Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. We’re in a slightly strange location. I’ll just hop into my power armour before bad things happen! And you’ll notice, by the way, not bragging or anything – but this power armour is the X-01. This is the best power armour you can get in the game. I’m going to tell you where to find it in just a second. But I’ll hop in first. So this is not the most salubrious location that we’ve ever had a bit of rest in. It also says I’m over- encumbered, so let me have a quick look at what’s going on with the weight situation.

Yeah, I think what’s happened is that my Radstag consumption has faltered, although it’s always good to check that you’re not just parched. So I will top up my liquid consumption first. See if that improves things, because often you get docked capabilities for not being healthy. So, yeah, now we’re OK; we’re 217 out of 230. So that was is because I needed something to drink. Let me explain a little bit about where we are and how we came to be here.

So this is the map and we are heading towards a rendezvous with the Minutemen near the Castle. We finished last time way up north with the Brotherhood of Steel quest for the Lost Patrol. So we were in Recon Bunker Theta, we came down and cleared out Medford Memorial Hospital because we picked that up as a quest on the way – courtesy of Greentop Nursery. So we’ve been back to Greentop Nursery, told them that we cleared out all the Super Mutants there. We came back south a bit – down to County Crossing and did a lot of good stuff there. We’ve upgraded a few things; we put some more defences in there, we had a little fight with some raiders – it wasn’t much of anything to the report, because we’d got quite a lot of defences and mostly the turrets took care of them.

Then we went the usual way, through Bunker Hill and then the north side of the Charles River. We can now go north or south on the Charles River because, remember, we cleared out the raiders here. Be careful if you go on the south side now because the people in Back Street Apparel – the folks outside Back Street Apparel – do repopulate after a few days. So if you go that way you may come across them again. But there are only 2 of them plus a couple of turrets. So it’s not a lot of hassle but it is a bit of hassle. And then we came down past the CIT ruins, over the bridge and into Hangman’s Alley where we caught up again with Preston from the Minutemen. Remember we’ve got Preston down here, not up at Sanctuary Hills. The other thing that we did is to go over to Hardware Town, which is on this end, and do the second half a quest for the Railroad which is called Butcher’s Bill 2.

Where we are trying to find a missing member of the Railroad and see what happened with one of their under-cover sites. And so we’ve gone in and cleared out Hardware Town. You can clear out Hardware Town for any number of reasons. Partly, you go past it when you’re trying to do the Kellogg quest. You get called over because somebody allegedly is dying but it turns out to be a set up for an ambush. In this particular case, what we did is to circle around to the right of the building and there’s a basement entrance, which is really handy.

Then you come up behind them and take them out. So it’s pretty straightforward and it turns out that the Railroad guy was in one of the upstairs rooms, dead. So we picked up his note and a few other things. There’s lots of stuff to pick up in Hardware Town. The other way of getting Hardware Town as a mission is to go and see the guy in the back of Diamond City. Who’s here and he’s painting the wall in Diamond City green. And he’s run out of green. So you’re sent to Hardware Town to pick up some yellow and blue paint and to mix it. That’s another way of doing the same thing.

So we’ve cleared that out and then we decided that we were to pursue this particular quest with Preston, which is really the kind of major quest with the Minutemen, to retake the Castle, way over a on the east side here. And that part is quite straightforward. I’m still with Paladin Danse. We decided to go – I decided to go! – down the rail road route because that is pretty straightforward.

We’ve been a lot of that route so we came from Hardware Town, went down to the Police Rationing Site here on the railway. Nothing much to report there. We still haven’t actually done anything at that site. You’ll notice if you look really carefully – if you’re following the rail road line, this little… looks like a surgical scar with sutures… that suddenly the railway ends here. The reason for that is there’s a huge crater here, that obviously a bomb dropped here, of some sort. And so you’re forced to go around. Now what happened in my case, and it wasn’t at all planned, is that we went past Big John’s Salvage which is absolutely inundated with Super Mutants. There are about a dozen in there. And of course I’m still with Paladin Danse and he still really, really hates Super Mutants.

So he started taking pot shots at them. So I got dragged into that battle. If you don’t want to get dragged into that battle, then just give them a wider birth. So we killed about a dozen Super Mutants and picked up a lot of good stuff there. We also then got dragged into a fight over at Andrew Station. What I should tell you about Andrew Station is that just before Andrew Station, if you’re coming from the west, there is a lift/elevator up on to the motorway again. Rather like the situation we found with the Corvega Plant – that further down the road you can get a lift up on to be elevated highway. And up there is a lovely set up with a bed and a couple of crafting stations and things. You can also take pot shots guys on the roof over at Andrew Station. However, what you can’t do is to take pot shots at the people on the ground floor at Andrew Station. So you have to do their bit carefully because there are a few of them and the got some turrets and dogs as well.

Anyway, in between those two exciting little fire fights – but really nothing terribly difficult – was the South Boston Military Checkpoint. Here there are just three gunners. Now gunners are hard to get rid of, I must confess. The first one was no trouble at all. He was just hanging around inside. And, in fact, the second one wasn’t all that difficult either, because he was pretty short range and we were able taken out without any trouble. The third one was a bit more problematic as he was running around the outside and throwing grenades. But once you’ve cleared them out there is a X-01 armour set on the left hand side as you’re facing the station – that would be to the west side of the station. You have to have expert terminal hacking skills, though. Which, happily, I was able to upgrade to because I had an upgrade perk remaining. I’m now at level 30. When I came here was a level 29. And contrary to some of the stuff you might read online about this particular site – the South Boston Military Checkpoint – the armour was definitely X-01 even though I was only at level 30.

Some people are suggesting that it changes; different levels according to where you are in the game. That may be true on easier modes of the game, but on survival mode it was X-01. So I’m now wearing X-01 armour which is the best armour you can get in the game, except for some rather nonsensical add-ons to do with Tesla coils and things, which I’m not going to worry too much about it.

If you’re really desperate to get hold of the X-01 there are other ways of getting it. Using the Automatron add-on is one of them. But this was really very straightforward; you kill a few gunners and you’ve got the X-01 stuff. So we’re now pretty well kitted out. We came this way past South Boston High School and passed the Gwinett Restaurant. Most of the folk we came across here were dead. I don’t know why. There are a lot of raiders and there a lot of the Super Mutants, so maybe they had a big get-together, the as it were! But mostly they were corpses. We did come across a couple of live Super Mutants and then shot them.

And we’re now going to head over to meet the Minutemen near the Castle and we’re going to retake the Castle. And the reason for doing this is that it gets you in pretty well with the Minutemen. It also gets you, eventually, a nice little perk with the Minutemen. And being with Paladin Danse isn’t really a problem here, because although Preston has expressed reservations about the Brotherhood of Steel, they’re not foes in any big way at the moment. I don’t know if it’s possible for them to become foes but the Minutemen are pretty neutral, really, generally speaking. So we’ve had a rest here, we’re in our X-01 hardware. We’re getting the message that we’re carrying too much again. So maybe the Radstag has worn off now. Yes it has. So I will eat some more Radstag. We’re going to need some more grilled Radstag. I’m afraid that Paladin Danse over there is carrying his quota of stuff. And of course visiting Super Mutants sites is one way of getting Radstag but shooting Radstags and grilling them is the other way.

That takes us up to 385 so we’re OK now. We’re going to head over to meet Preston. We probably won’t come across any more challenges at the moment. This is an ex-Super-Mutant encampment and for whatever reason that barricade there doesn’t open at all. There is total absence of Super Mutants Now we’re going to retake the Castle, which has a lot to do with recovering it from some monsters that encroached years ago. it was the Minutemen HQ. It is no longer. So here’s where we’re meant to be. I’ll put the gun away. I wish I could tell you that I have tried all these and I know the best one, but I’ve always gone for the draw-them-out because it seems the most sensible. So I’m going to persevere with that. The slight difficulty here is that with Paladin Danse, who is well-armoured and well-armed, he does actually just tend to charge in so things don’t quite go as you might like. I’m going to pick up all these fragmentation mines.

They’re really a little bit difficult to use in this scenario because Paladin Danse ends up jumping all over the place. We get offered quite a few weapons inside the Castle once we get past this initial wave of Mirelurks. But in fact they turn out to be a bad idea because the flamer can only be used on the Mirelurk eggs. It doesn’t really have much effect on the Mirelurk adults at all. And so you end up having to switch between the flamer and something more effective. Now I’m lucky enough to have this exterminator pistol which does work extremely well on Mirelurks.

So I’m going to arm some Molotovs, of which I’ve got numerous: 18. And we’re going to set to work at at killing Mirelurks and drawing them out, kind of alternately. So there’s one there. There’s one there. I’m going to back up now and let these guys… Firstly that gives me a nice shot from underneath and secondly, these guys want to have a go at shooting Mirelurks. See I can kill them with about 3 shots of this exterminator pistol.

I’ve certainly not had it that easy before. But usually you’ve got something which works pretty well with the Mirelurks. And of course you get a lot of Mirelurk meat this way too, which is handy. Now there are a lot of these Mirelurk hatchlings and they are a complete pain because they are more difficult to kill then the adults. That’s particularly true because you get them in quantity. So that’s why the best thing to do is to throw a… OK got that in one shot but that’s pretty unusual. So we’ve cleared the courtyard and they’re kind of making you think that maybe you’ve done the hard bit. But that isn’t the case! We’re going to have a lovely Mirelurk roast later.

Hard thing to say! Now I don’t think anything will happen until we go inside and start clearing out Mirelurks here. So another Molotov. If you’re low on Molotov you’re in a little bit of trouble here because, like I say, you can’t do a lot of these with the flame that which is just over here by the… Oh, the flamer must appear later. It’s not there now. But he does turn up there eventually [no, it’s in one of the inner rooms!] And this is where the fun starts.

Now your’ll notice that we’ve just got the objective to kill the Mirelurk Queen. So that’s the unpleasant surprise. It may sound a little bit defeatist, but the best strategy for you is to give the thing I really wide Berth because it shoots the most corrosive stuff you could possibly imagine. And it just does dreadful things to power armour. So you’re possibly going to lose a few colleagues doing this, but the best thing is to stay indoors and take pot shots at it when you can, because you actually have the most effective of anyone. However, we’ve lost Paladine Danse. He needs healing already. We can shoot out through these little windows. See, I’m having a ridiculous amount – I mean a ridiculously large amount – for a pistol. You can see the corrosive stuff here that it’s trying to hit me with. Paladin’s become ineffective, but I might be able to sneak around to him if the queen has made her way elsewhere.

There’s the death of the queen. So that was really very easy. The mistake I’ve made in the past… there are quite a few of these Mirelurk hatchlings and they are, like I’ve mentioned, I have a bit tricky to get rid of. So I’ve got to find Paladin – there he is. He fought bravely but he was overcome by the corrosive content. So that’s what you do. Trying to engage this thing more directly is just a mistake, I’ve found. Just staying either inside or on the outside of the castle… Now he says that, and we’re meant to power up the radio transmitter. If you head up those stairs, currently, you will come across some extremely aggressive Mirelurks and Mirelurk hatchlings. So you really do need to be very, very careful at this point. You’re kind of thinking “oh, I’ve done the worst bit” but really you can be completely overcome by these little guys and their mommy’s or daddy’s, whichever we think might be the most…

By the way you can make nice omelettes with Mirelurk eggs. I don’t know why he said “waste of ammo”! Why did you say that? I actually was killed by a rather nasty Mirelurk over this direction, not so long ago. There she is, or he. Oh, that worked. It just shows you how well the Molotovs work in an this kind of defensive use. Defensive-offensive! I might have another egg or 2. I think you can also sell – oh, I’ve got too many. I don’t know if Paladin is going to be able to take any. How much does a Mirelurk egg weigh? They’re a pound each. He can’t take it. I will just run downstairs and stick it the workshop. With all my other junk. I believe because we’re at a proper settlement that everything I put in the workshop should be available to all of the crafting stations like the cooking station and things.

I don’t think there is a cooking station here by default. I’m going to have to create one of those. I’m not entirely convinced that we’ve finished with we’re finished with – no we’re not – Mirelurk eggs. I mean the other guys have been charged with getting rid of these things, but they have not done much about I think you’ll agree. I can hear a Mirelurk now. OK, so we’d done it. We’ve taken over the Castle – Fort Independence – hence the name of the quest, which is to do with you taking independence. Like I say this is the first time I’ve actually had a weapon that’s specifically good at killing Mirelurks. And it is very nice to have it, but previously I’ve done this with other weapons and it’s not terribly difficult when you at the right level.

We’re at level 30 now. Which means we’ve had a chance to kind of bolster your weapon performance in various ways. So I will put these extra things in here. Our next task is to power up this radio transmitter. And it’s really, really easy. I’ll take this Guns &Bullets while I’m standing here. What we need to do if you look at these guys… I thought the flamer was here previously.

But I must have misremembered that. There it is. So there’s the flamer but like I say it’s really not all the good. I can a Mirelurk down there. We’ll find it eventually. Hopefully, it won’t do too much damage. So we’ll go into workshop mode. We can come over here now and look at some of these things in workshop mode which is a great sort of diagnostic tool. So that says the radio transmitter requires 10 and you might… I think that’s actually all you need so in fact you could do this with something which created 10 amps of power – whatever the unit of measure we’re using here.

And there’s a little electrical pylon here. Plus, if you go around outside, you follow this wire, you discover that there is a water station – a water desalination station. You can see it out there. Now the thing is you can just power that as part of the general grid. But I usually find myself having to power it separately because I forget that it’s out there and I then use up too much of my power. But we’ll leave that for the time being. Let’s keep it easy for the moment. So we come to power and we go along our generators and we want at least 10 – generator, large – requires rank 1 science, which happily I’ve got. iI you wanted fusion power, which makes 100 units of electricity, when you’d need a tone of stuff we haven’t got.

But we probably have in our network. We haven’t joined up this new settlement with anything else yet. So what we’ve actually been able to collect locally will let us build one large generator which is all that we need to get going except we haven’t got adequate aluminum or aluminium. So I saw some canisters around – aluminum canister/aluminium canister. So I can create a medium-sized generator. That will do us. I don’t think I can create two of these, but I’ll try that. No I can’t – see, I’m already.. Oh, I can! So that’s actually our problem solved, except that ideally we’d have some power for a recruitment beacon too.

So I’ll put in 3 medium-sized generators. So it’s a bit weird that I can put in 3 of these but I can’t put in one of the big ones. And of course what I need to do is wire them together. So I’ll put a big pylon in here as well. And wire this one to the pylon and this one to the pylon. Et cetera. And wire the pylon to that thing. And then wire – I think I need another pylon over here. I may not. I’ve done it! OK, and of course what I mentioned as well was a recruitment beacon. I don’t want a lot of people but I do want some to do… Already now I’m getting Minutemen quests. But we can just ignore those if we wish. I can’t create a recruitment radio beacon because I do not have any crystals.

So we’ll have to leave that as a separate exercise. So there we have it. We’ve taken over the Castle. We’ve made Preston the happiest man on the planet… Now this is a great source of experience points, if experience points are what you’re after. But in fact it’s is also a fantastic distraction away from the main theme of the game which is to find out what happened to Shaun and to get into them Institute to do that. To do the recruitment beacon we need some crystal. Crystal you might find in alarm clocks or radio transmitters – that kind of thing. But the only radio transmitter we currently have is the one that we are using. So I don’t think we’ll dismantle that. We’re just going to have to play this by ear, I think. I can put some more beds in here when we do get a recruitment beacon then we’ll be able to accommodate folk. I can make 16 of those with what I’ve picked up around here. But that’s a nicely self-contained little activity, this whole thing. So I’m going to call it a day here. I hope you found it useful and enjoyable. If you have then please look out for the HardSkull logo towards the end of the clip and click on that to subscribe.

Or subscribe any other way as you like. See you next time. Bye!.

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