CAPTIONS ACTIVATED (ENGLISH – Translated with Google) Hi folks, welcome to this guide in Spanish … or also known as … Prime Bahamut will head to be facing, this instance is composed of 4 phases the first two are pusheables, that is, that with a good DPS (Damage per second) can be shortened. The third is the classic adds phase, which will last 3 minutes 52 seconds, no more, no less. And the fourth end with the enrage 14 minutes. As of patch it can be equipped to a level of 130 item but with 120-125 will be more than fine. rocuren have primarily a HP of around about 6500 points it is not mandatory but is recommended. Before beginning note that the first phase will be very similar to the last. It is therefore important to learn it properly and understand what happens to develop ourselves optimally and thus be concentrated each in his role. With all this, I said let’s start The 1st phase will cover 75% to come, Prime Bahamut will have in their arsenal 4 skills with which we must deal. Flare Breath It is a frontal cone attack on the person with more agro, ie the main tank.

It produces considerable damage and is not a big problem if your HP bar is full. Anyway, should not be trusted, this tends to do after certain mechanical and can take you by surprise. Then comes: Mega Flare This attack consists of 3 parts which are produced at the same time, these are: The initial explosions, circular rings AoE and stackeamiento. Between 2-4 people will be surrounded each with a ring, while appear under the feet of three individuals, a circular AoE. Then the first shots will fall into several members except tanks and people with rings these are the initial blasts and can not be dodged.

Other shots immediately impact on AoE (Area of ​​Effect) circulars. To step aside will be enough to avoid them. Meanwhile, people should come together with the rings for moderate damage the latter mechanical failure will result in instant death for any of the selected persons. the next attack is: Flatten It is the quintessential attack for massive damage to a “single target”. The main tank will have to be used carefully manage their skilles. In turn, the healers provide extra defense with Adloquium and Stoneskin and will have to raise your HP bar because after Flatten again, he held a succession 3 Flare Breath. Earth Shaker This is aimed at DPS and Off Tank.

A brand as a vertical line will appear on 2 persons. Bahamut shake his wings to such persons simultaneously creating areas of a pair of cone-shaped damage. This will make it three times, each Earthshaker will be bigger than the other one to leave underfoot, some circles of lava, which, if not get out in time produce two types of status: LEADEN, which is basically a Heavy indispeleable SLUDGE that produces tics and damage. Flare Breath, Megaflare, Flatten and Earthshaker 4 attacks will appear in rotation Bahamut and held in this first phase. Reused Megaflare … We separated during the casting … And people with the rings together FlareBreath And the main tank and healers are prepared for the next Flatten. Become the Earthshakers marks appear. During this attack it is possible to use Cover on a melee DPS not to waste time moving away and even work to nullify the AoE of each Earthshakers.

Skills like Man-to-Wall, Perfect Dodge, Fist of Earth, help much when cured. Because the phases 1 and 2 are “pushables” want to use the Limit Break Melee before the third. 76% come past the phase change. Bahamut will cast the first … Gigaflare By that time you must have Dragon Kick, Storm’s Path, Virus and protected Succor and Sacred Soil. After the explosion will make an appearance The Shadow of Meracydia, the first of the 3 adds that appear at this stage and also the reason why several groups decide tanking raid south end Bahamut and that Bahamut and Meracydia must remain distant or otherwise “linkearán”. Flare Star Bahamut will cast Flare Star Prime and after a few seconds appear a series of 1-4 linkeadas areas which are different ways to one or more players these areas remain quiet until the chains disappear then they begin to crawl and within seconds they will at high speed and crashed and apply a debuff Suffocated Will the selected and those that are in the range of explosion person. During the first rotation will appear a total of 7 fields divided into 3 sets in the second there will be an eighth and a ninth third. Every individual should have 1 or 2 stacks of Suffocated Will the acquisition of a third stop the person sentenced to almost certain death.

This is because later Prime Bahamut will cast an attack, which we’ll talk, and react depending on the amount of debuffs. It remains the same as in the first phase but with a new mechanic:Tower. Prior to stackeamiento appear under the feet of a player a tower that person must stay in this area, otherwise all explode leaving a debuff of “Bleeding” He mechanical failure is not just a wipe but helearlo be quite difficult. To address this, enough that a person stay in the circular area, generally and the right is that he touched the tower is the to stay. Also, it is possible for a person with the ring stackeamiento will leave this tower, just enough that when it is performed together quickly and have no problems.

As data:if several people decide to get together the pillar there will be no any problems, they only receive extra damage. Rage of Bahamut Rotation in this phase ends with Rage of Bahamut and the damage that will be individual and depend on the amount of stack Suffocated Will that each person possesses. – With a stack damage is slight. – Two stacks damage is considerably high and it is possible that some people do not resist this attack. – With three stacks, the damage is too high. Flare Star, Flare Breath, Flatten, Megaflare and Rage of Bahamut be attacks that make up each rotation in this 2nd phase. Then descend the 2nd The Shadow of Meracydia and a new rotation will begin. This dragon made Deadly Drive and should be immediately tanked by Tank Off as it is extremely easy to lose agro. If you have problems with this, mainly I recommend the WHM refrain from curing in the area and even casting something until you have the Off Tank insured. And if not removed in time held Blazing Trail, a series of large circles of fire that clog quite the future.

Spheres appear again … We must always be located in the positions assigned to take the fields that appear in our area. In our case, the healers will be those who will have priority to purchase two stacks Players will then rank them The melee just continue their rotation and in any case will grab the odd nearby area, avoiding as much as possible the two stacks. If it will be some dubious Off tank will be responsible for take notice. In this part shall be careful not to spend the phase to 51% during the casting of Rage of Bahamut. If this occurs, the third The Shadow of Meracydia appear in the next phase. This situation occurs when the DPS is high. It reached 51% again will cast Bahamut Prime Gigaflare to start the .. The way to mitigate the damage of this attack remains the same as above. Following this, we will stand in the center immediately, because come the …

Divebombs Bahamut will be located outside the combat area with new dragon:The Storm of Meracydia or also known as the new Twintania. Then will cast Dive Megaflare while a red mark appears on a random person. Bahamut pierce through the exact point where it appeared this area. During the casting another brand, green, indicating where The Storm of Meracydia will appear. Both dragons were launched with: Megaflare Dive and … Double Dive and at the end we will have a Megaflare forcing us to be apart. These engines are the be associated with Divebombs of turn 5 or Cauterize of Turn 9 but see a little more detail what happens: Both Prime Bahamut as The storm of Meracidya can appear in any of eight fixed positions You can even be given the chance to penetrate both are going through the same line, in any case this is the easiest combination to avoid.

After Gigaflare bahamut will amount, if one had in Focus target, you can see the beginning of the casting, while the red mark appears. Just then Bahamut have already determined where will pass and there will be no way to move it, this completely different brand of cauterizes of Turn 9 where one must take the brand away from the party. Knowing this, after a few seconds, more precisely when the green marce Target Focus bar reaches the beginning of the word “Megaflare” appears, The storm of Meracidya sweep with Double Dive. Dodge Divebombs can be complicated, but it really ends up making things worse are the Megaflare the end and this is where many people die because they are not well separated. Below I will show you three methods to dodge these attacks: The first is the most widespread.

Bahamut is to identify and get out at 90 degrees east, into two groups of 4, in opposite directions while the camera is rotated to identify The Storm of Meracydia in any case must make position adjustments not run across your path. The second method is to identify Bahamut and run to the placing us towards one side. This technique does not require the need to find Meracydia but is risky when Megaflare dodge (if all members opt for this) The third method involves the safespots, so, there are 8 secure areas in which the dragons will not pass. The graphic mark those areas, to identify them on the map, simply recognize foreign patterns that make the combat area. It may be tricky at first but if you look carefully to find and once learned they will realize that it is the surest way to avoid.

Now, let’s see an example, look good pattern that is between 7 and 8. To dodge, enough to recognize where the north is to guide us. Turn the camera to find the Safespot. And we went. After the “Divebombs” adds the first series will appear: The Blood of Meracydia and The Pain of Meracydia be the first to appear. The Blood has a buff that can be Stoneskin against magic or physical shock and can interleave. The Pain has the ability to absorb the Guts of Meracydia to acquire an enormous amount of damage and extra HP. The Guts appear within a few seconds, there will be three. The Pain should be tanked away from reespawn points to avoid being absorbed. Then a couple of The Sin of Meracydia appear in the North and South. It will be paramount remove them as soon as possible or, failing lowering their much of their HP because they castearán simultaneously “Evils Eye” will generate an equivalent damage to the remaining HP of these dragons.

Evils Eye is an invisible frontage at an angle similar to Imdugud of Turn 10 attack, these are directed to 2 member randomly. Followed these attacks, the party should be at the center as Bahamut and The Storm of Meracydia will return to perform the Divebombs Divebombs will shun these same manner as the above. Now begin the second round of adds. The Storm of Meracydia down in the center and use the same attacks that Twintania Plummet will begin with a few seconds and perform a Death Sentence. Meanwhile reappear The Blood of Meracydia and within seconds a couple of Guts of Meracydia. The main objective is to remove as soon as possible because Storm emerge a Sin of Meracydia, which should be the second to die. At this time The Pain of Meracydia will appear and will have 17 seconds to complete remove the dragons weakened due to the following Divebomb performed only by Bahamut. After the Megaflare, Bahamut start for 20 seconds to cast his most powerful attack … Teraflare a readable message appears after 10 seconds This attack will damage approximately 30,000 points and mitigation must remain on Neurolink also when not in range, you can not place him some debuff.

Surviving this attack is not easy, the easiest way is to use the Limit Break Tanke to reduce damage. In this last phase Bahamut will not flatten, and instead use … Akh Morn The Main Tank will linkeado with the person next to him and both share the first impact of Akh Morn to be around 20,000 points, then made an additional blow of minor damage. Each time you make a batch of Bahamut Akh Morn will add an additional impact. There are a total of 5 sets of this attack. Tanks should wisely manage their cooldowns. Megaflare reappears, but now existrá the possibility of appearing in two towers instead of one. This will happen when people are just 2 stackearse. Moreover, at the start of two members they will linkeados Megaflare with Bahamut by green lines …

Soon these individuals will be impacted by damage from a tornado and expelling all those nearby. The task of the tanks will be to take these strings and take away from any member and the method for doing so is similar to the missile homing in Turn 8 Earthshaker returns, but now, lava circles remain twice as long, as the result you will find lava pools set above Earthshaker. The chains will again be remote from the rest of the party Akh Morn, Megaflare, Earth Shaker, Tempest Wing and Flare Breath 5 attacks will be permanently held, the Gigaflare held at the end of the 2nd and 4th-rotation. Now begin the second rotation, led by another set of Akh Morn. In our case the main tank is removed to make room for the Warrior which cause and get this attack Holmgang. The following Megaflare may see coming out 2 towers at the rate of only two people should stackearse. The marks of the Earth Shakers appear …

The Tempest Wings chains can be left to people who played them, although the ideal is that the tanks are always those who possess them during impact. Prior to the third round of Akh Morn Bahamut Prime perform a Gigaflare, so it is essential to be vigilant because the gap between these two attacks is very short. Basically this is all they need to know of this phase Mega Flare … It is worth remembering that you can not take two chains Tempest Wings at once. After the Megaflare is the best time to focus on harm. The marks of the Earth Shakers appear …

Tempest Wing… Flare Breath… Bahamut casts the fourth Akh Morn … Megaflare and Tempest Wing … Each rotation will be further complicated by the quality that we put the Earth Shakers. Earthshaker… Tempest chains appear Wing … Flare Breath… Gigaflare … and Bahamut takes the last akh Morn, in our case, the main Tank gets his Hollowed Ground. Depending on the performance they have taken in the first two phases, will more or less attacks before the enrage. We arrived 14 minutes right in the middle of Bahamut Megaflare so will not make the final Gigaflare to have ended the mechanics. And that concludes this guide … Understanding the mechanics and know what is to come will give them great advantages.

I hope this has been helpful if this was your case, feel free to comment or share this guide. and I recommend you subscribe to my channel to be aware of upcoming videos. Hits! and see you in Heavensward! Vergación! .

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