FFXIV 5.0 1361 750k Per Hour as a 21+ Miner Gil Guide (2019)


And we’re back for another episode in this episode, I’m going to show you how to make millions of Gil an hour as per always first guild guide, all shadow bringers so and as always, someone from e3 – I guess eyes customary at this point, so what it is. Basically – and I keep revisiting this topic anyone’s been watching me for a while knows this, when a new expansion comes out, okay, everyone’s super excited about doing the new content there in the new areas are doing new dungeons or do new stories, and you do a little Bit now what happens is is that the old content gets neglected, and I have talked about these things before in previous videos.

But yet again you have a lumen which you can get from right here at the top of eastern Faneuil on right now. These argument, on my server at least on sargatanas a four day: sauna go for 1,000 gil, each okay, normal quality as in go for a thousand gil each, and then you have the other main culprit. In this scenario, the effervescent waters OOP okay, so we teleported straight to the F of s of waters which can be found in the upper paths in south shroud on my server right now on sargatanas a for datacenter. These go for about 700 Gil, each simple!

As that, so if you’re a level 20-plus miner, you can get both effervescent waters and element. You really don’t have to be that far in the story to be able to get both and yeah. So, generally guys, when I make the sort of Gil guides I’m trying to identify gaps in the market for useful items, I can make you a quick amount of Gil. But of course what can happen is some people go crazy and they will farm like a thousand of them and just flood the market board. If you want to make a profit, then just sell them in small stacks: don’t flood the market. If you’ve won the market, then simply you’ll drive the price down simple as that, but hopefully this gives you an explanation as to why these things keep happening. It’S just simply a case of it’s. The new content takes priority. Therefore, the old content neglected, I’m sure, there’s a hundred different, similar situations to make a quick profit from the old content, because one thing that Final Fantasy 14 is good at is being able to make sure that old items on be made completely redundant and completely worthless.

Because in some other games, that would actually be the case where everything in the old content would be absolutely worthless. Therefore, there would be no reason to visit the old zones ever so at least 14 doesn’t do that. So I don’t see it necessarily as a bad thing, but, like I said guys, there is a gap in the market right now for effervescent waters and our Yuman house poor. Always they are widely needed. Materials they’re always needed for many. Many many many crafting recipes and to make Gil just see, identify gaps in the market, see what is selling what is very low level, but something for really high amounts of guilt, see if you can gather them quickly, so yeah.

So I just wanted to make this quick video guys I’m still progressing through the story of shadow bringers before I get into my level 70 to 80. Crafting series is my plan actually to make a new players crafting series for 1 to 80 in the near future. So please look forward to it soon, TM, etc, etc, etc. So, anyway, guys, if you like that video be sure to give it a thumbs up, you can watch around the video over there. You watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. My bike.