Basically, Paladin | FFXIV Stormblood


The knight is like the weirdo in middle school Everyone makes fun of him all day As a result, the man grew up to become Google’s ceo. Own a mansion with its own bowling alley .. What i want to say is Now the Cavaliers can play high damage and have good damage reduction. To be a knight I have to stand here and stare at the fire for 20 hours. Suddenly this old guy in knight armor appeared (Don’t worry I’m wearing a knight outfit) He gave me a stone Then I stared at this stone for another 20 hours Then the man stared at me and said Hehe …

You are cute .. But he left If I had to take the nurse First you have to build a good relationship with This doesn’t mean a wave of pulls to the end … In a sword pose! Not yet hurt At this time you probably … Call your nanny out Have a nice date .. After marrying her =. = Happy wedding But marriage life is very difficult Sometimes you forget to start reducing injuries May lead to discord between husband and wife By the way I will tell you a secret You can use “Shenren Houze” to milk yourself Allow the nurse to continue the virtual area The nurse will love you more and see how happy she is See this icon It ?s called “Holy Realm” Can make you invincible Protect you from dying Although it basically doesn’t work I am invincible <se.1> CD countdown … Inverted T It’s like letting your galloro spirit invincible Mofang, I will drive you invincibly, coo There are two types of knight’s transfiguration.

Like this noble Stark Or this stuffed hamburger Heroic knighthood type .. and this But don’t worry .. I am invincible <se.1> Alright, now let ?s look at the skills Look at this bunch of skills … Let me break down the knight cycle for you 1..2..3 It will be difficult now 1..2..3 (Pioneer Sword: Riot Sword: King Sword) And the dot you hit Haha: “ Holy Spirit ”: haha What does this meter do Do not know You should be right when it doesn’t exist According to scientific research, if you turn your sword like this You can hit higher You see, at least 5 turns It is easy to prove that your damage can also be hit 5 times So you can just play the sword Play: turn: turn sword The virtual area is super high Remember Link ?s skill in turning swords You hold down the B key and release it The knight can do it now Cavaliers 60 to 70 professional mission is a competitive game This is simply …

It’s just so handsome, competitive games are king! If you still do n?t want to be a knight At level 70, you can grow a pair of wings So what does it do? It protects players in the wings So occasionally you might skew it Even: occasionally Actually I use a knight because it uses a sword But there are two new professions that also use swords. New players have more choices. I ?ve switched from knight to dark ride and now I ?m back to knight I seem to have gone through the mind of a black warrior … Anyway, I ?m going to pull the boss So … what are you doing so far Is anyone not ready, I don’t care By the way, now the shield can also block magic damage. Finally can play more role Let me show you, Prime Baha is a good example.

.. (prime) .. “Million nuclear explosion”, parry ~ Flames suck, parry ~ “Million nuclear explosion”, continue parry ~ I am invincible <se.1> .. Hello everyone ~ Say hello to everyone at the end of the video I do n?t know if you guys can see it, I tried this video I joined a little stickman I call him “Little Larry” Extremely cute Hope everyone likes him too (because it took me a long time to put him in the video) But i like the process I want to continue to try Thanks to everyone who supported me at patron With your support, I was able to make such an attempt Do different videos than before I will keep trying ~ If you have good ideas, please leave a comment below Thank you for watching ~ See you in the next video