FFXIV 5.1 1402 Crafting 10 to 20 (Power Level Guide)



And we’re back for another episode in this episode: we’re gon na be power, leveling crafting from level 10 to 20 and, as always, hello from me from mana man, so basically same ordeal, we’re gon na be just using the leaves. We have the leaf allowances, we’re always getting in order to level off as quickly as we can. Unlike the past, there is no link between crafts at Omni. Crafting is now old, it doesn’t exist anymore, so you can level them all separately and all you need to do come to the leave me of your town, depending on which one you want to do so, for example, I’m doing carpenter for the sake of this video. You see what’s available for my level. Okay, this one double 10.

I look for whichever one gives the most experience. That’S it so I’m gon na pick this one and the point of power. Leveling guide is that you have another character that can easily make all this stuff that you need high-quality, so I’ve already got ready in advance many of these rag stone grinding wheels. So let me accept it okay and then I need to go turn it in. So, as with any quest, you can just go run and turn it in and that’s it. So, let’s see how much we get now, I’m not gon na say exactly how many you need, because I’ve got different, ESP items I’ve gathered over the years.

So maybe you need seven maybe need five is under percent down to you, but things you can do to make it easier on yourself or quicker is to use exp items why I’ve got the friendships are clear and things like that or if you have the FC Barf or if you have food, you know anything which can increase your exp, so this one might at this random or issues, will give me three percent and one thing that you can already do at this level is you can start repairing your your own gear? So if you have any spare dog mat, as you can see, some of my gear is broken any time I can just right-click repair and you can just repair them. If you have the great one dark matte as simple as that so yeah, I do you pay attention to that.

Anyway, let’s get on with the video. Let’S turn this in and over. So you can see well we’re about halfway through level 10. So, let’s see and it’s doubled because we’re turning in high quality remember turn in high quality for double the reward and fleet there. You go so one time in and I’m already level 13. So simply, I’ve already got like another 5 available. I’M just gon na keep. Turning in this, one leave all the way into level 20. Now I know that there are different leave quests for 5 level, increments right so 10, 15, 20 and so on, but the reason I’m doing them every 10 levels is because simply you level up so fast. Now is, actually, it would actually be annoying to have to make the level 15 turnings now one thing, you’ll notice as well, that when you accept to leave again the the order which they appear is random. I think this is maybe who knows why?

Maybe it’s to prevent bowing out who knows, but just make sure you select the right one, whichever one you’ve got the mats ready for that gives them the highest reward and that’s it. So I’m just going to repeat that, probably five or six times to get to level 20, so yeah so anyway guys. I said for this video, if you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up. You can watch around the video over there watch late. Its upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye, bye,