If you’re just waking up to find out that your world has just been torn up by a nuclear apocalypse Then Its Important that you know the perks and key aspects for surviving the post-apocalyptic world. The Perk we’ll focus on in this chapter is….Hacker In The Post Apocalyptic World Some Terminals May Have survived the blast and other terminals may have completely broken.

But it’s important to know that some people may have locked their terminals before the blast So its important to know how to hack into these terminals because you never know what kind of secrets lie behind that passcode. But there are some good things that lie behind a locked up terminal like: Turret Controls allowing you to get rid of hostiles Spotlight controls which turning them off makes you more sneaky A possible chance of finding holotapes that may contain good information. And Even Safe Controls which allow you to dig into someones private safe and LOOT IT ALL! (If you’re to lazy to hack the terminal and you just want the safes items, just make sure you’re able to lockpick.) If you’re always having trouble trying to hack a terminal and you’re always getting locked out for long periods of time make sure you have a companion that’s Able to hack into terminals no matter how locked up it is.

HOWEVER! Be aware your companions may have limits to the terminals security So if they won’t be able to hack a terminal with high security…. Chances are they’re too useless or too lazy to hack a terminal So it’s best that you abandon them and try to hack the terminal yourself. But we all know the most important eletronic piece of Vault-Tec is…… Its YOU buddy! You’re a Technological Wonder!.

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