Farmerama Level and New Items Available List

Farmerama Level and New Items Available List by cbroo1<td>3.634.560Almond TreeLevelTitleExperience PointsNew Items Available1Sprout0Lettuce, Wheat2Sapling250Carrot, Hay, Chicken Coop3Seedling700Oats, Sunflower, Apple Tree, Access to the Market4Meadow...

Farmerama Farmer’s Society Quests Guide

Farmerama Farmer?s Society Quests Guide by Shokena Farmer?s Society QuestsRestaurant QuestCountry Fair Trophy QuestFarming Contest Trophy QuestPetting ZooNoah?s ArkFresh EggsFluffy PancakesFlotto MagazineSheep WoolSheep BreedingAngora FrenzyRampant...

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