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FFXIV 5.2 1416 Gathering Guide Level 70 to 71



And we’re back for another episode in this episode: we’re going to be leveling up or gathering classes from 70 to 71 and as always, hello from Mithrie. So the reason I waited until this point to actually make this video is because, whenever an expansion comes out, there’s always refinements, there’s always changes and so on and who knew that there was gon na. Be this many. You know when it came to crafting and gathering. So we’re gon na be doing this a different way, guys this time we’re gon na focus on gathering. First, we are gon na be gathering the items we need to do. The crafting leaves so the we are not wasting any time. We are not wasting any resources.

The other options you will have for crafting and gathering will be the ish card, restoration and the new qatari bestride for gathering, but I’m focused on my way of doing things the myth free way so, like I said, we are gon na focus on gathering items. We need in order to level up crafting so, for example, we are here in the crystarium. With the leave me, I will link in the description the video to unlock the leaves so talk to him and then take a look at what you need for the trade craft leaves. So, for example, I know that on carpenter I have two options.

One is to just make white oak lumber or another is to make white oak necklaces. So if I look at the crafting list, I can see that to make a lumber, I need y ou logs to make the second item, which is the necklace. Let’S see where is necklace areas I need lumbers, I need bright, linen yarn and I need varnish now. This potentially might be a bit annoying. So, even though it gives more than double the experience than just making pure lumber, I will probably focus on the lumber and then I will do the same thing for all of them really.

So I will look at what I need so for blacksmith. For example, you need a lot of deep gold nuggets, that’s the the main item. So if we look at blacksmith deep called Nagas, what do we need? We need true gold sand, copper or we can just buy from a vendor for basically nothing and then let’s look up armored earth. Where else you need deep gold goldsmith, what do you need stone? Gold? Okay? So, let’s see what is needed for stone gold, so stone golf nuggets again. We need a true gold sand, the same as for blacksmith, so these three classes, smithing, armor and goldsmith – are gon na benefit from us gathering, true gold, sand and then level worker. What do we need on here? We need some molded own skin or we need just the smella Don lever, which is probably what we’ll focus on and what’s the last one, the wristband so again. So this is what I am aiming to do to start this expansion. I am going to be gathering the items. I need to level up my crafters now, of course, what you can also do along the way you can see if any of these leve quests that are available to you or the gatherers will also be a benefit to you in the long run. But one thing that I find is is that the leaves are better used for the crafters and they are for gatherers and the amount of experience you’ll get doing the gathering getting enough.

For example, I need white oak logs for carpenter will be more than enough to cover the leveling up from 70 to 71. So that’s what I’m mostly gon na be doing now, guys for botanist and for miner. I’M gon na be gathering the white oak lumber and the true gold sand. Now fishing will come at the end of the video. So for now I’m gon na show you where to get the white oak lumber so once we’re there, we will continue. Okay, so we made it here to the bright cliff in Colusa, we use a gathering log to find out where we’re going, we hit the ability Arbuckle and we found the trees. We need to gather the white oak logs. So simply I will just throw on a movie. I will just gather these as much as I can until I level up now to give you a perspective on the amount of experience I’m getting. You see, I’m getting 66,000 per item gathered and believe me, it’s only higher if you manage to get high-quality, so you can use your ability to try and get high qualities along the way. I would recommend as well to do this when you’ve finished a story on normal flying in the zone, so you get around quicker, so just keep literally what I’m gon na do is to get to 71.

I’M just gon na keep gathering white oak logs and it will go by quickly. Believe me, like you, can see the sheer amount of experience I’m getting is crazy, remember to put up the sneak ability so that you’re not bothered by the monsters along the way. So next I’m going to show you where to get the what we need for mining, which is the drew gold sand, but once we get there, we will continue. Okay, so just a little bit to the southwest of where we were in slow Road. Also in Colusa, we can find the nodes we need for the true gold sand so as with botanist, I’m gon na just keep gathering these until I hit level 71 because, as you saw, I need a lot of them and a hundred of you know four hundred Forty nine thousand five quality. This really won’t take long so just covering from this one node, I got six hundred thousand experience out 12 million.

So, even if the number twelve million seems like a crazy amount, there’s like maybe twenty or thirty of these nodes and literally I’ll be done so yeah so just gather the true gold sand until you need it along the way. So next we are going to focus on Fisher of how to get Fisher from 70 to 71. So once we get there, we will continue. Okay, so we’re now gon na be leveling up our Fisher from 70 to 71. There’S a lot of videos out there, which basically say do, leaves and buy your way to level 80 in an hour. Of course, I’m if we guys come on like do expect such a scummy way of leveling up gathering and in this series hell. No, we are gon na do it manually because, basically, you get like 500,000 exp per fish anyway. So what you do is come to more talk in our meringue. You need to come to a chance and who is at 27 15, go to purchase items, and then you want to buy one of these desert desert frogs, which is three thousand. You don’t need to buy many, because this is a law which means that it will use that over and over and over again you don’t have to buy them with other baits for just buy one of those. Then you need to head to the river of sand. So once we get there, we will continue.

Okay, so we’ve made it to the river of sand. We’Ve enabled the sneak so that we’re not attacked by any mobs make sure that you equip the fishing tackle. You got and then just cast line, that’s it and if you want to sit, then just do forward slash sit. If you put the you can illuminate the end of your fishing rod as well for the sake of it, but they have made fishing a lot easier in the game. So when you’re ready to reel in a fish, you now actually got like a massive, like this exclamation point indicator to say: you’re ready to pull in a fish that wasn’t there before. But that has been added in as for shadow fingers and that’s it so and just gather as much as you can until you’re 71. Now, fishing traditionally has always been that the easiest class to level input much the whole game DC here. These numbers, the 870,000 394, 236, 236. 710 427,000. So we will be 71 bisher in minutes literally minutes. So, okay, so, let’s see, let’s see what we get for this one and obviously every new fish. You gather you get bonus exp so, like I said, rather than buying your way all the way through save the leaves for the crafting and following myth, breeze crafting series the best in the world, the the sleight is there, anyone who does crafting or gathering better than Myth the myth free other than ash, 10 and probably 20 other people know there.

Isn’T anyone so yeah so literally, that’s all I’m gon na do to get to 71 fisher along the way. So to summarize, i’m gon na be covering white oak logs on botanist. I’M gon na be gathering the true gold sands on minor and i’m gon na just be randomly fishing here to get all of my gatherers to 71. So that’s it! So if you liked the video be sure to subscribe and support the series, if free is back so yeah and i’ll hope, you guys get towards a level 80 crafting and gathering, if you haven’t done it already so anyway, guys that’s it for this episode. Thank you for watching and as always good bye from me and goodbye from me, free bye, guys,

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