugar Bombs and I think there’s some Sugar Bombs up there. I don’t think there’s anything behind the door, there. You can see in the compass down below that we’re supposed to be heading in this direction. And you’ll hear some gun fire and there’s a raider, but before we do that… I’m going to make myself a bit less conspicuous to the don’t get shot while I’m doing that. Now if I hadn’t been in power armour I would actually be dead at this stage, so a couple of Stimpaks and a bit of water – let me just check my status K and Q.

I’m hungry and I am mildly dehydrated so I should eat something… just to keep my… health up. Cooked things are what I’m looking for, of course. Baked Bloatfly – I’m now properly fed. I’ll just see what this guy had – Molotov cocktail – he hasn’t got much of any interest. By the way, even with power armour, a direct hit with them a Molotov is fatal at this stage. Now these bolt-action rifles are fantastically useless. Two shots you can get out. I’m just going to leave that there. It really isn’t worth considering. There’s another safe, but that is an expert safe, so I won’t be able to do that for a while. There was a bottle of glue their which I am very pleased to have. I’ve come into town exactly the same way about 6 or 8 times recently and sometimes there had been no raiders left and sometimes there had been 6 or 8.

And unfortunately, when it’s 6 or 8 it gets a bit messy this point. OK so that’s Preston and that’s the end of our first quest. That is actually Out of Time completed but we’re now of course going to be entering this next phase which is called When Freedom Calls. So let’s pick up stuff. I do not pick up these short double-barrel shotguns because they’re just totally pointless. I pick up the shells because when we get some nice shotguns later on they’re certainly worth having.

The short Laser Musket I just picked up is useless as well. You can shoot things with it but it’s really not very easy. And there are quite a few things I can pick up but I’m not going to do all that now. I’ll do that once I get finished because there’s a little pause of the end of this section before we go on to the next. I can do it then. When we get through into the Museum of Freedom which is where Preston wants us to go. We’re going to be being shot at from above, so if you’re not in power are my you have to actually does take a couple of quick shots and then run off to the If you’re in power armour you can do a little bit more than that, so let’s see how we get on.

I could use my 10 MM because we picked up some 10 MM pistol ammunition. We’ve got only 20 rounds so I’ll leave it unequipped. OK, so they’re dead. I actually got her with the first shot but I make a habit of trying to shot people twice if I can. I know it’s not particularly polite but it does work. There is in this particular section some nice stuff to pick up. Now this is a nicer pipe rifle. If we have a quick look at it you’ll see that it actually allows you to fire at a decent rate – 55. Shots a minute? I don’t know – I think it is 55 per minute. I’ll pick that up and I’m going to equip that so that I can use it so I press I – short – it’s not the six shot – 50 – that’s the one we want. So I’m going to say Q to get to my favourite and the put that into number 4. There we go. Now I’ve got one Molotov cocktail so far.

I’m going to put that into number 7. They’re very handy to have and that’s where I keep my Molotov cocktails, when I’ve got them. Then we’re going to pop downstairs. Now if I didn’t already have a fusion core I would need this one behind the door and that is part of the plot upstairs. But since I’m already down here and since I always pick up fusion cores when I can hear and/or see them, I will get that now. Fusion cores are needed for the power armour. Now this will be our first hacking experience. When I’m not recording I get this first time almost. And every time I’ve done whilst I’ve a been recording it takes me 5 or 6 goes, which is just infuriating, so let’s just see how well I manage this time. The idea is that you’ve got 4 attempts and it will tell you on an attempt how many letters were in the right place in the password. So let’s have a quick look. So usually we start with a first one.

And this is likeness=0. That’s actually a wonderful piece of information, because that means that anything that matches any letter in ‘hints’, the word hints, in both content and position means that isn’t a password. So ‘hints’ ends in an ‘s’ – that means ‘lands’ is not valuable. ‘Scale’ might work – just have a look and see nothing in common between those two, so we could try that. And it doesn’t work either. So now we just have to be very careful not to waste any more. So ‘parts’ could work as again it’s got nothing – no it ends in ‘s’ – so we don’t want that. Anything that ends in ‘s’ we don’t want. ‘Taunt’? Now see if that matches up with ‘scale’ – it doesn’t. And it doesn’t match with anything in ‘hints’ either, so taunt could work. And it does! I pressed E and nothing has happened – don’t worry but when we Tab out of this, this door will now be unlockable.

There we go. And I don’t know what these devices are. I think they’re meant to be recharging the fusion cores because if you take a fusion core out, the lights flicker and nothing else happens: Nothing ever stops working. It’s bizarre. There’s some stuff around the corner if I can get to it. I think the dog was in way was the problem there. There we go. And there are more baddies to be had. So let’s see if we can find them and do them in. Some nice stuff here. I’m not going to bother with a switchblade it’s just not worth carrying around. And often we get a good view of the perpetrators from up here but they’re not here at the moment. They must be further down that way. There’s some things here that we could pick up. Again we could do some this later on. But I’ll get those while I’m here.

All the action is on the other side of the… Now it’s telling me I can level up. I’ve already got the pistol perk and I can’t have another one until I get to level 7. So I’ve just going to have a toughness perk. Which I think’s worth having. Again a bold action rifle that I’m just going to leave. And a magnifying glass I’ll have, though. Wow, that’s good – I’ll have this one. It’s not fast – 6 rounds a minute, but it is as a damage of 26 which is not too bad. So let’s pick that up. We also have 65 rounds of 45. I may as well pick up the baseball as well. OK so now were going to go in and meet Preston and the settlers.

There’s another Molotov, which is handy. I’ve already got a tyre iron and don’t want any the rest of that. I’ll put the gun away. Now since the game’s subtitles weren’t working just there I’ll tell you that Sturges has just told us that there is a Vertibird on the roof and that we could get a minigun off it, since we’re wearing power armour. So that’s basically all that we need to do. OK. Just a couple things to do in here before we go up. Notice that Sturges is typing on the wrong side of the keyboard, that’s just humorous. Robco Fun is good you’ll get – oh this is a game so it isn’t actually that useful but it is worth picking up comics generally speaking. We can pick up a few things here. We’ve got quite a lot of carrying capacity now that we’ve got a suit of power armour. And we’ve also of course got DogMeat too.

We’ve got the perception bobble head here which is worth having. OK now all the stuff is supposed to be up on the roof and we’ve got a little symbol there saying that this is the place we want to go. So we going to go in here… …out here I should say. And there’s the power armour. Now one thing you want to do with the armour – notice it hasn’t got a power core, a fusion core, which is the thing that we’ve just taken from the basement. Notice that we’ve got 4 of those now in our meter at the bottom here. It does, however, have a right leg that we can really do with. Now, confusingly, even though it shows right leg at the top, when I press R for transfer the right leg is way down here. So just be careful about that, otherwise you end up taking the wrong thing. And now we’ve got a right leg and if I come out of that and I go to my inventory and to apparel, I can equip the right leg.

The right leg ain’t in great health. It’s health 4, which means it’s almost not there. But the fact that’s it’s there means that I can now repair it and have a good leg. This is the tape of the guy who was flying the Vertibird. It’s interesting to listen to but a bit time-consuming so I’m not going do it now. If you’re playing the game you could listen to it, but basically it just tells the story of how they came to find themselves marooned here in a Concord. He’s gone. I can’t get to him unfortunately. I don’t think there’s any way onto that roof. And now we have a bunch of baddies hanging around down here. This is the main raider baddy which is why he’s been quite so difficult to kill. Right. Now what happens is a whole bunch of raider baddies come into the top end of the town and keep harassing us. OK So that’s them finished down this end. I’m going to equip this minigun up to use. Here it is… Now I’m going to hit Q, put it in my favourites at number 6.

I’m also going to make sure… I’ve got 2 Molotov cocktails and they are already favourited on number 7, so I’ll just make sure they’re equipped. And then I’m going to go down and do in some more baddies here. I can do this with the minigun… I can hear somebody shooting at me but I can’t actually find them. Now this is our que – that noise – to get off the street, basically. Because this is the death claw. Now I have got, you may recall, some fried mines. Which I’m going to scatter the pavement with here. Because this guy gets rather interested in us down here. And then I’m going to pop in here. I’m going to move him out of the way. You can do that just by pressing E in on the PC. You can’t do that with the filing cabinets, unfortunately. Then I’m going to see how were doing outside here. He’s still playing down there – he will come down here… That strange noise is when you bump into a sandbag and it explodes, which is a bit disconcerting.

I can get his attention by doing that… He doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to me. I seem to just be taking chunks of his health without him… I’m not sure why he’s stuck – he’s just stuck. Well, he’s died. So I’ll tell you how you can kill him but without actually killing him in this particular instance. Now you have to be careful – I think this one has already blown up, so we can just hang around this one – but if something’s on fire give it a wide berth, because they blow up in fairly spectacular ways. Here’s our Deathclaw. I don’t know how he got stuck but the sure-fire method of getting rid of him is to simply jump into that store – I’ll go down and show you…

You might be able to do it here as well, but he can’t get inside these buildings and so you can just have him stomping around the outside here trying to get you and you just shoot at him. And you keep shooting at him until he dies. Now if you have got some frag mines, then that makes the whole process that much quicker. I’m going to go and pick my frag mines up. Hoping that they’re not going blow me up. I’ll press Q to see – there’s one… Just to make sure I know where it is. Of course I mentioned early in the game that using Q to find things like this is a good plan, because it makes sure that you are not are going to be unpleasantly surprised. Now this is an well worth picking up by the way. You are certainly going to end up in the Corvega works and the storage unit there has got lots of good stuff in it. And Gristle, this raider, I don’t know if he has any other claims to fame – we might find out about in the one of the terminals – actually always has the storage key on him.

So pick that up. Pick up the ammunition and the Stimpak. Let’s have a look at his pipe pistol. That’s nice – 17 damage, pretty fast fire rate. Yeah, we’ll pick up that pipe pistol. We might combine some of the features of these different bits of pipe pistol back in the workshop. And let me just make sure I’ve now got everything else lying around here. One place I want to visit now – that’s just back here. But before I do that let me just remember what I was going to tell you. I moved this manikin out of the way. The Deathclaw will pace up and down these broken windows trying to get at you and all you have to do is keep shooting at him. Also, being down here is a distinct advantage because Preston has a clear shot at the Deathclaw.

So that is actually well worth doing. I picked up all the frag mines – I don’t wat to leave any of those behind. Let me just check my inventory and see if I’ve got the right number. Yeah, 7. So I didn’t even use those this time. There are some nice things in here. As you probably aware by now we really are interested in adhesive in a big way.

Used oil cans, I mentioned already, are good too. Now we’re onto this bit of roof but this isn’t the bit of roof that the raider was shooting at us from. I don’t think we can get to that because we can’t go anywhere there, and no. So there’s nothing to be done up here except to have to pick up the stuff in here. I’m peckish from lack of food so again some more roasted food – I did have a lot of Molerats… See if grilled Radroach will do it for us. Grilled Radstag I mentioned to you… if you’re not hungry you get extra carrying weight for a long time with grilled Radstag. So it really is a good idea to kill Radstags when you come across them. There’s some Molerat chunks and they haven’t got any rads so they’re worth having. Notice that the Molerat meat has 7 rads so… I’ve already got quite a few rads in me but I don’t really want to increase it if I can.

Let me just check my status. I’ll press Q to find out what these symbols are telling me. I’m a little bit dehydrated and I’ve got some adrenaline because I’ve been killing folk. So what I’ll do is I will simply press my dash key where I have my purified water assigned. I have got another perk that I could assign. I don’t know what I want straightaway. I might go for another – I’m trying to find the front door to the speakeasy, where’s it gone? Oh here it is. I might go for the next lock pick perk. I’ll see what I find in here. So all kinds of lovely miscellany. Empty bottles – my favourite! that’s my complete carrying capacity. So let me see if I can give anything to DogMeat here. DogMeat is empty so what I usually do is just a give him my junk, because it’s heavy and he can carry quite a lot of it.

So I’m pressing E on the PC or the enter key would do as well. And that’s all the dog meat can carry but that’s given me 20 pounds weight to carry around. Nothing much in there. Tin cans – I think you might leave the tin cans. Aluminium cans are worth having because aluminium is in short supply. Tin cans – we’ve got lots of steel back at the RedRocket and at Sanctuary Hills, so I’m not so fussed about that. Now I believe there is a safe up here and some more bottles and some plastic, And these cameras – let me just show you what’s in a camera briefly. So if we go to inventory… and back to junk. Camera has got two gears, two springs and two crystals.

And those are really rare item so that’s why is worth picking up this stuff. Now this is an advanced lock and I won’t be able to do that. So let me just quickly look at my perk chart. I’m allowed to choose one. I’ve already got the highest level gunslinger I can have. Let’s come down to locksmithing… That’s advance locks, not expert ones, but let’s have advance locks. Right. So that’s almost working. Perfectly, there we go, we’re in. And… I’m not going to bother with the armour as I’ve now got power armour. There’s a stealth boy which is a great way of becoming completely stealthy. The only downside of the stealth boy is that when you’ve got one and you’re using it you can’t actually aim very well – your pistol disappears. So you have to kind of just hope. I believe there’s nothing in this room – every time I’ve looked it’s been totally devoid of anything useful.

There’s some more stuff upstairs. Tin can I won’t, aluminium can I will. This room needs breaking into. Hot plate well worth having but a little bit heavy. Bolt action pistol – no, I really just hate that fire rate, it’s useless. Some nice 10 MM rounds. Another 10 MM pistol – like I mentioned last time we really don’t need any more of those. Not much in here. Broken beds like this you can’t sleep on, you’ll notice. Vault-Tec lunch boxes are meant to be a bit of fun I think. This just goes out onto a balcony outside which don’t remember if there’s anything ever interesting.

I’ll go and have a look. I haven’t been out there for a long time. Now we can just jump down but that it. There is nothing else to be had out here. In here there are some drugs, which you might want to take, maybe – I don’t know. The thing about drugs is that they’re really valuable to sell. And bones we can make into stuff. I don’t want the Gwinett stout, it’s just heavy. Empty bottles are more useful. I don’t think I want the casual outfits.

The bobby pin I will have. The rest of that stuff I’ll leave. And there’s nothing down this way as far as I remember. So, what we do now is we go back into museum, we meet up with Preston and offer to help him take his lot up to Sanctuary Hills. Now it doesn’t really matter. You can say yes or no here. You do eventually need to get closer with the minutemen, but I’m going to say yes because it fits the story. OK so that’s the next major milestone on getting to our son Shaun. Needless to say that’s an important part of the whole story… I’m going to try to get some more out of Mama Murphy – I won’t be able to at this point. But are we can get a little bit later on. The woman speaking as we left was Marcy and she is perhaps the most annoying character in a computer game I have ever met. But we don’t have too much to do with her, happily. We take this walk pretty leisurely, so I’ll just check on things around here and pick up anything that I haven’t already picked up.

I must have killed that Deathclaw a dozen times and it has never before got stuck to the ground. So that was a bit unusual. There is – I’m not going to do it – but if you go down this hole or are there are some doors over between the buildings – it leads to the same place: A network of sewers with some Molerats and Mirelurks down there and some loot. But it’s a bit distracting just now. And is totally optional. What I might do is run up ahead and see if I can get this lock open in the house at the top.

So there’s the RedRocket, by the way – so that’s where we came from. Yeah, we can do this. And that’s actually not a bad pipe pistol. Damage 17. I think mine’s actually a little bit better because I upgraded it. So I’ll leave that pipe pistol there. Like I say, you could pick them up and you could scrap them or you could sell them but they’re not very valuable and they are quite heavy. I’m not going to sleep just now – we’re going to go up to Sanctuary and there’s our not-quite-dead blood bug from earlier. I could hear him but I couldn’t seem him just now. Now I could go and sleep in the RedRocket but we don’t get credit for having done this bit until we get to Sanctuary Hills with the others and we don’t want to get too far ahead of them because something bad could happen. So I’ll just ignore that for the time being. I will at some stage come back to the RedRocket and collect all the stuff we left in the workbench there.

Sturges likes the looks of the RedRocket. Oh, Preston has a little speech he does when he gets to this statue. So we may as well stay for that. Now what I might do is just run ahead a little ways and make the settlement a little bit more habitable by five people. So will need water for five – the pumps do 3 at a time so we need 2 pumps and we need 5 or 6 beds including one for me. So I will quickly knock those up. What I might do – we’ve got one pump, I can put another one out front. I’m going to come over to the workshop and put all my junk in here. Which has got rid of quite a bit. I might also put in some of my spare ammunition and weapons they don’t really want. The minigun I am probably not going to use ever again because it is just too heavy. What I am trying to do is get my weight down so that I can take the power armour off and not suffer from overloading which is a not very healthy condition.

I only said that so I didn’t have to be rude to him. Codsworth turns out to be a really useless companion at this stage in the game because when he gets hurt, as he seems prone to do, you now need a robot repair kit. I think that’s because of the Automatron DLC. Because I believed earlier that you could just fix him with a Stimpak. But you now need a robot repair kit and if we look at my inventory I think we’ll discover that I don’t have any of those and I discovered it the hard way. When I did have Codsworth as a companion and he broke and I couldn’t fix him. So I’m going to get out of the power armour.

I’m just going to check my inventory just now, but of course my carrying weight goes down very dramatically when I get out of the power armour. So yeah, I’m okay – I’m 114 out of 125. If you stay out of the power armour and you go very far from it for any length of time and your over-encumbered, then you will lose health. You will eventually end up with crippled limbs and things. So let’s come out the front here. I’m going to hold down the V on the PC, and I’m going to turn the light all is well – that just the Tab key.

I’m going to make another water pump. I have to put that in earth, so I’ll put that there. So now if you look at the top you’ll see that the third item from the left-hand end is water and I now got 6 of those and I’ve got 5 people, so that’s OK. What I mostly need now are some beds. So let’s come in here and get rid of these guys. I meant to do this earlier but I forgot. OK, so there we’ve scrapped that. Go to furniture and let’s stuff a couple of beds in here. I’ll put one in here but I want to get rid of the bath first. The radiator is a lovely lump of steel there. So here’s another bed. And I turn it around using the… there’s two things you can do. You can play with the mouse wheel to get the item further away or closer to you and you can use the left and right mouse buttons on the PC to angle the item you trying to create. Now that won’t go there because I think the candles are in the way, so I can’t do anything about that.

So I’ll just leave that as it is. I could put a bed in here but won’t – it’s the kitchen. So I’ll just go across the road and put some beds in our old house here. We don’t want Mr. Handy fuel, we don’t want that box, we don’t want these things. Part of the reason for getting rid of these is that it makes the places tidier but also gives you space to put staff and it gives you resources to use in building other things. So that’s two beds there. I’ll come in here and rotate this bed. You can almost get three beds in here I think, but it would be rather tight and we don’t need that many. That’s 7 beds already, we’ve only got 5 people so we’ll leave that. I’m not going to worry about food tonight. I’m not sure I’ve got enough food in the inventory – we need things like mutfruit and stuff like that, various seeds. So that’s probably going to be it. You’ll see Preston walking up and down a lot. I will go and chat with him.

That little green sign over his head is that you are supposed to speak to him. This is where we start getting tied up in helping all kinds of settlements but of course it’s were we get experience points, its way you get to see the commonwealth so I usually say yes. Sturges is the guy that makes all the banging noises from here on out. Every time you come to Sanctuary Hills there’s somebody banging and it’s usually Sturges. Oh, he’s not doing it at the moment, it’s Jun Long. And if you look at the left hand side you’ll see that it went from 0 to 100% instantly. Here’s Jun Long. OK I think this is probably a good time to find one of those beds that I’ve just made. That one’s already occupied; these are already-occupied.

Ah, jeez, I should have made more! I’ll go over the road. I could always one somewhere else if they get full up. In theory, if I do the arithmetic correctly it shouldn’t be a serious problem. So that’s where we’re going to you leave it. We’ve actually finished the first mission in in the game and we’re pretty well set up now to carry on for a while – we’ve got power armour; we’ve got fusion cores for the power armour, we’ve got to power cells for the laser weapons if you want to use the laser musket. We have a fair bit of ammunition, we’ve got lots of resources here and in the RedRocket and like I say I may just go down to the RedRocket and pick up all those resources and bring them back.

OK, we’re just being checked out of here! We’ll sleep here. So I hope you’ve enjoyed watching – if you have then please subscribe: A little icon will pop up and give you the chance do that towards the end of the film here. And join us next time when we explore more of the Commonwealth and make our way down, eventually to Diamond City and the next main series of events in the the whole Fallout 4 story.

So thanks for watching. Bye!.

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