Hi Everyone, This is Phil from Mitt Gaming. And today I’m going to show you how to have all the concrete you will ever need, forever, in Fallout 4. Bags of cement are the only way to scavenge concrete. And the best place to find those is that the Irish Pride Industries Shipyard. The shipyard is located just a little bit west of Finch farms or northwest of the airport. So once you clear out the shipyard you will find several bags of cement.

Like right up here we have 5 bags located on these racks. And you will find some in yellow bins like this one here that has 4 bags of cement. And in total throughout the plant you will find between 15 to 18 bags of cement. Each bag of cement will give you 5 concrete apiece. but really if you want a lot of concrete you are going to have to buy it and there are 3 great vendors. The first is at Abernathy Farms and it is Connie Abernathy. And she will sell shipments of concrete to you for a very low price and you get 50 concrete per shipment. the second of the concrete vendors is at Greygarden and it is Supervisor Greene. He will also sell you shipments of concrete and its at a discounted price. The final of the three vendors is located at Finch farms and it is Daniel Finch. Daniel Finch will also sell you a discounted shipment of concrete.

Now be aware if you need more concrete than these 3 shipments can provide. What you can also do is have a rest in a bed for a couple days and then come on back and they will have all new concrete shipments ready for you. Do you know any great places to get concrete? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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