Hey what’s going on guys IHopes Nice here today i’m going to be showing you how to finish a season in Fifa Mobile. so as you can see here my last four games were a lost and all of them are like 0 – 3 or something like that, ok? The reason that’s happening is because i’m done with my points, like as you can see current points: 32 and what I need to pass to the next season is 32 so the thing is you just need to play the game and I know this may be making me lose three energy but it’s still better than like playing for no reason so yeah here the game started and you can just go pause that game menu and forfeit and you don’t lose any point you’re just finishing a game before time even though you lose the game but you don’t need to have more points to pass so here I’ll finish it look go to use the active something, active tactic and just wait until it loads here, skip the game forfeit and I’ll do it just to show you guys that is actually working but you really need to be done with a having the same amount or more points then you’re needed amount of points it’s always going to give you 3 – 0 because that’s how the game is made so let’s wait for it to load and here also, forfeit as you can see here, i just received 1,000 points and mobile master thing for seasons which means i did actually complete it okay i know i’m not i’m not close to Reus because I don’t actually work on him right now because I’m actually working on other stuff for a coming up video and I’ll just keep it as a surprise.

Anyways, here as you can see i’m going against teams that are pretty low just because it’s way easier to beat anyways guys thank you guys for watching if you have enjoyed be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more videos and See you dudes all next time.

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