Fashion Story Tips and Tricks

Fashion Story Tips and Tricks by shawa13There are four statistics to pay attention to: gold, experience, popularity, and sociability (1-4 pink stars)Gold ? make...
Fashion Story Beginner's Guide | GuideScroll

Fashion Story Beginner’s Guide

Fashion Story Beginner?s Guide by carollweeDreaming of getting or design your own boutique? Here your chance!Here the help to get through the game without...
Fashion Story Starter's Guide | GuideScroll

Fashion Story Starter’s Guide

Fashion Story Starter?s Guide by 143BlueWelcome to Fashion Story Fashionita! Here in this FABULOUS game you will meet exciting new friends, make and sell...

Fashion Story iOS Goals List

Fashion Story iOS Goals List by DabagHere are the amount of slots you should have at each level. Your level being on the left...

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