Fiesta Online Honeying Kingdom Quest Guide


Fiesta Online Honeying Kingdom Quest Guide by redassassin

? Knowing that Honeying KQ is one of the hardest to accomplish at an early stage gave me a challenge to find a way how to defeat the foul beast with glory and at ease, I give you this studied steps in order to Win KQ and find the reality of its difficulty?

One word before you start, HONEYING KQ is TIME BASED!!!!

First: The Party
?The party is a verry Important part, Before entering the KQ all the 10 players must already be ready to enter, if not atleast 5 Players are, they
Must Consist of the following?
1. Fighter (Main Tank) ~ LV50 Prefered with a +9 Sword
2. Fighter (Secondary Tank) ~ LV 47/50 prefered witha +7/9 Sword & Shield
3. Cleric ( Healer for Main Tank/ PT BUFFer) ~ 47/50
4. Cleric ( Back-up Cleric for Mage) ~ LV47/50
5. Mage ( Main AOE DD?er) ~ LV 49/50 Prefered with a +9 Staff
and the rest of the parties can be DDers and Healers.
Note that the Tanks dont need to have + wepons.

Second: AOE Style Strategy
1. All PT must get a Buff and Main Tank gets a T3 Scroll and Mage T3 Def
2. Main Fighter collects all Monsters that exceed 20~25 Monsters
3. Backed up with Both clerics
4. Fighter should Mock them, and the secondary tank does it too.
5. Mage comes and SPAM MAGIC BURST.
6. Clerics spam Heal Tank and keep an eye on Mage HP.

Thierd: The Monsters
1. Hungrey Boogy( Easy) :Basic Attacks with allot of HP, low DEf.
2. Mushroom (Easy) :Basic Attacks, Low attacks.
3. Fox ( Moderate) : Basic Attacks may cause Tier 2 Critic Down.
4. Ratmen (Moderate): Basic Attacks may cause Deseae.
5. Kebing (Easy) : Easy have basic attacks.
6. Hungrey Wolf ( Hard):Has High attack power MAGES avoid these mob.
7. Bone Imp (Agressive):annoying for it inflicts stun.
8. Procks (Hard) :High Dex and Agi, causes Poison attacks are verry small.
9. Giant Bat (Moderate): High def, Dex and HP
10. Dark Honeyings (Hard) : High Dmg, Low Def, Moderate Dex.
11. Mean Giant Honeying (Boss): Watch out of its AOE attack kills mages instantly.
Note: Never Magic Burst the Giant Honeying.

Fourth: Reaching Mean Giant Honeying
1. If 2 Full Parties are done like this you would win verry easily.
2. T3 HP scolls should be used to Main tank, T3 Def Scroll to MAge
3. Main Cleric Buffs all Parties
4. Main Tank should AOE more monsters 20~ 25 monsters backed with heal.
at the first floor its easy to AOE allot of Monsters.
5. When you reach the second floor go to the right side and go all the way to the Thierd stage, and watch out for the Imps who can cause Stun .
6. at the Last floor it gets difficult you should be here at 18:00 Mins
7. Dont AOE allot of Wolves they do allot of damage to Party specially when things get out of controll, Wolves do 280+ damage to Mage with 200+ Def, and Procks dont help as well.Clerics Spam heal and regen Tanks and Mages, AOE go full force.
8. Take it easy at this point, and Just spam Heal.
9. You Should reach Giant Honeying floor at exactly 7:00~8:00 Min
10. Now First you have to take down all the Dark Honeyings before you go to the Giant synchronized Both parties split and defeat them AOEing.
11. Do the Honeyings at the right side, everyone must go here if only 1 party has This System,then Go to the left side and kill them all with AOE.
12 .Quickly head for Giant Honeying and destroy him ASAP.
13. Giant Honeying will spawn Dark Honeyings , Tank Musnt Take out focus from Giant, and Kill it first but ofcourse using the Mock skill.
14. Now do the Mini ones after Giant is defeated, using AOE and spam heal.
15. you should be already at the final seconds Like 00.00.30sec.
16. Congratulations you have won.

Loosing at the last moment?
1)well, this is mainly caused by some players running when a Dark Honeying attempts to escape the Fighters Mock and starts running after a player and that player drags that mob far away and at the final seconds you lose this KQ due to this act.
I suggest you die in your place so clerics find you and can rez u quickly and make others find that monster easily and attack it.

2) It is also caused from not killing the Dark Honeyings after killing Giant Honeying.
rememebr this is not MD KQ so that you just ignore the last mob.

1. Tier 2 Potions.
2. Enhancment stones Tier 3 (Lix, Xir so far)
3. LV50 Wepons +3

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