FFXIV 5.0 1334 Shadowbringers Crafting Leves Unlock Guide



And we’re back for another episode in this episode. We’Re gon na be unlocking the leaves in shadow bringers and as always, hello from e3. So the leve quests in the Chris Durham are focused on crafters and gatherers. You can’t actually unlock them otherwise, and in order to talk to or recur, you have to have a level 70 craft or gatherer, which obviously is not a problem in my case.

So let’s talk to now so trace woman –, a you’ve that look about you interested in putting those skills of yours to use under taking a leaf or two. It’S all about board all handled under the auspices of the crystal exact worry, not we process and down a mountain of leaves every day register with us, and you can persuade the open ones at your leisure you’ll be compensated to in case you were afraid we were Running some sort of charity so shall I put your name down on the ledger yeah? Why not right, then, if we man, if it was it, let me just finish filling out this remaining bit of paperwork, then you’ll be all set cool, so you may now undertake Chris Durham leaves by speaking with a recorder.

Okay, so that’s how you unlock them guys. So, like I said, you have to be a level seven e, crafter or gatherer come to the Crystal Room. What it can be a little bit confusing about this location is that you don’t teleport to the Rookery. You go to the eighth right and then run up the stairs around the 8th right then run to here it’s a bit weird, but you get used to the city in no time so anyway, guys! That’S it for this video. If you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up, you want to round the video over there. You can watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye, bye,