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FFXIV 5.0 1349 Shared FATEs Guide


And we’re back for another episode in this episode. I wanted to talk to you guys about shared face and, as always a lot from me free, so something they’ve added into shadow bringers is the ability to do shared face, and what that means is is that they are tracked so the more face you do in The new areas, the more you rank up and the more rewards you get the way to check what rewards you’ve unlocked. Is you come to any gemstone trader? You can find them with this sort of red and greenish or bluish white ish symbol, multicolored symbol in one of the towns of the zone.

Well, I recommend to do especially if you’re going through the story is, when you finish, the zone and you’ve unlocked flying in the zone, uncover them up for the bonus. Exp get the shared face to Rank 2, which only involves doing about 6 face initially, so you can see that I’ve now done. Let’S make this a bit bigger. I’Ve now done the six initial face and Lakeland, but it goes higher than just that. So you can see now I need to do even more face if I want to get to rank 3 so, but at Rank 2 the benefit is, is you unlock the riding map?

So if I go to the gemstone trader, talk to her, you can see here. Lakeland riding map – let’s get it done so what the riding maps do is they give? You increased amount, ground, mouth speed in the area, so if I now go around, it just means basically it’s back to the old way as it was in all my other previous zones. I could just run around quickly and so on. So I would say generally as well that potentially don’t bother with rank 3 or higher until you finish the story on your old class leveling, because the last thing you want, especially when you’re still progressing through the main story, is to be so high level that you Hit level 80, but you still have like, maybe a third of the story to go, which is easy to happen, because I’ve seen it happen to some of my friends and then all the XP from the main story, quests from 78 plus effectively is wasted.

If you do that, no, unless you’re prepared to level another class all the way to that level to do them. So that’s my general game plan for now is: I do the story until i unlock flying in the zone or log flying. Please refer to my fo current guides. For that, then I get to rank two with the shared face from the gemstone trader by the riding map. It’S a good way to finish the zone, and then I can just carry on with what I was doing with the story and go into L mag and carry on the main story from there. I’M almost level 73, so yeah so anyway, guys. That’S it for this. Video, if you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up, you can watch around the video over there. You can watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye, bye,

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