FFXIV 4.56 1291 Daily Levelling Guide (2019)


And we’re back for another episode in this episode. I’M gon na be showing you what I’m doing on a daily basis to level up my alt classes and, as always, hello from me, free, so free shadow bringers I’m trying to get all of my classes up to level 70. I’Ve already got my new players crafting and gathering guys that are released ages ago, which I will link in the description. This video is aimed at the battle classes. So why do want a daily basis? Is I use the or take advantage of the duty Roulettes? So the ones I mainly do are the 5060 dungeons the leveling the trials. I do the 10 guild test by explain why in a moment – and I do the Alliance raid one on a daily basis as well.

Well, I also think advantage off is the challenge log, which I will link in description, how to unlock it. So with the Chinese log each week you can do a certain number of dungeons Gil tests. I do the 10 guild hats as well, because this is a good amount of bonus exp for 10 Gil test. They take a minute each to do so. It’S worth doing 10 in a week and so on, give up player. Commendations gives you a good bonus and so on and as well with the phase one, you have to do 10 unique face in five different zones. All I literally do I do to eat in the star. As owns you know, just I do them as quickly as possible and I get it done and it’s a good amount of bonus exp and then what I also do to level up on a daily basis. I do the beast drives so right now this is the koujun. I’Ve done my tribes quest for the day with the koujun and the announcer give you good bonus, exp as well.

So if we quickly go through this one, you can see here. Two hundred and eighty-six thousand per quest – and I said I can do this free on the code yen free only an hour. The number zoo is aimed at crafting and gathering if you want to look at them for that purpose so, and the amount of exp scales and goes up depending on your level between 60 and 70 so effectively. That is what I’m doing. People have been asking me, while I’m doing it to level up all my classes to 70. That’S what I’m doing at the moment and with this method I’m getting one or two levels every single day. So I am definitely on target to be all 70 before the expansion. One other thing you can take advantage of is the a fluorite earring.

If you have pre-ordered shadow bringers you’ll get this in the in-game mail, it increases your exp, earn by 30 % for any class below 70, which is a disciple of war magic, any of your bowel classes, also as well. If you’re below level 30, you can do the novice Network, you can do the first few training quests and then you get this a brand new ring and it will increase the ESP urns by 30 % when level 30 or below, and that the both of them Do stack together, so you, though, when I, for example, level up blue mate, I will be using both. So that’s it. That is how I have been leveling up my old classes. That’S why I do on a daily and a weekly basis. So if you like that video then be sure to give it a thumbs up, you can watch around the video over there. You can watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye-Bye