Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. We’re in the middle of the Brotherhood of Steel quest The Lost Patrol and we have a distress signal just down this way, which we’re picking up. I was thinking of taking this section out since Paladin Danse up there gets rather caught up trying to get into this site, but I’ve decided to leave it in case anyone else actually has the same problem. So I’m going to pick up a bunch of stuff whilst I wait for Paladin to try to get into the mood:) Ah, OK – he’s got into site assessment node now. So this is the site before us, that we have these 3 fused power armour suits, presumably with occupants – we don’t know for sure, of course. And somewhere there is still a distress beacon which we need to locate. There it is. In fact, this is Knight Varham. He’s got 5 fusion cells and a holotag.

I’ll pick up the holotag. I doubt that his laser rifle is anything to write home about. It isn’t. And there’s the distress pulser. And that’s about it. There’s a duffel bag back there. So now we need have a chat with Paladin, who’s now trying to escape. He’s busy! He’s busy getting stuck on the wall, unfortunately. Come on Paladin, you can do it! For goodness sake:) Hah! It’s just a bit of wall, Paladin! OK, come this way then. There’s nothing I can do to persuade him to go in here, unfortunately. Perhaps if I walked up behind him and nudged him a lot he’d fall into the…

Believe it or not this might work. No, don’t go that way. I’m standing here, you can’t go this way. Go somewhere else! Few, that worked! Who’d believe it? Games designers, eh? And he’s clever too:) He’s still assessing the situation. So the problem is he doesn’t get confused, but he can’t get in. Oh, he’s right on top of things. I’ve already seen all this stuff. He’s gone off into Neverland of some sort! I was hoping to get his thoughts on what we were doing, but I think he’s now said everything he wanted to say.

I now have seen everything that I needed to see. I’ll just check these guys one more time. And then we’ll check our quest and see how were doing. So The Loss Patrol quest says listen to the battlefield holotape, that’s the one I just picked up and, happily, that’ll be the name of the tape. So I just go to miscellaneous. Battlefield holotape: “we’ll have to scuttle the armour – we can’t let them have it”… “we’ll head to the old military base”… So we’ll have a look at the quest now and the quest will be The Lost Patrol – “Investigate the National Guard Training Yard”.

If I press R it will show me on the map where that is. It turns out that we have already been there. I’ve been there several times over the many times I’ve played the game. It’s mostly full of ghouls. There are some other interesting challenges; there are some turrets which are very easy to take out and there are some also heavier- grade defence robots. But typically they don’t bother you at this stage of the game. So I’ll wander down towards County Crossing probably, have a sleep and do a bit of cooking down there and there meet you outside the Training Yard in a short while. See you in a second. Here we are just outside the National Training Yard. I’ve just selected the distress signal. There’s the turret at the top there. Done him! A couple of frag mines. Now I was going to try to get Paladin to get rid of one of those.

Let’s see how successful I am with that. There’s another one right here. That one I got. So he’s disarmed it but left it there, but it is now harmless. So in we go. Really nothing much in this part of the building. There are quite a few ghouls through here. I can hear some more ghouls – there are a couple there. I can hear some more stomping around, if that’s the right word. Oh he’s mutated! Not too keen on flamer fuel. There is a safe. I think it’s upstairs, we’ll get around to than in a minute. OK, so we’ll just finish picking up a few things in here and then head out up north. Like I say, there is a safe, I believe in one of the offices. The flooring makes it a little tricky to get to it.

There it is. Oh, this one’s being a pain! There we go. Another technical documents for the Proctor. There’s more that you can do here. You can go across into the next building and do a lot of looting but there are an AWFUL lot of ghouls there and you really do need to want to have all the goodies. Just a quick sleep here. And there will head off up north.

So I’ll meet you on the road when we get to something a little bit more interesting. See you in a short while. We’re heading on the road north to the recon bunker. We just had to kill a raider and a couple of dogs but nothing much. Usually we come across a team of Brotherhood soldiers coming this way, but there is also an interesting farm over in this direction. Let’s just go and have a poke around. It’s called Greentop Nursery. It seems oddly deserted. Nope, nobody here. Nothing around the back either. One advantage of eliciting these little side-quests yourself is that you don’t have to go through Preston Garvey who’s back in Hangman’s Alley. So that saves us a lot of walking around. But we will have to do that quest in the not-too-distant future, I think. Otherwise, it will simply be deleted. But for the time being we’re going to carry on with this quest, obviously. We’re not going to just cut it off.

So we’ll go and do that. We’re almost at the turn. No, not quite there, yet. OK so there is some activity up here. it may be… It looks like the Brotherhood of Steel, as I mentioned. I have done this before and the Brotherhood of Steel have ever been involved, in terms of appearing on the road, but I have actually come from a different direction, typically. So that might be something to do it. Here they are. I’ll put the gun away. Oh, this scribe initiate had a problem. OK, well he’s not very chatty. I don’t know what took them out, though. We should perhaps be a little bit careful. Oops! OK, this is Recon Bunker Theta. So we have the access code here. I’ll just mention this before we go in. He’s been here for a long time and he’s a little bit excited.

So he’s going to have a gun and we have to talk him out of it. The last time I did this I tried to use the persuasive answer and he wasn’t persuaded. He immediately opened fire on me, which meant I had to kill him. At the time Paladin seemed OK with that. But as soon as we came out he said “that was a disaster and you shouldn’t have killed him”. You had no choice at that point. So I’m going to try playing a slightly safer line this time. Well, that went an awful lot better than it did last time.

If you end up killing him, for whatever reason, you do get his pistol which looks quite nice superficially, but in fact it’s a scatter gun which is really, in my mind, rather pointless. So I’ll take his fusion cell there and I think I’ll leave the ammo. I’ll leave the rest of that stuff and I will take this holotape because that might be interesting. He’s got some other nice stuff on the shelves here. I will take this, the fusion core. It’s the best thing in here, probably. Lots of stuff for fixing armour, if you want it. Paladin Danse has already buggered off outside! So I can’t give him my extra weight. So Paladin Danse is here. I’ll give him my junk and then I’ll have a quick chat with him. So Paladin Brandis let us stay overnight in his little recon bunker here and to finish this episode off we’re going to go down to Medford Memorial Hospital, and do that rescue mission that we got from Greentop Nursery.

So we’re way up here at the top – Recon Bunker Theta. That was the crossroads that we went through before. We’re going to carry on down there and I’ll re-join you on the road just outside. Medford So see you in a short while. This is the back of Medford Hospital. You can see on the map that it’s straight ahead of us. There are usually a couple of higher-level synths hanging around here. I don’t recall the exact reason for that but they are usually here, over by the metro station.

So we’re just going to skulk about here a bit. It’s not possible to get into the hospital except at the front. And there are a number of Super Mutants, including a suicider at the front. This is where I would expect to see the synths. OK, so that was pretty easy but I don’t think that the Super Mutants are necessarily going to be so easy. See if we can sneak up here. They’re around the corner and unfortunately Danse is making his way over that way, already. Without me! I was going to pick up these scraps of synth strider. Oh, he’s still behind me, that’s OK. We could now try taking pot shots at these Super Mutants, possibly through this, or around this… There’s one there, I think. I’m trying to find the one that is the suicider. I’ll try him. He’s gone. Ah, there’s the suicider. Let me see if I can get him.

Got him. Yeah! It’s very rewarding when that happens. Who’s he shooting at still? There’s another one up there. nerve held at the hotel than Well that was kind of the easy bit, because once we get inside it gets a little messy. Now I noticed my rifle wasn’t working just now. I think it’s because I’ve given Danse all my ammunition for this rifle! Let me just sort this out. I found I was carrying so much ammunition. It’s the .45 calibre. I meant to give him my .44’s and I gave him my .45’s as well, I think. So I will have my .45’s back, thank you. I don’t think I need 600 rounds of them, though. But I can have them, they’re not that heavy. Right, so I can use this rifleman future! That’s great. So there will be nothing out here that really is troublesome now that we’ve got rid of these are assorted threats. There will be some nice things hanging around. You always get nice meat at a Super Mutant stash. The quicker we get out of this communal area the better.

I don’t think Danse understands anything about whispering. Well, that was again a little bit messy but we probably did most of what we needed. OK so we need now to pick our way around here without giving too shot up. One of them is over in the other room raging, raging! You can get down into this lift from above but I don’t think getting into down here actually helps you in the slightest.

I’m slowly losing bits of my armour here unfortunately. But I haven’t had a chance to go home and wash up. So it’s just going to have to wait. And some of these guys are up top, which is why I said you want to get out of this communal area pretty quick. They’re not that clever about it. Like I said, in this game the toilets are usually worth investigating because they often lead places you don’t expect. In this case it’s just the adjacent toilet, but it could just as easily be a completely different part of the game. Bag of cement I don’t need! Some of these guys are just standing around. There’s usually some standing around up there. We could have got him from there, apparently. This should be… No, it isn’t clean water. So I’ve taken one drink and it’s come up with rads, so I won’t pursue that. We’re still actually looking for the hostages. They’re a little bit easier to kill than they ought to be, really. You may not be able to break into it at this point. Let’s try to give it a go! No, I’ve got master lock picking by I haven’t got master hacking.

So this is the guy that Paladin Danse was upsetting from below. I don’t think this terminal really does anything very useful. Except you can open the door with it. There is usually another Super Mutant up there. What I might do is circle around. Yeah! Level 29. We still don’t know where our… Usually a few nice things back here. There’s a syringe rifle that I’ve been mentioning, but don’t ever really use. You use the blood bug proboscises and you make drugs to shoot people with. But it’s just not something I fancy doing much. Still don’t know the know… There is a room on the other side, which might be where our homesteaders are hiding, in here.

Otherwise, we’d need to do a bit of a search around. Yeah! It’s only the husband that’s survived, regrettably. Now there is a slight problem of getting this guy out of here alive. I don’t really know quite how successful we’re going to be in that respect. But let’s have a go at that. We have got rid of most of the Super Mutants now, there aren’t really that many left.

But the ones that are left will be downstairs on the way out, which is not necessarily good. Let’s get the guy outside and will call it a day. Hope we don’t get too much resistance going down, because we don’t really want to get him killed this point. I can always come back inside and finish off any stragglers. Of which I don’t think there are really going to be many by this point. Let’s go out. And here we are in the lovely drizzle as before. So that’s the end of this episode. Thanks very much for watching. I hope it’s been useful. This was a totally optional side quest, not for anybody in particular – it’s for one of our settlements.

So it helps our settlement arrangements in general… There are lots of these to do. They’re helpful; they help you to build communities and to network all your materials together. So it’s is well worth pursuing. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you have please look out for the HardSkull logo towards the end of the clip and click on that to subscribe. Or subscribe any other way you like. See you next time. Bye!.

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