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Fiesta Online King, Boss, Chief Locations


Fiesta Online King, Boss, Chief Locations by BlackDuck

King/Hero Mobs: [Spawn time: 6 Hours]
Mutant Wolf (drops: LVL15 Sword, Bow) [Location: Forest of Mist | Grid: D3]
King Boogy (drops: LVL15 Staff, Mace) [Location: Sea of Greed | Grid: F7]
Zombie Mutant (drops: Higher % of Green drops) [Location: Moonlight Tomb (E1), Vine Tomb (H8)]
Kebing?s Dream (drops: Blessed/Lucky Stones T1) [Location: Burning Hill | Grid: B5]
King Werebear (drops: Blessed/Lucky Stones T2) [Location: Goblin Camp | Grid: B1]
Huge Greenky (drops: Higher % of Green drops) [Location: Ancient Elven Woods]
Gaint Stonie (drops: Blessed/Lucky Stones T4) [Location: Forest of Slumber (F5), Concealed Prison 2 (??)]
Mutant Vampire Bat (drops: Blessed/Lucky Stones T3) [Location: Scaffold Excution, Collapsed Prison (E9)]

Cave King Mobs: [Spawn time: 10 Minutes]
lvl 20-36 cave: King Marlone (drops: all lvl 20 weapons, KM ring, Purples 20/35)
lvl 30-46 cave: Zombie King (drops: all lvl 30 weapons, ZK ring, Purples 35)
lvl 40-56 cave: Giant Goblin King (drops: all lvl 40 weapons, GGK ring, Purples 35/55)
lvl 50-66 cave: Toture King (drops: all lvl 50 weapons, TK ring, , Purples 55)
lvl 60-76 cave: Giant Orc Captain (drops: all lvl 60 weapons, GOC ring, Purples 55/75)
lvl 70-86 cave: Giant Harpie (drops: all lvl 70 weapons, Purples 75)
lvl 80-96 cave: Guardian Master (drops: all lvl 80 weapons, Purples 75/95)
lvl 90-106 cave: ??? (drops: all lvl 90 weapons, Purples 95)

Chief Mobs: [Spawn time: 5 min]
Mara (drops: Mara?s Ring) [Location: Sea of Greeds | Grid: D5]
Marlone (drops: Marlone?s Ring) [Location: Burning Hill | Grid: D4/D5]
Were Robo (drops: Robo?s Ring) [Location: Vine Tomb | Grid: C7]
Goblin King (drops: Goblin King?s Ring) [Location: Goblin Camp | Grid: I2]
Legendary Tree (drops: ???) [Location: Ancient Elven Woods , Forest of Slumber]
Skeleton Knight (drops: ???) [Location: Luminous Stone 2]
Ghost Knight (drops: ???) [Location: Concealed Prison 2nd Floor]
Giant Magmaton (drops: ???) [Location: Burning Rock]
Cursed Knight Lord (drops: ???) [Location: Flaming Mine]

(Mini Boss) Elite Mobs: [Spawn time: Random]
Hero Slime (LVL: 2) [Location: Forest of Tides]
Mushroom Fighter (LVL: 4) [Location: Forest of Tides]
King Crab (LVL: 8) [Location: Forest of Tides, Sand Beach]
Angry Wolf (LVL: 11) [Location: Sand Beach]
Huge Phinoflie (LVL: 13) [Location: Echo Cave | Grid: G3]
Ratman Fighter (LVL: 15) [Location: Forest of Mist]
Sharp Boar (LVL: 17) [Location: Forest of Mist]
Boogy Knight (LVL: 17) [Location: Forest of Mist, Sea of Greed]
Cave Kebing (LVL: 21) [Location: Luminous Stone 1]
Jewel Grave Robber (LVL: 22) [Location: Luminous Stone 1]
Kebing Speeder (LVL: 22) [Location: Sea of Greed, Burning Hill, Luminous Stone 1]
Piggy Bat (LVL: 30) [Location: Moonlight Tomb]
Zombie Master (LVL: 34) [Location: Moonlight Tomb]
Lamp ViVi (LVL: 34) [Location: Moonlight Tomb]
Zombie Knight (LVL: 35) [Location: Moonlight Tomb]
Ghost Slime (LVL: 37) [Location: Moonlight Tomb | Grid: E5]
Hob Fighter (LVL: 40) [Location: Vine Tomb]
Werebear Fighter (LVL: 46) [Location: Goblin Camp]
Younger King Coll (LVL: 51) [Location: Collapsed Prison]
Ogre (LVL: 51) [Location: Collapsed Prison]
Older King Coll (LVL: 52) [Location: Collapsed Prison]
Elder King Coll (LVL: 53) [Location: Collapsed Prison]
Karasian Arch Templer (LVL: 59) [Location: Collapsed Prison]
Greenky Big (LVL: 63) [Location: Ancient Elven Woods]
Queen Spider (LVL: 63) [Location: Ancient Elven Woods, Concealed Prison 1st Floor]
Bright Golden Bat (LVL: 64) [Location: Concealed Prison 1st Floor]
Nox Captain (LVL: 64) [Location: Uruga, Concealed Prison 1st Floor, Ancient Elven Woods]
Ratman Elite Knight (LVL: 65) [Location: Concealed Prison 1st Floor]
Giant Elven Tree (LVL: 68) [Location: Ancient Elven Woods]
Flame Slyph (LVL: 72) [Location: Forest of Slumber]
Blue Archon (LVL: 75) [Location: Concealed Prison 2nd Floor, Forest of Slumber]
White Joker Trumpy (LVL: 81) [Location: Forest of Slumber]
Guardian Master (LVL: 91) [Location: Burning Rock]
Cursed Knight Gold (LVL: 94) [Location: Flaming Mine]

KQ items:

Special Drop:
Pets ? Can be mined or droped from mobs.
Rings/Necklaces ? Can be mined or droped from mobs.

King Slime (lvl 5-16)
Tier 1 Stones
Slime Earings
Level 15 weapons +2-6

Mara Pirates (lvl 17-25):
Tier 1 Stones
Mara Earings
Level 20 weapons +2-6

Golden Hill (lvl 20-32):
Tier 2 Stones
Gold/Jewel Earings
Level 30 weapons +2-6

Millenium Robo (lvl 33-45):
Tier 2 Stones
Robo/Dark Earings
Level 40 weapons +2-6

Giant Honeying (lvl 40-50):
Materials: None
Items: Pots, Weapons, Stones

Mini Dragon (lvl 46-60):
Materials: Mineable
Items: Pots, Weapons, Stones, Earings, Rings

Mini Dragon (hardcore)(lvl 46-60):
Materials: Mineable
Items: Pots, Weapons, Stones, Earings, Rings

Spider Assault (lvl 60-70):
Materials Tier 3, 2-7 stacks of 30
Items: Pots, Stones, Scrolls

King Kong Phino (lvl 70-79):
Materials Tier 3, 2-7 stacks of 50
Items: Pots, Stones, Scrolls

Gordon Master (lvl 80-89):
Materials Tier 3, 2-7 stacks of 50
Items: Pots, Stones, Scrolls, Weapon

Rebelion War (lvl 90-99):
Materials Tier 3/4, 2-7 stacks of 50
Items: Pots, Stones, Scrolls

PVP KQ (all of them)
1st: 1 50% exp card (1 hour), 1 50% War rant (1 hour), 1 random Purple
2nd: 1 50% exp card (1 hour)
3rd: 1 50% War Rant (1 hour)


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