Hello! Welcome back to HardSkull gaming. I’m William Hudson. We’re standing again on Nordhagen Beach. Not because we have anything left particularly to do here but that it actually gives us a gives us a really nice view of the Prydwen. Because we’re now in with the Institute. We’ve become director of the Institute through a simple process of speaking with Father, attending a meeting of being told that he’s dying and that he would like us now to take over the Institute from him, much to the chagrin of all the other senior scientists and directors of the Institute! The quest we’re about to undertake for the Institute is one where we have to actually make enemies of the Brotherhood of Steel.

So that means we will not be visiting the Prydwen again. It also means we will not be visiting our settlement in Boston Airport. We can visit it but it is no longer going to be a settlement of ours. So what Nick Valentine and I have been doing is moving stuff out of that settlement over to Nordhagen Beach where we’re standing now. I did that with taking Rad-X and walking across the inlet here. That’s why we’re here, but I thought it was a nice place to say goodbye to the Brotherhood. They are going to become enemies in this particular quest. And just to show you where we’re in terms of quests – we’re now going to be doing this quest called Mass Fusion which is for the Institute and it’s to recover a piece of technology that they think they need for improving their nuclear power generation. The Institute is running out of power and so this particular piece of equipment is going to help them with that. Other things that we’ve done lately – we’ve done all this talking to the directors and talking with Father and that’s where he announced he was dying and would like us to be director in future.

We’ve also done the Battle of Bunker Hill and you might be a bit surprise that I’ve not bother to record that. But if you’re a member of all 3 factions; the Brotherhood of Steel the Institute and the Railroad, this is really extremely trivial. You turn up, you shoot the courser that is meant to be escorting you at Bunker Hill and that means that you stay friends with both the Railroad and with the Institute. The Brotherhood of Steel doesn’t really care. You go into the basement at Bunker Hill. You help the Railroad fight off the synths that have been sent by the Institute to recover these escaped synths. That’s what the whole thing is about – some escaped synths that the Railroad is trying to help. So you shoot some Brotherhood of Steel and gen-1 synths in that battle. Be careful that the turrets in the basement of Bunker Hill are hostile towards you. I think it’s a bug in the game but it’s always been the case when I’ve played it. So mind that. You don’t have to visit the actual escaped synths. They’re around the back in the basement and but if you do the turrets will be hostile to you there as well.

So you’ve got to shoot the turrets before they shoot you. And eventually have to actually speak with Father and that is very easy if you know what you’re doing. You’re supposed to go to the ruins of the CIT, which it says over here. You go in the front door and you’ll hear that there is some fighting going on between gen-1 synths again and this time Super Mutants. And you can just ignore all that – they have no actual interest in you at this point. You make a sharp right, go to a staircase in the far right hand corner along the wall which leads nowhere but to the roof. And on the roof is Father. You have a chat with him. You have to actually fib to him. You have to say that you were ambushed which is, to a large extent, true because you’ve not spoken – in the way that I do the game – you’ve not spoken to the Railroad, you’ve not spoken to the Brotherhood of Steel.

All you did was to dispose of your courser companion and you do appear to actually be ambushed, so it’s not entirely a lie. It’s a bit of a white lie. So you do that and he reluctantly accepts your explanation and invites you back to this meeting that we’ve just had which is about you being the director now and this quest, called Mass Fusion. Now almost everything else in this list is not absolutely essential. We’re, for the Railroad, doing this Underground Undercover, which is to help some synths escape from the Institute and we need to meet a synth called Z[zed]1-14 or Z[zee]1-14 in American English to do that, but it’s not essential. I’m just try to keep in a good books of the Railroad. But that is entirely optional. It depends on who you want to back, really. Almost everything else here except perhaps the Long Time Coming, which we’re doing for Nick Valentine. If we get that to completion and hang out with Nick for a bit longer we will get the maximum affinity perk with Nick. We’ve got that already with a couple of the other companions.

Let me just show you. You go to Stat and then Perks. You’ll find Cloak and Dagger is the perk we got because we hung out with Deacon until we reached maximum affinity and we’ve got another perk from Preston Garvey, which is why I’ve actually changed from Preston to Nick Valentine. This is the United We Stand perk and it’s quite a nice one from Preston Garvey – “thanks to relationship with Preston you deal 20% more damage and gain 20% damage resistance when facing three or more opponents” which is extremely common in a lot of these scenarios. So those are worth having. Anyway, I’ve talked long enough, so much for the intro. I’m going to fast travel now. We’ve used up all of our Vertibird grenades visiting various sites. We’ve gone and seen Virgil – he’s now a human again down in the Rocky Cave which of course is in the far south east [west!] of the Commonwealth so flying down there was sensible. I have I think exactly 1 Vertibird grenade left. But I actually don’t even really need to use it. So I will see you inside the Institute in just a minute.

So here we’re in the Institute. And every time you wander past one of these people they will try talking to you, which is a little bit annoying. This is Father’s segment, the one above the stores, I think. So that’s Father’s, the director’s quarters. And then the meeting room we’ve been into up there. I don’t know what the rest of the column is! We need to be in the one to the right, which is this one so I might go up there and have a little bit of a nap. You do need to be careful about your health. I have got our health pretty much restored, the but if requires a lot of rest and food and stuff.

So let me just quickly show you that, yeah – we’re in a pretty good state. So the next thing to do actually is to press the button here – it’s marked as our destination and make our way to the teleporter. This is about the only time in the game where you actually have to use the method that you came in by. But that’s just the way that this game works for what will become obvious reasons. So I’ll meet you there in a second. I going to step towards the centre and it’s going to tell me that we’re about to sever all our relationships with the Brotherhood of Steel. And worse than that, they’re about to become an enemy of ours, because as it turns out when we get to Mass Fusion they’re already there and they’re fighting the Institute. So this is why I went out and got all my stuff out of Boston Airport and made sure was a completely happy with how things were left on the Prydwen.

So here we go. See you in a second. The stealthy approach works pretty well up here, otherwise you start to get a Vertibird with a gunner in it circling around. So much for the stealth approach now! Allie’s doing pretty well for a research scientist, if you don’t mind my sayin’. I think that’s it. On one occasion I took rather long do this – I was kind of wandering around and looking for things and a Vertibird appeared and started shooting me on the roof. That was painful. I mean, obviously, if you just jump back inside then it’s not so much of a problem, but…

I’m just going to quickly loot these guys. There’s not much to it. I am largely doing this out of habit by now, because of course we’ve got tons of stuff. I’m still not completely flush with shotgun shells and Stimpaks and things. You do actually pick up useful things by looking around, as well. There isn’t anything much down here. There’s a Nuka-Cola and really that’s it. But upstairs, on 2 levels, there are things that you would want and also things that you will need. The needy bit is in this desk over here. And that constitutes a password and exec ID. And then you’ll notice, I think, that there is a marker over in this control room. The very first time I played this game it took me ages to find out how to get into this control room and then – DOH – the door’s here.

It’s just kind of in a dark corner. So don’t be caught out like I was. So Allie’s already saying the agitator ain’t here but in fact we have a better plan. The better is even marked on the terminal here. We have to unlock this but we have a password. And we’re in. I’m pressing HER just to shorten these interactions. This is the only email you have to look at in this lot, so you can have a look of the others if you like. I don’t know that I really care much about Oslow’s office recording.

I might play it just to… Well… so now we know! OK, so our work here is done. We now need to go down to the reactor level. That’s what email said, where the agitator is installed. Now you may notice we don’t have a companion. Our current companion is Nick and he’s not around. But he will appear, magically, in the lift/elevator in a short while. So let’s go and do that. At the back of the elevator or lift car is the safest because it’s a cylindrical shape and it’s only open at the front. So this minimizes your exposure to shots from the side. And that turns out to be where most of our antagonists are, in this particular scenario. Now you may have noticed on the screen that are optional choice at this point is to restore power to the elevator. Now you can do that and it gets you more experience points and that’s what I am going to. But the other choice is to go through, I believe it’s this door, which you have to unlock, jump downstairs and then jump – you can see through the glass floor here – jump off that balcony and that gets you down to where the elevator/lift is supposed to take you as well.

But if you do this way, there’s lots of looting to do and there are lots of nice things to pick up. And you get some more experience points also for restoring the power. So I’m going to do that and I will meet you downstairs when the dust has settled. Rad-X is actually going come in useful in a short while but we have a pretty healthy stock ourselves. There are more Brotherhood people around somewhere. I think we just have to coax them out. You also will notice if you do this yourself, that some of these guys are Gunners.

So there’s obviously been a little bit of a set-to in here between the Gunners and the Brotherhood of Steel. This is just out to the road. We’ve walked past the front of that before now. A little bit of stuff down here. By the way, there was a safe upstairs, which had some nice stuff in it. You can sleep here if you wish. We could do with more .308 rounds. This terminal – not so interesting. If you turn on the Protectron and the turrets up here they seem to eventually attack you if you end up shooting anybody else. So it’s quite possibly best to leave that alone. Let me say while we’re waiting there are 2 ways of doing this. I think it’s pretty fair to say that there’s a hard way and an easy way.

Both of them involve going in and getting the… come on guys, would you file out? They won’t! Out there! For goodness sake! The hard way is to charge straight into the reactor, which is over there – we discover that the agitator is approximately where I’m aiming. There are lots of rads in there so you want to make sure that you’ve got adequate rad protection. I prefer just to keep his armour on and take some Rad-X and Rad-Away to make up for it. But there are various Hazmat suits around. You can take your armour off and put that on. But like a say there’s a hard way and easy way of doing this.

That’s the hard way I was describing. You just charge in there, grab your beryllium agitator, rush out. But that triggers all the self-defence systems for the reactor. And in here there are a couple of Assaultrons and on this side, there is behind that door you can’t open, is a huge Sentry bot. So it becomes quite entertaining – there are turrets as well, which I can’t quite see just now. So we’re going to do a couple of things .Firstly, we don’t have to really do anything about the Assaultrons if you don’t want to. Reduced… somehow is totally different and it’s also likeness = 1. Is there anything in common between these 2? No. Let’s try serious. So it’s like serious – we’ve got 4 similar but not all of it. So we’re looking for a word that looks a lot like serious, possibly I-O-U-S. There are lots of words with ious. It looks like it’s going to have to be a guess, because serious just isn’t doing it for me. No, no! I’m puzzled. Maybe it starts… let’s try… That was a guess and I’m just glad it worked because it’s a real nuisance.

What you can do – don’t mess with either of these turret or security door controls. They don’t really do anything useful. If you go to the Assaultron controls you can activate the units and if you back out with the Tab key, before you leave the terminal, you can also then shut them down. And it says “returning to charge pad”. Now when you come out of terminal – I’m just tabbing out again, they open up but they’re inactive. If you don’t mind spending a few shotgun shells you can have them for scrap and they’ve got lots of lovely scrap in them.

Just oodles. So I think that’s worth doing. It depends on your view of scrap. I think it’s a fairly fair trade – about 5 shotgun shells each, maybe 6, for all that lovely scrap. Now the thing that you must do if you want do this the easy way – and regrettably it requires you to have master terminal hacking skills – is to come to this terminal and you’ll notice it says “master”.

So this does take a long time to hack. I will give it a go and if I’m really lucky I’ll do it the first time, otherwise I’m just going to edit to the final attempt to show you what’s involved. But typically with all of these them terminal hacking activities if you keep choosing the first password, if you do it enough, it will let you in. It could be 3 or 4 goes, especially if it’s a master level like this one is. But it will eventually let you in. You’ll see it’s actually quite complicated when we get in and I will be very lucky to hack this first time. And by the way, Nick won’t hack it for you. He won’t hack anything above advanced, I think. You can see how long the words are! Beckoningly! Zero, now that’s actually quite handy because it gives us lots to work with. There are lots of letters that we now know we can’t have in those places. So the word can’t start with a B and it can’t end with a Y. Regrettably, observation is not in the slightest bit like beginning beckoningly. I’ll give that a go.

Oh my! That is the first time that that has happened. I’ve only played it in the easy mode once before and it took me 4 or 5 goes, like I was just describing and this time I manage edit first time. So hurrah! What we actually want to do is the Security System Control. And you want to try disabling it. It says “can’t do this but you might be able to for the facilities office” and of course you have no clue where the facilities office is. Open the security door. And magic happens. The magic is that we discover that there might have been a Sentry bot in here but it’s all inaccessible. However, we can see that there is a Sentry bot in here. In fact, there are two. This one’s dead, so of course we can have all his bits. And I can give them to Nick who has turned up at the right time for a change. I wish they would stop moving around when you’re to do stuff with them. Its infuriating. I’ll give him all my current junk.

And I’m going to go and pick up some more junk. This turns out to be the facilities terminal. And all you have to do is disable the security system. Like I say, this is the easy way. It is a cake walk from here. You just go and do your thing of when you come out you just walk out of here. OK, so Allie’s going to look after the radiation for us. In here is another security device and I believe he becomes activated as well if you don’t switch off the system. There’s a Hazmat suit if you want to go that route. There’s also here another terminal and some nice junk. This is a novice terminal so I’m hoping to be able to get into this straight way. Midst, likeness = 1 Giant has got an I in the same place as midst, so that could be it. least not. It looks like the word we’re looking has got a letter I in the second locations. So it’s either kinds or winds. Let’s try winds. So kinds is it. We can open the safe and pick up some nice stuff. Nothing fantastically exciting. I’m not collecting technical documents any more because I have no one to give them to.

Proctor Quinlan, I think it was, was the guy that was having them on the Prydwen but he’s not my friend any more! So we’re not doing that. What we can do is come over to this terminal – I don’t think you’re actually have to visit this terminal. But if you read these emails it says things like what they were doing with this agitator, that kind of stuff. So it’s really all back-story. You can see the marker’s up there. So we’ll go and do that. I’m going to take some Rad-X, in fact there are a couple of jars of it here. Like a say it’s actually pretty easy going at this stage. You want to spend as little time in here as possible. This is seriously high radiation. At this point, if you hadn’t disabled the security systems there would be turrets in that room that would come on, inside the reactor room. The idea of a turret inside a reactor him is a little bit unusual, given the damage that a turret could do to a reactor, but never mind! We won’t go into that.

But now this is where all hell would have broken loose. At this stage he would have been facing two Assaultrons coming down that direction, a Sentry bot coming down this direction, perhaps – I’m not entirely sure – a Protectron coming out of that room. There is another room over here and I don’t think there’s anything terribly exciting in it. We just head upstairs now. What happens, you’ll discover, is that the Brotherhood have made a second attempt and there’s a huge fire-fight going on between the Brotherhood and the Institute gen-1 synths.

So that’s what we’re going to be joining upstairs in a second. I’m just going to have a blood pack. I’ve got quite a few of those and you don’t need liquid when you use a blood pack. I don’t know what Irradiated Blood does. I keep meaning to look it up! It gives you some HP, whether it cures your health at all I don’t know. Those are health points – hang on, what am I talking about? It’s not much moving – looking at the needle here. Now I feel ill! The needle is going up. Oh great, I’ve got an infection. You should be careful about what you eat in this game! I will take some antibiotics to deal with the infection that I have just given myself and I’ll top with some water.

Health is going up slowly. I’m just going to loot in this next room. I’ll see you at the top of the lift, the elevator. So see you in a second. So like Allie says, this is actually entirely optional. You may have seen that on the screen just now. But it’s really pretty trivial. Intruder alert, really? 🙂 I got out the door, hooray! OK, so you see what I mean. It wasn’t hard to do. Nick will keep going on about Eddie Winter’s tapes until you finish that particular quest! So that is a little bit annoying. But what I’m going to do now – I will stop looting. I’m sorry, I’m just a compulsive looter. I’ve already been up here and done these guys. I’m going to head over to Hangman’s Alley. We’re here – at the Mass Fusion building. Hangman’s Alley – we just go due west [not east!] along the south of the river and then Hangman’s Alley’s over there. So go over there, get rid of all this scrap that we’ve picked up and are perhaps mend our armour and then do anything else that requires a settlement workshop.

And then head back to the Institute. So thanks very much for watching. I hope you found this useful and enjoyable. Certainly, like I mentioned, it is worth having the master terminal hacking skill for this bit. If you haven’t got it, you might want to consider doing a few more things before coming her and just getting your perks up. But look out for the HardSkull logo at the end of the clip and click on that to subscribe. Or subscribe any other way you like. See you next time. Bye!.

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