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Hello from me and a warm welcome from your Maira I welcome you to the level guide Fischer from 15 to 50 I’m not going to do this with a letter or something, we’re going to do it with exactly 6 different fishing spots which I will show you in order to get from level to level up to level 50. Whatever the requirement, I will point out to you during the game, firstly, that our gear is as good as possible.

Only the left side is important for the fisherman because we only need perception and collective skill Right now we don’t need the right side – SP – at Fischer. Whatever we activate, of course, if you have that, 2 things: Buy either I or II from the state company Society Guide to Survival Training I have the two here and get this 50% bonus Don’t forget: always take something with you that will bring you the 3% routine bonus. I have this zoni with me because it’s cheap. What we still need from fishermen is bait You get the bait when you are in the residential areas at the grocer. Do not go to the market board, but go to the grocer It’s on the market square, here at the Baumkronrnmarkt and it has all the bait we actually need That means do not make the mistake and spend money, because here we have all the bait we need for the respective levels.

The Maira is now level 16, it works from level 15. We will now take rat tail, 99 pieces and I’ll show you the first collection point As I said, we have 6 pieces and I always show you when the level jump is and we swap the areas So on to the first place Our first collection point is in the western LaNoscea at the Braubarke lighthouse We are on X: 29.9 and Y: 30 At this point we fish up to level 20 Do not forget! First: eat in! And the guide to survival training II We choose the rat tail We only have 2 commands right now We have the command “fishing” and when we throw it out, you can activate the “illuminated pose”, then it lights up and if the fish bites, you just click on “stop” Now let’s take a look at two fish, how it looks here with the XP Leveling fishermen is not difficult in itself you just have to know the right fishing spots Here we get 1692 XP I need 35,000, so the fishing spot is ideal We caught the fish for the first time and therefore get a bonus we look again what we can find out At this fishing spot with the rat tail for fishing we get a lot of XP and of course also through our 2 buffs that we have inside Fits: Again 1692 You see here we get optimal I continue fishing up to level 20 and when I reach level 20, we’ll see each other again because then we will move on to the next fishing spot.

Ok, so we have reached level 20. Here we only get an information field for artificial bait we will need it later I am still in Survival Training II, which means I only used one At the Zoni I am now at the second. Let’s see: from the XP you will see a difference when you fish HQ like here for example: it has + 403% That means we get more and more with HQ fishing One or two small ones were there, otherwise always nice big ones. Here is also an HQ HQ depends on your gear, so we have to make sure that it is always up to date. What you will still get are the agenda entries – such as for fishing, etc. Before we switch, always look … I know when I look at the map, around the corner, when we port ourselves to Bierhafen, because we have the inventory full of fish now Either you use them now for gourmet desynthesis or what we’re going to watch now: we’re teleporting to the beer harbor and we?re just looking at bills of exchange.

Whether we can give you any free tickets if you have free sheets like I do. Let?s see if we can give out certificates with fish that we have with us We can see from the number whether we have enough with us Let’s look at: Covers> Collectors> Fischer … Mussel head, we need 3 clamshells, we don’t have them. White coral, here he says 3 deliver, unfortunately we only have 2 of 3 Just have a look at the collectibles, if you can maybe give something, maybe even in HQ then we get 4,000 gil again When traders are around you can also watch …

because of Gear and whether you can have something repaired Here under tools, fishing if we need some or rat tails we would have got here too Armor> Collectors / Artisans, here if you look is up to level 20 We need perception, see if we have a higher one here. If we compare … for example, he already has 26 perceptions, which means I’ll take them all with me I’ll have a look here and just buy a little for the Maira to easily upgrade their gear And then we’ll see you soon when I continue fishing at the next collection point and tell you the bait The next spot we’re going to fish I am in the Upper LaNoscea In the oak forest. You see this lake, right here at the trading post! Here on the western side if you stand here It is important that you now have 2 different baits namely artificial bait. Once this brass spoon bait and once this crow fly. and it is from 20, we will fish with it until about 24 and from 24 to 27 we will use the brass spoon bait. We are now going to select the crow fly.

You can also see the level here. Let?s take another look at the XP we get for it I still have bufffood and survival training II It is important that we take care of the XP. Unfortunately it hissed off me, again Here again, if you have some bad bites in the beginning, that’s normal, because we’re close to level 20 on 21 it gets a little better with fishing We see that we get the maximum XP out here, so we have to fish with this bait here. so now let?s take a look at the XP together it’s even in HQ! If we look there we have 8795 But as I said, it was now in HQ: Let’s fish again! We have a path to level 21 of 56,000 We exchanged the gear and see it is all bound We now have 101 collective skills and 85 perceptions So let’s look at it together.

We have 3800. That is completely ok That means, I’m going to fish here until I … I look again the brass spoon has level 23 to 24 I will then switch to the brass spoon. At 24, we’ll see you again soon. Oh nice! OK. So now level 24. I don’t have a rest bonus anymore. I only have the collector’s great moment inside – survival training II – and bufffood Have 53%; at HQ 353% I’ve had quite a few HQs. And works wonderfully We are now level 24. First of all: We now have a new bait. We can use this brass spoon bait from 23. However, it only makes sense from the age of 24 First, we?re going to select it now and secondly: I was getting new gear … We are slowly reaching the limit here: We now have 101 collecting skills and 85 perceptions If we look: the rod is level 15, the top is level 15 So far, that was enough.

Only now is the time when we have to change partially What do we switch to? First, we will change the main hand. If we put that on, we already have 107 collective skills and 89 perceptions Then I got things here in HQ. It was relatively cheap. Bought in the market. Not even a name on it. I think the head was 1200 gil, the top 2000 gil, so it was minimal If we put it all on now we are equal to 115 collective skill and 102 perception.

So that is a value again, with which we can work well. We exchanged bait, which means: let’s go! Continue fishing now up to level 27! and when we are at 27, there is another jump, so that we change the area. So we continue fishing here and see you at level 27 Well, we’ve now reached level 27! So what we wanted to achieve. Optimal! We have not lost any bait. I still have the 3 brass spoon baits. What I’ve done in between: I got Gear. Through this permanent fishing, we bind our whole gear Like here: 100, 100, 100 … We can then convert that. If you want you can still tie everything that’s missing. I don’t do that in my case But I was still a little shopping and Charles crafted us a few things.

and we will put on new gear now because at 27 I really recommend changing the gear Here we also see, like the velvet boat of harvest level 27 … I toggled over to see the attributes here. Attributes are now 115 and 102 if we put on everything we’ve gotten concerned then of course we increase that. I just leave my main hand at the moment. on 122 and 111 With the main hand you can change if it is bound. It has level 20. From 28 or so there is the new one. That means we are now at 122 and 111 and that is optimal It doesn’t really look pretty, but we don’t really care Let’s go now! We are now making a huge leap! We are now level 27 and there is a spot that we will be fishing for a very long time. We are teleporting ourselves to … Horizon! And from there we ride far up north! And then we’ll see each other again So I have arrived. I am in western Thanalan I ported myself to the horizon and then I went through up here This place is a little insider tip.

It is the moon drop cave. Here on X: 17, Y: 6. Pay attention with the level that we have now, the opponents all attack us! I ran up to level 50 with my Pikenier then I changed here next to it just in the fisherman and put on the Coeurl paws We will use the chokobo fly as bait Now we’re going to slowly peep in, it’s important that you’re hidden! normally nothing should happen here because the Coeurl paws are already so strong that you can’t see us.

Here you look for a place, I always stand here on the right hand corner. Then nothing can happen to us. Here we will fish really long; 8 levels long to level 35! I start fishing. Chokobo fly is selected, let’s take a look at the XP here. Apart from the buffs through food and survival training, you really get a lot of XP here. that’s why I fish here for a very long time, these 8 levels, until I’m at level 35. He has torn himself off the hook.

We have about a level here again in which we will have two three misses Look how we can get the heir out. Not yet either. Let’s try it again In terms of gear, we are hard on the limit So we have to be patient here until we have the fish. So if we look now, it gives 6,700 at normal It was the first time, so gives extra XP Let’s look at a second one There’s a lot of XP here.

But we really need a lot: 124,000 We fish through to level 35 and when we reach 35 we will see each other again So, level 35! Here we have added “dune fishing” There is cloud and dune fishing I fished without a rest bonus. Alone only with survival training and buff food. If you look in between, there are almost 10,000 at HQ, the normal 3,200 That’s why we fish here until 35. I don’t know any place where we get more XP. I just fished up to level 35 here One advantage of this is that our gear is fully bound, we have everything at 100% I already have a gear with us, we will put it on the Maira, But first we’ll have a look, where are we going now? We teleport ourselves to the Forgotten Oasis in Southern Thalanan We buy bait there and I’ll show you the next collection point So here at the shopkeeper! It is on X: 15.9 and Y: 29.2 Here we want to look under tools …

At the bottom you will find the sand gel. This is from level 35 We’ll take 99 with us. With that we can do dune fishing. And where that is, I’ll show you now SO, so I’m on the edge here. Wherever these gorges are, here we can fish dunes. What we’re going to do first at level 35 … hi who I have a few more things from Charles, he crafted them We now have 134 collective skills and 113 perceptions with the new things we will increase the value We now have 153 and 130 Then I will now renew my bufffood and now have 153 and 135 and the 3% and now put the sand leech as bait and then we’ll go fishing here you go, you always have to watch when it activates below then we go fishing.

Here we fish up to level 40 Let’s foam another fish right away, how it looks with the XP Because here we have a long way to go to the level: 232,000 It now brings us 6,200 because I fished the first one Let’s see what it brings normally, if it is not the first time we have fished it. and in HQ they will of course become even better fish It brings 8,000 white fish again Here you can get rid of a lot by fishing everything for the first time Now I would like to have a normal one without the 100%. Ah, it’s still in HQ, so the gear works pretty well too. It brings 17,000 plus is a new fish. You can do XP quite well with it, I’ve already made 33,000 XP So it runs wonderfully here. So we fish here up to level 40 You can of course renew the bufft food in between, renew the great hour, look for gear, renew the fishing rod, you have to be a bit flexible But look that the market prices are real This bream is also new: 6,700 Runs wonderfully! So let’s continue fishing and see you at level 40! SO, and now in the level again HQ fishing: we have to be careful: we have already been given the command “natural bait” That means if we fish a fish in HQ and can use it as natural bait, we will try it again Like the one in HQ, it was not suitable for natural bait fishing 11,000 from the XP …

From level 36 we can activate “tear” ie you attach hooks to the leash you can always keep the skill activated in order to maybe get fish that don’t otherwise exist. I am now trying to get an HQ for natural bait fishing. Let’s see if it works Just like here. Gives sagaar a level rise. Here it says, you can fish with the bait. Ie natural bait lights up here now. This command We will try natural baits now We have now had 15,000 from the HQ fish Now we have a look, because if we get a bigger one again, we’ll have that much again.

If you can fish natural bait, use the command too! There are also fish that can only be caught with natural bait that brings – unfortunately was only a small one – 5,700 nevertheless always tries to fish with natural bait I will continue to fish until we are at level 40. So wonderful, level 40! That is what we wanted to achieve Your inventory is slowly becoming full I’ll put all of that on mates when I’m level 50 or if my inventory fills up too quickly, because I still need it for gourmet desynthesis So now we have level 40 and we are changing now us to Eastern Thalanan and then we need the worm as bait, but only for one level. So buy yourself 50 pieces And from level 41 the Mithrill spoon bait.

I’m going to get that, I’m going to get Gear for level 40 too And we’ll see you at the collection point in Eastern Thalanan I have now arrived In Eastern Thalanan, in the firewall on X: 30, Y: 26 Maira rode down as Pikenier lvl 51, then nothing can happen to us then look for a quiet place, like here where you can fish in peace at level 40 we can change the gear We’ll put the main hand on we currently have 153 and 135 including buffood Then we put on the fishing rod and now have 168 and 143 The Xeneral from my FG was so friendly and crafted a few things for me The top is from 41, we exchange it, the rest is from 40 except for the belt, we don’t have it either and now we see the huge difference Now we have 173 and 150 Already a huge difference what happens here from the gear What do we fish first? We are now fishing with this stem worm until we are level 41. and from level 41 we switch to this Mithrill spoon bait Let’s see what is going on here regarding the XP We now need 324k for the level And here we will fish up to level 45 Now let’s see what’s going on here.

The first fish we will get extra XP again because we?re fishing for the first time This one has 7,800. A discus fish, that’s ok. If we calculate this, we are now about 40 fish on the way That is 1,500 I fish now up to 41 And when I am 41, I will put on the top and of course change the bait again And then we’ll see what the other bait can do Yo, level 41! That was relatively quick now because here were a few big fish so with 25,000 and 15,000. So HQ fish We had fish with really good XP We will now put on the top we now have 173 and 150 Arsenal is full, empty something first Then we now have 182 and 154 We now have the latest gear down to our belts Well, how do we go on? We now switch to the Mithrill spoon bait we are now fishing with it up to level 45 With the great moment, I have now used up the last one.

I used about 17. If you still have State Talers, use them for this, unfortunately I don’t have any more I’m just going to continue with Bufffood just takes a little longer Now let’s see what comes out of the bait And that is also in HQ That is 9,400 again You see, here you can take the XP with you again We see us at level 45 OK. Fine, we have reached level 45! even with an HQ fish The next thing we’ll do: First: briefly to my assistant. I will empty my inventory And the second is, from here we teleport directly to Mor Dohna I’ll show you right now in Mor Dohna, where we get the bait Direction 50 is a bit tricky now I’ll show you how we can do that I’m now porting to Mor dohna, I’ll empty my inventory and show you how to go on I’m in Mor Dohna now in this research camp on X: 29.9 and Y: 12.7 3 things: If you need Gear, you can of course also get it from the dealer Secondly: here we take the fireflies as bait They are from level 45.

We take 99 with us. Can you take a stack or two with you? There are exemptions here. If we can redeem allowances, we will. You look under collectors’ orders and write down what is used, like this Isabard perch or mud dump truck I will write it down and if I have any of them I will hand them over There are always several free tickets, you just have to see which one you get there. Where are we going to fish now? in the far north, up here! in singing shards We will ride up here. Don’t forget to ride at a higher level. I make my way and we’ll see you when I’m up there. So, I have arrived at the collection point. I am here in the north and stand at the collection point X: 31.9 and Y: 6.4 I’ve also been hiding in the meantime I also activated snapping Let’s see what we can mess with here! Always keep in mind the whole bill of exchange to hand in! The last 5 levels are quite a lot of XP! So if you can make a license, always take it with you. Just like bufffood etc.

Because at the end it’s a really long, long way This one has 12,000 Ok, of course, because it was my first time fishing. It’s clear. But the fish here should throw off enough XP that we can easily level 50. Of course you can now also find yellowed cards, which of the level, you have to see. Here also fish of the higher levels. Well the alga ball is only 31. The rest is always around 40-50 level. I am now fishing until I can either give me a charter or I have reached level 50. The way to 50, the last 2 levels are really tough and here – as I said – look for a letter! It?s not always all the permits for the fish that we have around here. But I know this fire snail is going and this Ilsabard perch. For example, if we give this snail to HQ, we get over 60,000 and you can give it 3 times, so 9 pieces! I can give it up once for 65,000.

Then I can hand it in again. A total of 3 times – I already have it once. So here we can go a long way with the free letters. Now I’m almost 49! Always look at the certificates if there is a fish that you already have. … snails … you see, here it is again. That means I can give it up again. And here is the Isabard perch. Excellent! I can accept the two. Then I’ll hand them over. Otherwise I did not make the exemptions, but I would suggest them here! If I hand over 3 here, that’s 71,000! You can do a lot with little fish! I will continue fishing now. Go upstairs and fish ready! And hope I’m level 50 in no time. Yup! Level 50! I could even have given a license. From the XP, I have given a few permits and just fished – very simple How long did it take me? I’m still playing … mostly play Charles, including all the streams on Twitch I just fished with Maira for 4 or 5 days usually a few hours, so 3 always It’s about 20 to 30 hours If you level up, write me in the comments below how long it took you.

Or if you find better ways, I’m happy if you write them in there. I hope you like the video There are just a few places that give XP well. Don’t forget Bufffood! Survival Training II if you have it. And the rest bonus. Always take advantage of everything! Then that’s it for today So bye bye Bye from your Maira! Until next time! .

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