FFXIV 5.0 1332 Shadowbringers Clan Hunts Unlock Guide



And we’re back for another episode in this episode: we’re going to be unlocking the clan hunt system in shadow bringers and as always, hello from e3. So we are here in the crystarium at 12:15. Now you have to have finished the first. I believe three quests of the story and then you’ll get the quests nuts to you. So the humor thinks you might be the right person for a questionable job. I hold your your yeah ain’t ya, how’d, those been asking after you. You know how all right clan Nazi man, if you came to, hunt the deadliest marks of the biggest bounties, then you might want to seek him out. You’Ll find him by the board over in the Rookery, though, if I were you, I’d steer clear of the whole nasty business. Bad for oneself is okay, so let’s go so: let’s teleport now to the Rookery, so where’s the closest teleport right there.

So I just wanted to get all this stuff done ASAP because, especially if I’m going to be working towards eventually being all AE by the clan hunt system can really help. Okay, we go you so it could it be. The esteemed warrior herself well met miss well met. You are a very hard woman to track down by all accounts. Yet here you are in the flesh. How very blessed I am to make your acquaintance. I am Hal adore of Clan Nazi. Perhaps you have heard of us, we have certainly heard of you. I can tell that you sorry. I can tell you that a fighter frou-frou I’ll come right to it.

I’M interested in joining the clan apologies. Apologies only a fool would sign up without knowing what they’re about what we’re about and you’ll know fall. I can see that the clan is, how shall I put it? An associative venturous souls who make a living hunting certain notable friends marks as we are, want to call them. Surely you’re familiar with the concept never around his home to marry at living creatures, many of which pose a threat to her good people. Thus did the ex arc, at least I think it was him in his boundless wisdom called upon the settlement council, develop a framework that would encourage motivated hunters to dispatch these menaces, to wit, he brave souls who slay marks shall receive due compensation, not at all a Bad arrangement, a if you’ve a mind to reap the benefits, speak with zile over there she’ll record your name on the ledger and see you registered other clan member.

Okay: let’s do it so may I help you miss so at the urging of Hamad or was it? I see you are plainly more than capable of acquitting yourself well enough in battle, and so I have no grounds to refuse. You now hereby accept the application to join clan. Nutsy check the board to see the latest bills. The TUF of the mark in the battle reward hunt what you like, or nothing at all. However, you may only undertake hunts designated appropriate for a member of your current status or novice. The is this inclined to allow unproven hunters to commit suicide by mark. Once you have achieved a sufficient measure of success, you will be permitted to pursue more dangerous. Fiends do not try to die before then.

Okay, so that’s complete, so clan hunts are now available. So, as a new member of clan nazi, you are permitted to take bills for, for one, not clan marks from the clan hunt board defeat. The monsters described on the bill and you’ll be rewarded with tokens which can be exchanged for exclusive items to exchange tokens for exclusive items, speak with Ivers Isle in the crystherium or ill Froy in Elmore, new quests and to not clan mark bills will become available from Halla door in the crystalline upon reaching level 73, okay, so 73, we can do them all. I guess so, let’s, let’s just take this the number ones – okay, except so what the clan marks are for. Essentially, if you don’t know they can give you just extra bonus.

Exp for hunting specific monsters and it’s part of the way I was able to level up all my classes to 70 because they can’t give quite a lot so see. If I just defeat free of these iron rail, it’s Island, Rail, I’ll, get two hundred. Seventy six thousand ESP and chances are especially now that I’m doing the story I’ll be doing them anyway, and five of them are posted per day per client bill, so yeah, so that’s may see it. That’S how you unlock the client system in shadow bringers so anyway, guys if you like that video be sure to give it a thumbs up. You can watch around the video over there. You can watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye, bye,