Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull Gaming. I’m William Hudson. We’re down here in the south of the Commonwealth at Somerville Place. It was the farm, the settlement, that I helped – they had some problem, a kidnapping. I can’t recall exactly. Oh, it was raiders, that was it. A while back and of course once we settled the raider problem for them they let us use their facilities. If we look on the map, here he we are down here at Somerville Place and it’s way down in the bottom, almost the bottom corner – not quite the bottom corner. That’s the Glowing Sea [not Dead Sea!] from about here onwards. We’ve got this place connected up to our supplies network via Hangman’s Alley, via Oberland Station and so on.

So it’s a good place for me to use as a base for this part of the game. And I’ve set up a power armour station, around the back of house here. There is the workshop, here’s the power armed station around the corner. So I’ve patch things up as much as I can. I have to confess I’m actually short of aluminium or aluminum in American English. I going to have to do something about that after this quest. Things are pretty well patched up. Not everything is as fixed as he could be. And that’s the problem with upgrading your armour is that the more upmarket, the more you’ upgrade it the more aluminium and other rare metals you need.

So the basic armour’s basically steel. But we’re up on the X-01; I’ve actually got this up to Mark V, which was perhaps a little overzealous because now I find I need a lot of aluminum/aluminium now. I’m hoping that we’ve got enough vision – we don’t have yet – so we’re going to have to keep going for a bit. I’m aiming for this marker that I’ve put on the map.

Rather than following this quest – I’ll show you which quest we’re doing. We finished up last time up at the Memory Den and then at Malden Center, doing these two quests. This one for the Railroad – Memory Interrupted – and we’ve cleared out Malden Center and we just have to report back to Desdemona on that one. But more importantly we’re doing this one called the Glowing Sea. We’ve dug around in Kellogg’s brain a bit and discovered that Coursers don’t use a door to get in and out of the Institute.

They use teleportation and Virgil is about the only person that we know who’s alive who would have any idea of how that is done. So we’re going to try to find him but we’re going to do it in a slightly roundabout way. Rather than going to the point on the map marked by the quest, I’m going to take you on a bit of a tour of the Glowing Sea, which will be a lot more fun. I’m hoping that we get to this point that I’ve marked, eventually – it’s bit uphill here – we’re going to see 2 things in front of us.

Yeah, there’s is one of them. OK, this is what we’re after. I’m sorry about the weather. To the right is a church steeple and that is on the route that you would be taking from, or close to the root that you would be taking from, the marked mission point. I’ll show you that on the map. Where we’re actually supposed to be going to find Virgil is up here. This is the very edge of the Glowing Sea. And as you start going to that point it then shifts, rather confusing and annoyingly, down this direction.

Where we’re looking is about here, where my mouse is. That’s that sunken church. You can go over there; I’m not going to bother doing it and I will tell you why. You can look down into the sunken church and you’ll see maybe a dozen ghouls down there. And you can throw Molotov cocktails down or frag grenades, but there are a huge number of ghouls in that building and you can’t get all them from the roof So it’s a lot of killing and maiming and damage to you for not, in my view, a particularly good outcome. So I’m just going to ignore that. But that’s one way that you can go and of course you can visit that site and a have a great time killing ghouls, if killing ghouls is what you’re after.

But the slightly more fun thing to do – slightly more interesting and challenging – is to come over here to this antenna relay and enable it. Now these occur in quite a few places around the Commonwealth. I know probably about 6. You simply enable it and then it tells you to stand back while it does all this. Then it starts telling you about radio signals that it’s found so if we press O we discover – we already had a number of these, of course – but what is new on here is the Unintelligible Radio Signal and that turns out to be in that church that I just pointed you to.

So if you were to tune into that you would hear nothing at all and as you walk closer to the church that signal may well get louder. Various of these others really, at the moment, aren’t particularly relevant. But if we carry on walking further down south here… I think in fact what we might do is to walk along this road a bit, which we can see in front of us. And then head a bit further south. Now this is the other one that you find, the Skylanes Mayday. And there that’s quite fun because…

By the way, with these insects around here, it really is good to be proactive because… Because the perks I have give me an advantage on the attack, not if I’m being attacked. So I get the sneak attack perk when I launch the attack in a sneaky fashion. Not when something comes charging at me and I have to defend myself. So it’s by far the best to launch the attack. Perhaps the only exception to that is with the Radscorpions which we’re going to see huge numbers of [the don’t turn up this time!] and they have a nasty habit, if you start shooting at them, of popping up next you! Which is a little bit disconcerting! This is what the Mayday is about with the Skylanes.

OK, so there was a bit of fun. There’s no killing to be done here. I got a bobby pin out of that suitcase, whea! And some ammo out of that so that was, I think, worthwhile. Deathclaw over there. You do have to kind of sneak around if you don’t want to kill everything in the vicinity. I’ll try going due south from this point, somewhat carefully, because there are all kinds of hazards. I’m not entirely sure whether that grey lump in the distance is what we’re heading for, because I can’t see it well enough at this stage. That is sort of what I had in mind. Yes, this is the place. So if you’re actually follow the map as usual, if you come to the way that the game has you – see what they said about by the but the quest location moving? It was up here somewhere and now it’s just on the other side of the crater.

We’re in the far left-hand corner of the game model. There isn’t anything more. These things are ridiculously bad for your health, even when you’re in armour which really makes no fantastic sense to me. And Nick, by the way, gets easily killed by them even though he’s entirely mechanical! So it’s a little weird. By the way, if you’re coming into this area you need either really good armour – what I’m wearing is pretty good. You’ll get this Geiger counter going off the whole time but the rads really don’t accumulate very much in this armour. If you’re coming in lesser armour, then you need to be popping Rad-Away a lot. Of course you need a lot of water for that too, so just be warned. So we have these rather strange structures down here and, if you can see it through the mist, something rather strange. So here we are, called on the map Sentinel Site.

And this is actually the furthest extreme of the game. You can’t go any further in this bottom right-hand corner. It’s not a regular shape, the edge of a model, by the way. It kind of zooms around a bit! Sentinel Site Prescott, it said. So here we are and we just open that security door. You’d think it’d be a little bit more secure than just coming in and turning the handle, but never mind! Here we are.

I don’t recall whether there’s much to kill in here. I think there really isn’t. and ghoul The most important thing is that the back story to this is the Children of Atom… He hurt himself, seriously? He did! You remember me telling you that sometimes your companions do stupid things? Nick’s fallen off the walkway. OK. What we’re supposed to be looking for, I think in order to be able to get out now, I’m not entirely sure. I think we can just go out the way we came in, but it’s more fun to wander around. There is another terminal that shuts down the launch sequence. This is it.

So that’s the launch sequence terminated. What I’ll do now is I’ll wander around the site. There are quite a few ghouls to kill further into the tunnels and rooms. There’s also quite a lot to pick up, so I will do all that and I’ll meet you back on the outside in just a short while. So here we are outside. We’d been all through that facility… Nick says ‘arghhh’! What has he done?! I don’t see where he’s gone. I’ll find him in a second. This is where we came out. It’s in a different building to where we went in. We went in at the pyramid which I can’t see from here. I think it’s over there. And the room we were in the beds – you make the right hand turn and you go out. You follow that down. There are a few rooms off it and quite a few ghouls to kill.

Several more dead Children of Atom and then you finally get to a room that’s got a button for a lift. When you press that, the lift – the elevator in American English – appears but it appears with a very heavy weight ghoul in it. So just be prepared for that! So we’re finished here. That was fun, I thought, and a lot more interesting then some of the other sites that are more on a main route. Maybe that was the thing that was the giving Nick a hard time just now. There is the problem that I am only taking really short naps on this trip, so what I might end up doing – I’m heading back to the Sentinel site.

I’m just going to carry on heading in this direction until we hit the edge of the the world, the domain, because there are other interesting things out this way. Yeah, this is about right. We may start getting “you can’t go that way” messages pretty soon. The terrain sometimes lends itself to the message “you can’t go this way”! This really is the worst I’ve seen this weather in the Glowing Sea. These things look liquid, mostly they’re not. Sometimes you get a little spike in radiation. No threats, happily. So we’re going to try going this way now. I don’t know if we’re going to succeed. I don’t really know the shape of this border.

So we’re keeping the edge of the game on the left-hand side here. The edge of the Glowing Sea, for sure. And we end up in these little ravines, which are usually pretty safe places to be, as far as some of the local wildlife are concerned. I’m thinking that it’s about time we came across a pal of mine, a rather large Deathclaw, but I’m not seeing him. Let’s see where we are on the map. So that was him. But like I say, it helps a lot that Nick there has got a good weapon on him. I can’t see a thing in here. Now I’m going to surprise you. This is Virgil’s laboratory, nowhere near where we we’re supposed to go. There are some turrets in here but if you use your VATS you’ll see that they’re just yellow, which means they’re not awfully bothered by you. And this is Virgil.

It’s a fairly lengthy conversation, as usual in this kind of game! So and I’ll go through this and talk to Virgil and tell you what he says on the way out, so I’ll see you in a few seconds. We’re back outside Virgil’s cave. I’ll just show you what has happened on the quests. We’re now in this new quest called Hunters/Hunted and what we’re meant to be doing is going to CIT, which is really MIT, of course. But to the old CIT ruins and seeing if we can pick up a signal from the courser-teleporter communications and then track down a courser and kill him and take his chip.

Easy-peasy! If you’ve got good armour and a good companion, well-armed, it’s not all that difficult. We could at this point, if we wished to – if you have befriended the Brotherhood of Steel and you’ve got Vertibird signal grenades – you could just throw one out here and fly back from this point. It works, I’ve done it before, several times. And you wouldn’t have to spend any more time in the Glowing Sea. But I did promise you a bit of a tour, so we’re going to carry on around in the direction vaguely that I’m currently pointing. And I’m going to show you the sights! You will have to forgive me if I end up going places are not supposed to because I thought I was allowed to get up here.

I’ve come from down here, it’s just my toenails are obviously catching on the rocks! So what I think I’ll do rather than leading you around in kind of a London fog, is carry on in this general direction and meet up with you when I have actually located be next point of interest. So I’ll see you in a short while. We’re going – let me just remind you – we’re going this away. And in fact we want to go up to about here. We’re going to go kind of that way. So I’ll see you at the next point of interest, like I said.

Here we are – the forgotten church – another tourist attraction on this particular trip. There isn’t that much to do in here. I believe the only problem is that there are some small goodies inside and when you come out there will be a Deathclaw waiting for you. So you take’s your pick. If you want the goodies, of which there’s a bunch of ammunition and some guns if you didn’t already have enough of them by now. Now you can hear my friend… Upstairs and Nick actually has a go at trying to take him out for us. I’m not sure how successfully. So I’m going to go and run up… this is the only way out, by the way up this…

He stomped off, why’d he do that? Oh gee, that wasn’t any fun. Where is he? Nick’s going to use up all the ammunition at this distance. There we go. See, it’s a lot more effective, but you can’t tell this to the companions! It’s a lot more effective to wait until they’re a bit closer. My recollection, my geography of this region is a little bit hazy. I am thinking, though, that just a short way down here we’re going to come across something else.

But if I’m misremembering I will go and find it and re-join you. By the way, where we are on the map is… That was the location I set, just as the point I was aiming for and the church was just off the side of it. We started off over here, we’re now on the other side. And we’re heading back towards civilisation at this point. There is a bit further along, I’m not exactly sure where it is – it might be up here – a site which has got lots of killing to do. There’s a behemoth and I think two were three Deathclaws, or something like that. It just really wasn’t worth the hassle so my feeling is if you come across that, you’ve gone too far and you ought to just kind of backtrack and find an easier way out. At least the Bloodbugs are easier to kill then some of the others. I’d better take some Rad-Away. It’s not good to take the Rad-Away because it does affect your overall health quite badly, but we’re almost finished so and I will just top up with various remedies having done that.

Not Rad-X, that is the preventative. Rad-Away is the remover. And all of a sudden I’m famished and tired and irritable and stuff. So I’m going to have some liquid. What I’ll do, I will have some – I’m not thirsty it turns out – I will have some Nuka-Cola Quantum which has a huge amount of caffeine in it and I will eat something. So I’m hoping that we are very shortly going to be at our next location. I think that’s it over there. So, pretty well preserved, huh? It’s called the Abandoned Shack and it’s very interesting – come inside! We go in here and there is a key to something and an evacuation plan and a bobby pin.

Now let’s see – there’s a bed and here’s a trap door – how interesting! And now all we are inside a military installation and it is quite elaborate. It takes some going through in its entirety. The only hostiles in here, if my memory serves me right, are a few synths. If you’re already allied with the Institute when you come here, then they won’t bother you.

Of course it’s not very likely that you’d be here if you were allied to the Institute, because you wouldn’t be out here looking for Virgil. So you do have to kill these synths. I will go off and run around the site and pick up all the goodies and kill the synths. But I’ll leave that as a separate exercise for you to do if you’re playing the game. It is fairly typical of these sorts of sites; very much like Fort Hagen, for example. Do be sure look, if you’re doing it yourself, in all the drawers. There’s tons of purified water hiding inside that one. I will take the typewriter and if you listen to these personal logs, it’s about the fact that the didn’t really – because of budget cutbacks – they didn’t really have enough food down here to keep them alive. So this guy shot himself and various others perished in similar circumstances, I think. So I’ll say goodbye for this episode. Thank you very much for watching and hope you’ve found this useful and enjoyable.

My plan once I come through here and clean out the site, perhaps have a bit of sleep – I think this is another one of those up-market sites in the Glowing Sea where you can have a sleep [no, you can’t!] and maybe even some fresh water. My plan is actually going to be to head back towards Boston. So that’s what we’ll be doing. We’re going to pick up with the CIT quest – the one that I mentioned, that we got from Virgil just now. And that is Hunter/Hunted. I’m also going to probably go and try to find some more aluminum, aluminium in British English and the food packing plants turn out to be a good source of that if you don’t want to buy it. If you don’t mind paying for it, Arturo, I think is his name, in Diamond City – he’s the weapons trader – has aluminium and a bunch of other stuff are for sale. But it is dear. I’m not rich but I haven’t really been spending it, which I think I’d rather carry on doing if I can avoid it. I’ve got almost 10,000 caps. I might eventually buy something nice for myself, I don’t know! So that’s what’s going to be happening next time.

Thanks for watching this time. The HardSkull logo will appear on your screen towards the end of the clip. Click on that if you’d like to subscribe and keep up to date with all of the new episodes and the various playlists I’ve created as well. Hope to see you next time. Bye!.

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