Beginner’s Guide to FFXIV Classes By: SealMeetsClub


Hello, my in game name is Settrigh Patron, and I’ve been levelling every job in FFXIV to level 60, and thought I’d share my experiences and thoughts on that process here. While I plan on getting them all to 80 someday, I think 60 is an interesting place to start writing these thoughts down for a couple reasons. Firstly, it’s the place where many classes have access to the majority or their class features and what I would refer to as their core identity. It’s also the place where the free trial ends, giving new players an idea of what they’re getting into when they begin the game. From here I’ll be giving my personal thoughts on each class, breaking down their various features and trying to rank them based on my personal understanding and enjoyment.

Criteria: I’m going to be setting out 5 criteria for each class, those being class quests, fun to play, complexity, depth, and levelling, which I’ll define here.

Class Quests: Broken down by class, job, and expansion, this section will focus on my personal enjoyment of the story of each class, characters involved, and also a brief overview of the duties and objectives you’ll have to perform. These will contain minor spoilers, but nothing that gives the game away so to speak.

Fun to Play: How much enjoyment I had playing the class, with brief notes on lower levels that will be covered more in depth in the levelling section, and thoughts on level 50 and level 60 gameplay, as these are the major breakpoints on content at these levels. I will mostly be talking about the things I enjoyed, and breaking down the pieces of the kit I find to miss the mark.

Complexity: Complexity, in my mind, is how many buttons need to be pressed to be effective, management of timers, and just how many things one needs to think about to be managing GCDs effectively. Complexity does not necessarily correlate with difficulty to play. As an example, White Mage is a relatively low complexity class, however it’s depth of play is very high due to the simple DPS vs healing output game they are forced to play due to their role, and the utilization of oGCDs to bypass the need to stop DPSing.

Depth: This to me is how actively involved you have to be to perform an optimal play pattern/rotation. Is it possible to simply mash a muscle memory rotation again and again, or does the changing of a fight and number of enemies force you to change strategies? Depth of play doesn’t necessarily need you to hit a lot of buttons, it’s just where you find yourself mentally engaged rather than tuned out, planning your GCDs to maximize potency.

Levelling: This section will go over two separate ideas that are intertwined, both the actual process of levelling, and the level sync effect on classes that begin at higher levels. This is an important idea to consider, because between levelling roulettes and helping friends level, it’s important to understand which classes work well in low level content, and which don’t feel as strong or like they have their identity. I will also talk about the transition from class to job here, which some classes do well and others really miss the mark on.

This is just a primer for the series, I’ll be posting daily until I’ve completed all the classes. If you have any questions or comments on how I can communicate my thoughts better, feel free to post them down in the comments, and I’ll be starting tomorrow with Black Mage.

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