What’s poppin young g’s it’s your boy DZGaming and today I am going to show you where to find the syringer, a rare weapon in fallout 4. Now there are multiple places to get this but the easiest one in my opinion is at Plumber’s Secret. This place is actually unmarked on the map so it is hard to find it, but I will show it on the screen where it is located. Go into this door located on the very right side and once you’re inside the first thing you’ll notice is the plungers on the wall and ceiling. Disable the mine at the top of the stairs and kill the radroach so it doesn’t bother you later.

Follow the trail of plungers and you’ll see that at the end are two wooden boards. These can easily be shot down and doing so will give you the short syringer rifle. Now to craft the actual syringes that go into the weapon, make your way over to chemistry station and go under the tab syringer ammo. There is a total of 9 different syringes to craft each with varying affects. For this video I selected one that has a chance for the target to flee and another that deals damage. As you can see the first syringe was successful as the raider started to run away from me.

However, it was difficult to hit him with the damage syringes, and I even might have hit myself. Overall the syringer is not a very practical weapon as you have to craft most of the ammo which takes up time. It is cool and unique though and a great one to add to a collection of guns. I’d like to give a shoutout to my friend Alex for encouraging me to make this video. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you on Tuesday when far cry primal is released.

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