Fiesta Online Class Guide


Fiesta Online Class Guide by redassassin

This is the full report on the Total classes in Fiesta well when the game is fully released and the Level max is 150 we will get this Titles.

A. Fighter:

  1. Fighter ( You start by this Class )
  2. Clever Fighter (LV20)
  3. Warrior (LV60)
  4. Gladiator (LV90)
  5. Knight (LV130)

B. Cleric:

  1. Cleric (You start with this class)
  2. High Cleric (LV20)
  3. Paladin (LV60)
  4. Holyknight (LV90)
  5. Guardian(LV130)

C. Archer:

  1. Archer (You start with this class)
  2. Hawk Archer (LV20)
  3. Scout (LV60)
  4. SharpShooter( LV90)
  5. Ranger (LV130)

D. Mage:

  1. Mage ( You start with this character)
  2. Wizmage (LV20)
  3. Enchanter (LV60)
  4. Warlock (LV90)
  5. Wizard (LV130)

Well I hope this will make you Interested more into becoming one of these classes..and hope you like this info.
Class Guide:

A. Fighters:
A small description on fighters are strong, allot of HP and pack a hell of damage on enemies and have the ability to Tank and monster in the game
and fighters can wield 1H wepons for higher defence and 2H wepons for group and quest events and Axes for solo events to deal masive damage.
a Fighter in the game has skill I can consider a BUFF but not in a direct way,
for exp. the Fatal Slash , Bone slicer and Vampire skills, instead UP your stats it downs the enemy stats.

ATK= High
DEF= High
HP= Hight
SP= Low

The Classes:
? Fighter ( 1 ?> 20)
? Clever Fighter ( 20 ?-> 60)
? Warrior (60+)

Wepons :
? 1H Swords
? 2H Swords
? 2H Axe and Helbards

? Shields

B. Clerics:
We all know clerics are support characters and they are always the weekest players in the game, but here in Fiesta they proved us wrong clerics are Verstile and the most popular and most wanted or loved people in the game, they can revive ,heal and buff they have stronger wepons as they advance in the game, in one word a ?One man Army ?.

ATK= Moderate
DEF= Moderate
HP= Moderate
SP= High

? Cleric ( 1 ?-> 20)
? High Cleric (20?->60)
? Paladin (60+)

? Shields

Mages are paper, but they have the strongest attacks in the game, if well
built, mages are the hardest players to build infact the most sensitive you need to concentrate on INT and END and ACU ..mages are essential to defeat strong enemies in quests or grinding but only if that mage is well built then they will be the dedliest characters in the game.

ATK= Verry Low
DEF= Verry Low
Magic= High
HP= Low
SP= High

? Mage ( 0??>20)
? Wiz Mage (20 ??> 60)
? Enchanter ( 60+)

? Wands
? Staves

? Non

Far range lovers would love these characters, they have high Accuracy and great skills, specially the periodic bleeding skill, allot of players avoid beeing Archers do their reputation of being week in defence, the fact is they start promissing and they end up promissing.

ATK= Good
DEF= Acceptable
HP= Good
SP= Acceptable

? Archer ( 1??>20)
? Hawk Archer ( 20 ??>60)
? Scout(60+)


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