FFXIV 5.3 1468 Gunbreaker Quest Level 70


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will Rifle Breaker mission at level 70 in the final Fantasy fourteen And as usual, hello from Miffry. So we are, They are here at the Ishgarden Foundation At 11 am 12 pm. We have to speak to Sufi. The mission is called theft against the deal, So Sophie began to wonder if she was Radovan Will return at any time and we will get Ability continuation. It says straight. Shooting is allowed Rounds with your pistol blade it’s interesting, But for better or worse the hint is He could not be seen anywhere Lately.

Others seem to think that They have given up on their mission, And I went back to the Gala template that I seriously doubt they simply failed, Not an option. But what I want to know is where Radovan I have a good mind to pack and Leave it here, Or at least look for a place warmer than Wait for him. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it Stand to do nothing, Especially in a very cold place like This or I know, Let’s go and ask the Templars if They have no work for us. Well, where did she go? Went there so once we got there, Sufi We’ll continue well, we’ve made the following Sophie: let’s talk to her for that. What took you so long you’ve already been. They were spoken to anyway. There A client looking for protection, but they are. I hope you remain anonymous. We are supposed to meet him at a place.

The two ponds located in are called western Western group apparently think we are, You have nothing to do better. We might go and find out what it is You want. Time must pass for. Radhavan Come back if nothing else. Well, the twins pull off an adorable waist. Nowhere So again, once we get there, I will Go ahead. We’Ve made it here. So, let’s now fight apparently Does she require the start of the battle. In order to Steal against iron, You will be synced to Level 70 and Me Level 395. So my prayers were answered. You start to think that the structure The knights have forgotten about me. I hope That you will forgive me. My need for secrecy is nature. The request is very sensitive, Now see if you’d be cute like To my followers. Oh, I cannot break free So wave whatever you want them to fly. Nothing escapes my network Ah, but it would be a shame for you to He dies without knowing a name.

The spider trapped you, I am victorious uh masala, commander, Hints Uh. When we came to collect those old, goats Or who strayed from the herd. I never. You are expected to find Lion. Goose. Mother should, i say, Light warrior. There is a lot in the mold party who will be. I am happy to introduce you Of course, I suppose Should say a typo on the corpse. I doubt that uh will comfort me Enough. Uh Belos before Any legatus would not be more appropriate. He uh Van Messila has such Gorgeous ring for her. Yes, very close, I can almost taste it. The tail ends here Radivan to the rescue, Predictable Radevan, where bloody hell is. I was Uh, follow the sign. This is how you know They will come after you. For me, for free Prisoner is one four versus one. If you are Not wrong First, you refused my generous offer. Then you

They have the nerve to escape, And now this is what I do with You are Uh. You are not the only one with so little Fool his quiver with us Uh. When we encountered ludai, i Notice that the collars were Wears. I had one myself not long ago this one. It should be your way of maintaining Discipline. Now I took one of them to Mammola who Geometrically Device similar to yours. How ironic it is That the colors you love It can turn on you. I don’t care. I will kill them myself, Worthless, dogs. Of course, I never needed it all Those magic traps to kill the likes You are. I prefer not to leave anything to chance The question of what we just have to settle. This is the old way. Where did you get?

Those artifacts, If you think they can compare to Guardian gun, you are wrong Too wrong As much as I want to fight alone there More than my pride is at stake here. Oh you must rid the world of this monster Once and for all. I am free Sophie, follow my progress, it’s good for me: [, Music, ], OK, Oh [, Music, ], Wow, Wow, [, Music, ], pile [, Music, ], Dirty [, Music, ] Wow, So [, Music, ], ow, Lovely ow, [, Music, ]. I think I’m into this myself. [, Music, ], Wow, [, Music, ]. Ok, Here we are be patient. [ Music ] Is a little harm. Oh [, Music, ]. There is nothing wrong, [, Music ]! This was strange. I don’t know What happened there. You are not supposed to be able to That ability. More than twice. I see how it is. [, Music ] Be fine. Wow Approached to arrive, We are done. This is strange as if I have not seen Delayed in this game for years. I never thought I could see the day that uh Leaving as it is Masala met his match. You are the Best

Cutters, Hexagon from I have ever been to this is what it is. I’M sorry for all the trouble worth Your position. Both of them are through uh you’re. Sorry, I must hope you are stained with blood, and so are you Great? Oh, what you are thinking A threat, Uh Mamoula like this uh, I don’t remember, We left to escort him to Eichgard If they find me wah Mamoula. I know It is the last day watching us who Slope nearby. I thought it was strange that they are Miss. The opportunity to attack us with that It made him seem as if I had deserted.

You are, And I started following them in secret. They discovered that their primary goal was Now the warrior of light. No Kato Mamoula saw you as a scout On the way to Dragon’s Head Camp. I reported it to Vitus, who called From the ambush to see For himself if the information is correct, Strong as it was never going to appear His hand Unless so sure about winning Wait for him to move it. One thing I knew for sure is that, Even if we were three We fought together, we wouldn’t stand up Chance against full force Hints. That was when I decided to consult Fugitive Engineer. We spoke in the early hours In the morning Until we came to an understanding which is

Agreed to create the magitek control the device For the plan to work. I will It must remain hidden Until the last moment, even for Two of you, But I thought you needed time alone for Think about what you would do, What I felt most insulting myself. He was out of work When I realized the identity of Mamula. I am He wanted to confront him over Bosnia, But I needed to get him away from you And Reese had no faith in me killers. All I wanted was for him to be recognized Crimes, But it still gave me a sick feeling of Satisfaction by seeing him on his knees Defeated. This is when I learned that I had been betrayed Ideals to break the gun I have given up my honor.

I want Thank Ali Guide me to the right path. Vivita no remaining members went from The hint is free of his control. It is likely to be treated as such Harpoon from the Empire Anyway. I think it’s safe for Mamula out of hiding right Now. Okay, so now we have to go back to ishgard for that, once we get back to them, We will continue Well we’re back to ishgard. So, Let’s talk to Cato, Allow me to express my gratitude to Conquer allu de Which I understood was highly deserved. Part of Radovan cool idea that includes Magitek collars. I am glad to hear that the device A function stacked together is Intended. Yes, we couldn’t do it without Your help. Our visitors, just paid Three of us, come to our limits In eluday, join the five things. It will end completely differently.

We owe you our lives. All things are considered, the least of me. It can do a remarkably simple thing, in Fact, compared to my next attempt Installation of Eshkar ceramics Heating system Uh. What I may never appreciate Reply enough for my kindness Has been displayed. I have to start somewhere until we meet one more time, So I am free. Since I first met you, You had the power to become a gun Breaker. As the only one from my clan that I ran away from Destruction of the Bosnian Castle. I thought it was the art of a rifle blade Die with me. I have now passed everything I know You, my successor. I feel there is little for you Gains from taking on tasks with us. Yes, we can hardly expect a path, A light to spend valuable time, helping out Us with schemes to make money Before we part, but there is one way The last place I would like To visit you. I heard that great Many adventurers, The mother who was hoping to make a name for themselves. I had to renew the toll. Sorry for the Revenant.

I Imagine there would be a lot To keep us busy, but more than anything else, I hope to find others To whom can I transmit the teachings Clan as soon as people see You are with your rifle blades attached to Your back, I’m sure Uh. It will arouse their curiosity as well come with us, But we have to go to the tall avenger right. Well, you took us immediately. I have to admit that we fought for Find the place without you. Yes, when I first heard about a remote control Settlement, Almost completely populated by adventurers And the like, I expected it to be More clutter and chaos Or fights on card games that spawn Of the thing What a pleasant surprise is being Uh in the old days. It was just Assemble the tents Uh. With a little luck, I will find Candidates for gun cutter training. Although it goes against tradition On my clan to teach strangers, You – and I prove uh to me that we are, they were Excessive. Caution sees the gun, Forged blade for one purpose protection. We feared that his techniques would fall.

In the hands Who seek injustice, sorry, Injustice and conquest like Guardians and elegance before them Centuries of enemies trapped in She taught us all sides For fear and distrust of those uh, not who clan? That’S. Why we kept this so closely The guarded secret, But when you came to save us that day, You acted without a fortress for yourself Safety to help those in need Uh. This is the essence of the gun. Breaker. You have your own ideals uh, to protect Promises, to keep, Get me free and follow your path uh Wherever you advance. That may result. Let’S continue Yes to do. The following Request to break weapon must be fulfilled. First, The following requirements: You should have completed Shadowbringers game. You should have finished a level 80 roll Pursuit Once done. It’S the next gun. Crusher job will be available from radovan is cool for that. When I’m at level 80, We will return to Ridervan to do Level 80 Gunbreaker quest Anyway, guys. That’S all for this episode. If you want to be sure to give it Excellent, and so is the subscription And as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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