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FFXIV 5.3 1469 Pixie Rank 8 (Beast Tribe Quests)


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. I’Ll hit Rank 8 with the Genie Monster leading in Final Fantasy 14 And as always a hello from Miffry so lost. I was doing the daily starting with Fairies, and I are now ranked 7th And a new mission becomes available from The back is torn like this. The quest is called forever and a dream. The setback has a written gratitude.

All over Their requests. Every year will be Synchronized with your current level, So I meet for free how nice of you Thank you visit. We, They were more fun in dreams than we had. Ah, we are really really grateful to us Si and the boys are both When I created les meg for the first time I dreamed that she could become beautiful Place. Everything is treasure and me Couldn’t be more proud of what We have a mother. Unless you ask, then I continue to me: The good jihad fought the devour Nightmares across the world, Including those and the boy by chance Creates And speaking of Van Lard. They have been The desire to talk to. You is a mystery.

If you have a moment, let’s go see At the same time together, I will join you. Well, let’s go to this place. Mag delay! Oh wow. They added uh bushes to her. Well, I guess that’s the look When fully completed. Oh, you are all here, Um boy. I swear you didn’t budge, oh From this place, since I saw you Or have you been staring at La Meg one more time Difficult to explain, but simply Stare at The place makes my heart sing A feeling. I remember from another life Mystery.

There is something I have been through. I want to tell you Uh. She helped me fill my void Heart to find a purpose For my being so I am Forever grateful. Although I stopped seeing Titania Dream about them, She will live in me and I will respect her By watching the meg overlay. Oh born of the souls of children as we are, Are we the pixels? We tend to fall into the moment And our feelings need someone Watch out for us and find us When we lose ourselves. That means We do not mean To be alone, and from now on, we shall see, Because none of us is ever alone one more time.

Ah, free, I know that I have already thanked You are a dozen times, But I want to thank you again for not doing Just release my friend It freed their will too and now everybody They may have fun in their prized garden Dreams. They also mean humans and Fairies are both. I also want to say that I am completely green begrudgingly. Hmm, it is not fair that you have the king All for himself. I have to admit, I feel envious too, The king. Ah, you will join me for free. Ah, yes, I am even a small piece of me. It will be free and cool. Are you going to prey on me Hassan Sorrow? When does everyone land with this mortal Mine? Hear me take care of my mind In the second four more than uh a lot You are visiting Uh from time to time. Yes, please come and See me again. I also Well. I have to be back on my mission and Hey boy.

Can I use some help Want to come with me to see Unni’s mother I’ll, take as much time here as you like? I am free will wait outside when You had enough. Oh, Very cool, It was an interesting story, uh Fairies for sure I liked it. It was fun, It is one of the things I like to be the most honest. Well, we want to go back, So I must say it happened to me that I am It can’t be you Branch or whatever you feel Whenever I feel tired. I know I’ll always be ready with Dream. Revitalization, Because you tell me free before, Have you ever met us? Have you ever imagined that Humans and pixels Share such a contact, or how are you You think people will react If they know we are walking Their dreams? Are full of fun And devour their nightmares? Ah? Well, if people are still Nightmares, Then they will know who is to blame Uh? There are a lot of twitches You may know. If necessary, I will probably order M.A

To earn more from me Ah well, I shouldn’t have kept you any longer. In short, it was a real pleasure. An adventure with you is a secret, But when did you save time? Hope you visit us? After all, He can’t have enough Mmmm helps make dreams, fun and beautiful Fabulous And that’s it And blood. Now with fairies, You have reached the oath With fairies, receive experience, Bonus point upon completion of pixels Daily quest of the monster tribe.

Well, well: okay, That’s it until we’re done with the fairies. We’Ve reached the limit, so I will, but I will They still do the daily newspaper every day, Uh to get my old experience Chapters Well anyway, guys. This is all for Check this episode, if you like it, Give it a thumbs up and subscribe too And, as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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