Hi there ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the secret Treasure of Cranberry Bog Island. In this video I’ll be going over a spoiler. It’s basically solving a riddle inside the the latest fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor and There’s an island called Cranberry bog island and you have to complete a few different steps in order to unlock a secret treasure now you find this map on Cranberry Island and it’s by a little child named Isira and On the map you see three points of interest marked by a yellow lightning bolt This is to denote that it’s a powered generator of some sort and the goal in order to unlock a secret door that Gets you where you need to go you have to turn on the power for all of the three water pumps that work on this island now the map is Crude and It’s not very helpful. So what I figured I would do is Pop into the sky really quick and show you a bird’s-eye view just so that you can wrap your head around What this island looks like so it’s actually a super small island.

This is the entire size of it It’s not very large and most of you will first arrive on the Island from the North the North is the closest to Far harbor and It’s likely that you’ll swim across from over there somewhere to where this this ship is so let’s take a look at the three main water pumps that you need to turn on. They’re yellow and they’re easy to see one is right there one is right there and One is right there, so I’ll go over each one quickly, so let’s go on over here to pump number two So before you can activate this switch right here You have to fix this electrical outlet right here in in order to reroute the circuit, you need 6 perception or you can repair it with 4 circuitry So if you don’t have enough perception you need to bring 4 circuitry with you Or you can put it up to luck and hopefully that you get it to work Once done head on over to the number two switch and flip it on Heading back up into the sky we realized that pump number two is actually the first one you come across it’s the most northerly pump.

The Second one you come across, the second most northerly pump, is over here in this bog area and this is pump number three Now this one is going to be a little bit different this one has a stat check as well And here it is right here you can bend the pipe back to place if you’ve got seven strength you might want to just pop A whiskey or something to push it up there or if you have five steel you can repair it right here And there of course you can rely on luck and just bang on it, but let’s use our strength Once done head on over to the circuit and flip it on There you go.

You’ve got two of three done There’s only one more and there’s a reason we’re doing this one last because it’s also closest to our target objective So one tip if you’re having a hard time finding them see these red wires They connect all of the different electrical sources throughout the entire Island So if you ever get lost just look up follow the red wires, and you’ll eventually come across what you’re looking for The third and final one is over here with this yellow tower.

Swing on down here And this is number one And you see that you have another electrical issue that you need to rewire This one does an intelligence stat check where you can either rewire it needing only five intelligence or repair the wires With six copper. Of course, you could always try and a kick it to test your luck. Let’s rewire it Once it’s rewired head on over to the switch and flip it Once all three pumps are turned on you can go claim your prize… at least you think you can. So Next to pump one, just look over the little river next to this yellow tarberry farming equipment, and you see this dilapidated Shack you need to go down into This area it’s built on top of these cargo containers in this greenish teal Cargo Container is a locked door Now the nice thing about this is that the lights will light up telling you if you’ve got all of the Generators turned on or not as you can see all three lights are Lit up now before you open it arm yourself.

You’re going to need it *suspense building* Once the deed is done and all the ghouls are dead. You can go in and loot everything That’s in here now obviously it’s not very impressive It’s a small area the real prize is yet to come So take a look in this footlocker and make sure you get the key out of this footlocker the key unlocks a shed Now the note in this shack tells you that the shed is on the eastern dock and if you go due east You’re actually going to get confused you will find a dock but it’s across the water over here on Hunter’s Island This dock right here is on a different island called Hunter’s Island, and yes, there is indeed a shack here, but this isn’t related to The treasure you’re trying to find in reality you need to go Southeast so the best way to find the treasure is not to go due east From the door of the building where you found the key, but instead to go back to this bridge Near to where pump number 1 was and follow it southeast, not due east.

Southeast. So round the corner over the fallen tree. past the dilapidated Vehicle until you find this shack right here. It’s a red shack with a white doorframe and a floating platform Once inside you find your treasure all of these crafting materials in the shelves to the side and then the chests Filled with just in a random assortment of loot. The total number of crafting materials that you can find in this cache is 7 acid, 18 aluminum, 10 Antiseptic, 14 Asbestos, 17 different bags of cement, 10 ballistic fiber, 19 Cloth, 7 cork, 15 duct tape, 6 Fertilizer, 9 fiber optics, 6 fiber glass, 12 Gears, 17 Lead, 18 leather, 4 oil cans, 7 rubber, 32 screws, 15 Springs, and 20 steel.

You could outfit an entire new settlement with the amount of scrap that you get from this one shed alone So there you go ladies and gentlemen, that is the key to discovering the secrets to Cranberry Island bog There are a lot of really cool things about this island. It is swarming with creatures so if you really wanted to get your hunter legendary weapons Oiled up, you could come on down here and have quite a few different creatures It’s a bit of a challenge even at my character’s level which is over level 100 it was challenging to Clear out this place, and there’s a lot of really interesting storyline stuff. You find notes from Little Isira all over The Island and it really adds a touching bit of story to this particular place. Well, there you go I hope you guys are having fun with the latest DLC I sure am and I hope this video was useful. Be sure to subscribe for more fallout 4 and Far Harbor content. Thanks for watching!.

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