FarmVille 2 Contacting Support Guide


FarmVille 2 Contacting Support Guide by killumshannon

I?ve had to help MANY people contact support to resolve modest issues, and I?ve decided rather than going through it over and over, I?ll post this to use as a reference.

First, you can contact support via either LIVE CHAT or email. Email takes a long time ? I would highly recommend the LIVE CHAT option. Zynga Tier I support via chat is an excellent resource ? the representatives are friendly, helpful, and able to fix a lot of common issues. I have NEVER had an inconvenient or less-than-stellar experience with Tier I representatives (Tier II is an entirely different issue but OT for this post).


Zynga has a (posted) policy in which your access to live support might be restricted or revoked if you overuse or abuse its availability. DO NOT contact live chat for advice on how to play the game, to complain about an aspect of the game you don?t like, or to offer suggestions.

  1. Check the ?Bug Reporting? and ?Known Issues? sections to see if the problem you have is something Z already knows about. Both of those sections of the forum can be found here:
  2. SEARCH for any forum posts relating to your problem. If you find one, read through it for suggested solutions and try them, or post in the thread you find that you are having the same problem ? add as many details as you can. Search by typing something relevant to your problem in the search bar at the top right of this page:
  3. Try NOT to contact support chat more than once a day, or more than a couple of times a week. Be VERY CAREFUL about contacting them to ask why your problem hasn?t been fixed. If Tier I can?t fix your problem, give them time; it might be frustrating, but you need to be reasonable or you might get access taken away


There are two ways of finding the support page.

  1. If you registered and logged in to this site (the forums) using Facebook Connect, it is as easy as clicking this link:
  2. If you aren?t registered in these forums, or didn?t use Facebook Connect to log in, then go here: and register using Facebook Connect. Once registered, return to this link: and click on the FARMVILLE 2 picture on that page


After following the steps in the last section, you are all logged in and ready to start your support chat. Chat is NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE, though. The link to chat is on the right side of the page, about halfway down.

If chat is NOT available to you at this time. You need to check back again in a few minutes.

Every few minutes, check this link:

When chat IS available, just click on the CHAT LIVE area and begin your chat! That?s all there is to it!

PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE OR OVER-USE YOUR ACCESS TO THIS CONVENIENT FEATURE!!! It is a VERY nice thing to have as most of your problems can be fixed quickly & easily. Losing that because you get mad/frustrated or don?t bother to check for solutions in the forums first would be a shame & make future support needs much harder to obtain. Just like in a brick-and-mortar business, an unruly customer standing there screaming about how mad they are would be asked to leave. Don?t be that person, and enjoy the access that you have because of it!

Finally, please understand that the Tier I support representatives are just that ? SUPPORT REPRESENTATIVES! They aren?t customer service representatives. Complaining to them will do you no good & likely get you removed from access. Being mad at them does you no good. They aren?t the programmers or the executives and they make no decisions over how the game is operated; they are ONLY there to help players with technical problems. They are schlubs like us who deal with people having problems all day long for a living ? you will likely get a LOT better response by being polite & nice than you will being irate at someone who has absolutely NOTHING to do with the problem you?re experiencing.

All that said, the Live Chat availability of Tier I support can be a really GREAT tool to have at your disposal to fix those little problems that come up from time to time. It is MUCH more convenient that having to wait for email support. Use it responsibly, and your overall game experience will be much better.

Happy Farming!!

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