FFXIV 4.58 1315 Main Stat Materia Disposal Guide



And we’re back for another episode in this episode. I’M gon na show you the best way to get rid of your fixed stats material and, as always, hello from e3. So what they announced in the live letter yesterday is the fact that all these materia, so you have the plus strength, plus intelligence, dexterity vit, whatever the ones are of pure stat bonuses, will not only no longer drop in shadow bringers. You won’t be able to meld them; they have will have no value whatsoever. So since yesterday the marker on these material as absolutely crashed, they would be completely dead. Now you can try selling them, but who’s gon na buy them as simple as that. So what I would recommend instead come to central final and come to this location. Here 23:13, you see just north of blackbrush station and you can talk to this guy he’s called bubbly pots.

So what you can do is you can actually try and gamble the materia to get ones which are not start related now. The best way to do this is basically you can trade up to five with him. Okay, so the way it works is you will pretty much, never get a material back, which is the same as the one you put in. So what I would recommend, and also as well, is it’s down to the rank, so you have here like Rank 1 rank to rank 3 and so on. Now, what I recommend is your only trade rank ones together, only rank twos together and freeze together and so on.

You do have a chance to get a higher rank, but if you put a whole bunch of different material together, you also have a chance of getting the lowest rank out. So, for example, if you put in one strength one and then a bunch of other ones, higher rank, you have a chance to get a rank 1 out of it. So I would recommend to match it. So, for example, I’m gon na put one of each and the reason I put one of each is because it will simply give me a maximum chance of getting something which is not these ones I’m putting in so okay. Now I know mathematically, it’s not always possible. Maybe you just don’t have enough unique ones? Okay, so I put one of each confirm.

Yes, so let’s see what he gives me if he gives me a crafting and gathering one great okay. So what did I get? I got a heavens eye material, one that will do it will do so. It took five of the useless material made them into something, maybe that I can sell. So you can yeah there’s no limit on this. It doesn’t cost Gil, it doesn’t cost anything you. It’S literally just like material gambling. I have touched it before in previous videos. So it’s simply. You can increase your odds of getting something useful by simply putting in unique material but, like I said, try your best not to mix ranks. If you don’t have enough of a certain rank, then go with the next one, which is lowest so alright, for example, if I’ve now put in all of my remaining ones, then I’ll put in one to one rank two to get to the five confirm: let’s see What we get now there is a chance as well that this will result in just you getting also junk out of it. But that’s just that’s life. You know that’sthat’s gambling, I guess it.

We’Ve got a heaven sign materials, okay, cool, so I got two of them in a row so yeah, so that is, in my opinion, the best way to bin your stat materia before the expansion. Maybe you’ll make some money back, but one it will clear out your bag space quickly, because you can see how many of these material that’s saved up over the years. So it’s gon na make all of these materia empty and gone and to a site. You might actually make some money from these sales. It depends on your server and so on. I think it’s just a better way to do it, so I would say, get on it. One thing I’ve noticed as well since yesterday, at least on this seven sargatanas the market for those material as odd and crashed literally they’re worth like a hundred. So it’s up to you if you want to play the market and make a profit from this situation, but bubbly pots is and has been your way to go for gambling materia, since literally around we born days is maybe one of these forgotten NPCs, but he is Very useful so, anyway, guys that’s it for this video.

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