FFXIV 5.3 1467 Gunbreaker Quest Level 68


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will make an action Request to break a level 68 rifle in the final Imagination. 14. As usual, I like it than E3, so we are Here at the Nest Garden Foundation, Its uh 12 11, and we need to talk to Uh. Radhavan is called the quest with Dissidents and Defenders Instead of solar feed is As depressing as their surroundings. So uh we are used to the ruffguard Snow and ice, So we sometimes forget about problems Coming to other races. This morning EUR was displaced. I found a cool stone lying on the street Uh when they came to carry him Frozen solid, like a statue.

Poor guy couldn’t be more than 20 summer. We asked the Templars if there was Something we could do and we were told That they have The perfect job for our clients. This time, rhys From Iron Garland works. Founders’ wreath is one of the few. The guardians turned his back empire. He is a hero to many who live under Judgment or I wonder if I have Nice to meet him in person At what rate should we go first to Sky Steel for Iron Industry? Okay, so I got ta be able to Take the Ethernet there Uh manufacturing, OK over there. Let’S talk to Reese Good morning. Take it The bodyguard sent by the Templars. There is someone I would like to protect Newly defected guardian engineer, Basem Happen or occur. I dont take the details. However, He is supervising the installation Cyrillium heating system. We hope that there are uh tragedies Like what happened recently In the broom. Yes, we saw the body Portable Uh, a terrible sight if that

An engineer friend to you Needs a safe passage here Help. Unfortunately, the empire does not take Please desertion, Especially when the man is concerned, One of the most respected personalities, Scholars. Oh, we received a group. Talk Known as Day of the pigeon mother was sent to Look it never accesses ishgard. I must be good. I have heard about them. I offered the prisoners a chance Relieve sentences Through the sincere service of the template by All the accounts. They fight Like men, desperate to earn Their freedom. First of all, he leads them uh, vitiscroll, Ah Messila, a man who does not know his cruelty, the border As a soldier. He reached the rank of ah Former players, but have yet to be relegated. Slaughter. The village of the innocent Civilians just take him bloodshed. Even his guardians were disgusted These barbaric acts, But that didn’t hurt him.

I heard him as a skilled warrior equals Gaius van Pelser himself. During my prison uh, the victor, a quote, Uh anarchy came to insert me. I told him that I wrote in prison before that Serve under Rabid dog like him As you can imagine. He was far from Pleased with my rejection And she tried to convince me to use Magitek collar to manage countless Electric shocks. I will never forget the look in his eyes. He presses this button Time and time again. Of course, not everyone Flexible, like Radovan Many of those fighting for Today, uh looting does so against their will, Although it is not the least deadly in it Angered. If you knew the dangers Evolved, I would call all Something off.

It was too late. Now, though, the airship Already on the way to corfus It must be close, Get to the observatory. We were unable to obtain permission to obtain An imperial dock in the city Or security matters from Meeting point, we’ll move on The rest of the way is on foot once we are Safely inside Governance portals that we can look at Mission as success. Your friend risks his life for For others. I give you my word. He will get to this

Mmm Isgaard safely, listen Sophie, you know, And so do that Adelaide or rough like They are stubborn. But the reason for this is why I want to You have to stay behind. You think you can take the bomb without I am there to heal. You Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful to have You are beside me but against proverbs This distress and I will strive for Protect you And Humini. The engineer See Radovan protecting each other. Remember or you might see me as Nothing but a burden. Well, I’m leaving Uh do not rush to you nothing, but us I have to go I’ll meet you at Airship, landing On top of the tower Uh before we left. There is something I want I’d love to explain.

I didn’t mean what you said to Sophie. You think she is an excellent witch And more than capable of caring itself, But this is the victory of Christ, We’re dealing with a monster uh. It is happy to play with its prey. I can’t let her face some kind of danger See Sophie and I are never separated Since we escaped from the kidnappers of the guardians When I found out what happened to me, My family is close to taking my family Life, And maybe you passed it With Sophie. If Sophie doesn’t stop me, then she is, They also lost loved ones, but they never gave Even hope. Duffy helped me realize it. There is still a place in this world for

I am, In fact her idea was that I had become Personal guard, Although no one will replace Family lost, Help fill this void in my life, and He gave me a reason to continue. If she were here now. She would tell me To stop being emotional Idiot or words like that. Anyway, Soon we get the job done. The sooner you get back here I apologize to her Cool. So now we have to move on to The observatory, So once we get there we’ll continue. Well, we got to the top The observatory. Let’S talk to Reese now You here, allow me to introduce a man Will accompany. We are at your service, Or should it be Katsu Mabulan? Now I am in Echgard what matters? No, nothing! Okay! So shall we start? Let me guess it is Killing his family or something Okay. So I need to go Out of the observatory now.

Fortunately, as a correction of 5.3 I can fly, I mean you can technically jump Anyway, because you don’t die from falling over Harm. If you love to fight but thats Leaner, Well, let’s talk to the elusive Radovan they. They knew that we are coming the bells of the mother of hell. They are. He must have seen that airship of weapons Away. I will say with the engineer: You can go ahead and draw it or An appointment at the camp in the north [, Music, ]. Ok, Allow me some talking about I’m at level 75. For that Hope. This goes down very quickly. I’M a little late. Getting this Done Well, let’s go to the next place because I am He said. It is true Helpful that you can now fly in these, Although I got Updated travel record for this region, so I am, It can enjoy faster download speed. I mean, let’s be honest: uh we have, The chocobo was called up in full, not necessary. Okay, then, O old days, these sheep were grown For wool For crafting many years ago. Okay, let’s go to the observatory, Sorry for the Dragon Cam head. Ah, here we go So some signs stayed at

Even hiding places You have passed and one of them has rhys is Her, but It would have been much worse. I’M sorry, They surprised me. We got this far but Vitus still over there, Or if this is just a bait for what Shuffle in our store. Our best option is avoid Confrontation altogether Mamoula and I will sneak past them while You and we stay behind. We both have a better chance From the mother of a group of four Wonderful. Now we must stick to each other Care. Let me guess He will try to attack Muller. We will meet in this guard.

Call as if you will contact me via the link Bo once Mr. Mamoula As a passenger in ishgard in the meantime we are, It should be low. We don’t want an alert pointing to Existence more than we already have Better to get those wounds. I looked at. Thank God, you are fine Uh. You are Long gone. I came looking for you. I met some bad characters on the way Here, but Soon I sent them to packing. Oh wait. Where is Radovan and that An engineer you are supposed to be escort If the two are together, then me Rather don’t talk to anyone about. It, however, Comes from a place called

Ah, the Bosnian castle was quite Destruction and experience of the guardian mistake Responsible for the project was Midas. Ah Nan Garland and his right hand Kato Nan, Mamula Van opposition to Bosnia. Uh is used As a test ground for probability. The dangerous magitech led him the prison. His fears were proven when The city is destroyed As a strong opportunity. He is planning for Take revenge on him. I did not expect that we have to stop for him. They head west towards Hitchcock. Yes, we must be able to follow Tracks there. No time to waste Okay, so we need to succeed All the way there until we get over there We’ll continue.

Well, we made it Now: let’s examine the destination Even home, to my family Bozjo, I’m free Staying in the back. This takeaway robbed me Everything is dear. Do not deprive me of my revenge, He is defenseless. I swear to protect him. I will not ask you for forgiveness. I ask you to hear my last words. I deserve to know that they were risk takers Subscriber to the experience, But we didn’t expect it. Could He failed the competition I’ve lived catastrophically with endless Agonizing guilt ever since, On that fourth day, I saw the redemption Somehow chance Correct the mistakes made

Why did you ask Mister son of Midas to help with my defection From Gala mode That my knowledge and experience may be use, But I always knew that my sins. The past will return to haunt me. I surrender myself to your judgment. So does the word’gun cutters’ mean nothing [, Music, ]? Well, this is not the match. This is real life. There is lightning here. What have you become My honor as a man killer weapon, Throw everything away. You are the last of us now, So you want us to get it now, sir.

The old goat can’t wait. It is the lion roaring. I want yes, Ah, your head will make a wonderful cup Uh mammal, fine and where Radovan, But we still got a job, are doing And dread thinking what might be? If happened, She didn’t stop him Come for free with or without Radovan. We still have work to do: Let’s get our mammola to ishgard [, Music, ], Okay. So let’s talk to Sophie next, The problem that you encountered Reaching the Dragon Cam head. I am happy. He was surprised that the dribbling walked away Us for the rest of the trip. Yes, uh, really lucky everything is fine. It ends as the saying goes. Uh one thing still bothered me, though It is that Uh, Victor Messila quote is Ruthless, as you say, I doubt the wars From Eshkar deters him from the chase.

His goal That way uh mister Mamoula – it will be soon Guarding, So we can make sure it is safe. Yes, it would be a shame if I were kept From fulfilling my obligations. Hope we meet next time. It should be Good news to share, But we managed to get the mammals here Unharmed, but we lost Radevan scene. It could be anywhere now, But we’ve been through a lot for.

Ah, I can turn my back on him now. If he decides to combine his work Knows where to find me until then Better to look for a restroom Today, I doubt we’ve seen the last of them. Oh, This is completed and the next task In the next episode. It will be level 70 Find gun cutters. Anyway, guys, that’s all for this episode, If you like it, be sure to give it a try, Excellent and so is the subscription And, as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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