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Fiesta Online Weapon Name Guide by KenshinGi

Ok So I have noticed that when players Start off the game Almost none of them know what the names on green Weapons mean. These are the prefixes such as Solar Eclipse, wind, or sun, Many of these exists so I decided to Compile the information on this guide for everyones use.

The Information I present here is posted on other sites I do not take any credit for the Information on it?s own I am merely posting it here in my own words so that all who would like to can enjoy it.

First I will Start off with Green Weapons
First off Green Weapons refer to weapons whose title is inscribed in green these are random drops and can be found at any level. These weapons will usually have stat bonuses on them so are very valuable both when starting off and at higher levels.

Prefixes and their bonuses
AS I mentioned before the diffrent prefixes are more than just to make weapons sound appealing the names refer to individual bonuses that weapons have besides the obvious stat bonuses. Also I will compare these only to NPC weapons and the base stats found on those.

This name Refers to an AIM boost in the weapon, and a very high one at that

These Weapons have a Much Higher Base Dmg than your regular weps

Solar Eclipse
One of the more valuable finds, Weapons with this name Have a 1% Higher Crit boost on them.

These Weapons also boast a Crit Boost, though these have a 2% higher rate than normal

Another powerful weapon. This name refers to a whopping 3% higher Crit Boost than normal weapons.

Raging Wind
One of the more useful weapons, the weapons found with this name have both an AIM and DMG boost on them making them very versatile.

One of the better finds, these weapons have both an AIM and a 2% higher crit boost than normal.

The next few names refer only to mage wands and staffs

These weapons have a Much Higher DMG rate than normal.

Sad Moon
an AIM and DMG boost is available on these named weapons

Shadow Moon~Spirit Moon
Both these names Have an Available DMG boost and Crit rate 2% higher than normal.

Lunar Eclipse
These Weapons boast a 1% higher crit rate than normal.

Boss Named Weapons.
These Weapons are usually the most sought after and are found by Defeating the Corresponding boss monster. ALL of these have an AIM boost higher than normal, A DMG boost higher than normal and 2% higher Crit Rate. With the right Stats On them they are liable to make potent weapons. I will list all the Boss names up to LvL 100 though only weapons up to and including Giant Harpy are currently available.

Mutant Wolf (level 15)
King Boogy (level 15)
King Marlone (level 20)
Zombie King (level 30)
Giant Goblin King (level 40)
Chief Guard AKA Torturer King (level 50)
Giant Orc Captain (level 60)
Giant Harpy (level 70)
Guardian Master (level 80)
Cursed Knight (level 80)
Cursed Knight Lord (level 90)
Shadow Master (level 100)

Armor and Shield Greens
These will all come named Solar Eclipse/ Lunar Eclipse for mages.
The Green Shield will have a 1% higher block rate than Normal
The Green Armor does not have any extra boosts other than the stats.

Blue Weapons and Shields
As you Progress through the game you will end up hearing people mention ?Blues? These are ULTRA RARE items and can be found at the moment only for Lvs 50 and lv 70,

For the Level 50 Weapons
These Weapons are insanely rare so dont get your hopes up after your first try. These Weapons are found as a Random drop in the lvl 50 dungeon Bonds of Darkness and as a Prize for Winning Mean Giant Honeywing KQ. The Lv 70 Weapons are Rumored to be found in both Spider KQ and King Kong Phino KQ.

The stats for these Weapons are usually VERY good and as well the have higher att rate and a higher Crit boost than most weapons. I will List them as best I can Startin with Fighters

Name Level Damage Aim Crit. Rate Att. Rate
Flight of Cainance lv50 DMG 116~199 Aim 261 Crit7% AttckRt 1.0 This is the lvl 50 1H
Beak of Casha lv70 DMG 158~279 Aim 359 Crit7% AttckRt 1.0 This is the lv 70 1H

Gaze of Cainance lv50 DMG 275~391 Aim 234 Crit8% AttckRt 1.2 This is the lv 50 2H
Casha?s Claw lv70 DMG 387~556 Aim 323 Crit8% AttckRt 1.2 This is the lv 70 2H

Rage of Cainance lv50 DMG 431~597 Aim 205 Crit9% AttckRt 1.4 This is the lv 50 Axe
Wing of Casha lv70 DMG 612~853 Aim 284 Crit9% AttckRt 1.4 This is the lv 70 Axe

Caimito lv50 DMG 195~270 Aim 254 Crit7% Attckrt 1.0 This is the lv 50 Mace
Raging Wind lv70 DMG 274~383 Aim 351 Crit7% AttckRt 1.0 This is the lv 70 Mace

Spikes of Caimito lv50 DMG 360~450 Aim 217 Crit9% AttckRt1.2 This is the lv 50 Hammer
Raging Claw lv70 DMG 512~643 Aim 301 Crit9% AttckRt1.2 This is the lv 70 Hammer

Beak of Canary lv50 DMG 163~232 Aim 287 Crit8% AttckRt1.0 This is the lv 50 Bow
Dance of Slyph lv70 DMG 228~329 Aim 396 Crit8% AttckRt1.0 This is the lv 70 Bow

Wing of Canary lv50 DMG 318~414 Aim 273 Crit10% AttckRt1.3 This is the lv 50 X-Bow
Slyph Song lv70 DMG 452~593 Aim 378 Crit10% AttckRt1.3 This is the lv 70 X-Bow

Goblin Staff lv50 DMG 42~53 247~336 Aim 237 Crit7% Attckrt1.3 This is the lv 50 Staff
Hatchling Staff lv70 DMG 59~75 352~482 Aim 329 Crit7% AttckRt1.3 This is the lv 70 Staff

Goblin Wand lv50 DMG 42~56 265~353 212 8% 1.3 This is the lv 50 Wand
Hatchling Wand lv70 DMG 58~78 377~507 294 8% 1.3 This is the lv 70 Wand

As I said before coming Across one of the Weapons is extremely rare nonetheless as seen from bonuses they are truly worth the search.


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