FFXIV 5.3 1470 Dwarf Rank 5 (Beast Tribe Quests)


And we go back to another episode in . This episode we will be Unlock 5th rank with the dwarf monster The Tribe and Final Fantasy 14 And as usual hello from e3, we have Number of daily newspapers And now we are in fourth place We’re back now with Ronnie in Uh let’s see 9 13 In Lakeland called the mission I heard . You love tanks Ronnie seems to have something A sample you can not be sure of Uh, because of his helmet, but It may flash Let’s work on the most interesting part . Design of rolling tank trailers Cannon is mine and the others are few Things to go over first So come and join us at the usual place . Uh, but that cinema won’t even get you . An opportunity to test our defenses If we blow heads first, that is Why do we need a cannon ? The bigger was uh the better of course .

There is no such Sydney What time is but a little more Located Dexterity sticks it out there Are you afraid that I will steal your secrets? And why did you invite me to this Meet primarily well you want I am You don’t finish building these tanks, right . Our causes may be different but we are Work towards the same goal . Yes plus you have already built Brewery ethanol mill And share a bunch of your secrets With us Ah, you are on the plane now, whether you like or not I have not agreed to become one of the Agents, I come and go as I please And how do I know all these things about Cinematic is not a complicated trick You can build these war machines To attack a comrade Well, we weren’t planning for that but now I mentioned it Um, this is a load, uh, nonsense and you know him If we want to conquer comrade mother .

It’ll be as easy as grabbing the helmet Off to the child We don’t need tanks, nor do we I just wanna help People this is not true Um, this is all noble, I’m sure but I am only here for one thing His hammer . If I lay my hands it means that I have To help with your foolish plan Let this be rich, the wealthy comes from . You are You might even have to wait Explanation of the law ended . Before you start judging This is after some time Uh, you mean Sydney says it won’t work Away even if they were injured Oh, what is his beard what we have Ourselves in Uh, why do you hurt them when you kill Frankly they will not be .

Waking up again if we blew them to Small pieces of gunpowder I have to do the trick but I don’t trust You are Uh, don’t blow up yourselves . Bears are in the process Uh, Miffy, I have fought movie theaters not You have any suggestions Or bombard them with magic from . Distance usually gets the job done Your beam of energy looks beautiful Also Oh Sahar, I do not know about that first companion Consider hiring a qualified wizard To go along the journey you might get Expensive but if there is a way for Produce the same effect using machines Uh, this is worth exploring Any effort I can think of it would be To charge a crystal from afar then Edit it All at once I hate to say it but This is outside my purview Experience Why don’t you ask, uh, to Rafia .

A lady in pure melt she used to be Engineer It is worth a try I guess I would feel a lot better if I would come With us, sorry with me for the moral support . I like to tell the truth, I find it a little Intimidation Anyway let’s start Okay so I have to go up there So once we get there we’ll continue Well we did, let’s talk to Ronnie So some thank the gods for being here I was scared to talk to her by solutions Myself Well, nothing here Lady’s mother is the old woman What the hell I see our morals It hasn’t improved since the last time he met Uh, whatever you come to say, spit Guests have arrived soon [Music] You want to install the cabinets with Cannons oh So you have more sawdust in Your head [Music] Uh, it sounds like a backhanded compliment Mine But I’ll take it all though You must like I’m not used to working with Ava and what I don’t assume you know Anything about her Actually I am from Design crystal guns Uh, lining the walls of the crystal .

You’re now pulling my leg, I’ve had a lot a stranger Lately coincidentally but this is not equal Remote possible Wait, you’re serious, aren’t you, of course I am But if you want me to share my secrets You better make it worth my time Or do I know where this leads you It will send us to endings Land on the deserted god Eren Just to test our resolve is not it Ah now that is not the case What I mean at all Hear I have some friends coming For tea and I want the husband of you Join us Uh, this is a little less dangerous From I was expecting but what do you have To do anything If you shoot a pancake hole ah, you can Find out that my guests are twin sisters Those who supply the caravans or caravans About the length and width of the vents I think they will have more than Lack of interest in buying those tanks .

Is yours Means to tell me that we can Make a profit from these tanks I was trying to give them away in return Nothing but I can also take Chance to line up my pocket Your friends are not very much A businessman like this You’d better talk to me Some things to prepare in front of my guests . Reach Give me a few moments, uh, please Well, talk to her now Everything is in order we are ready for start Try not to look overly nervous, honey Your job if you choose to accept Is the engagement leviath sorry lorathya guest tacit conversation And the glorification of the virtues of Master Runit .

Plan to use the best responses and create Benefit In the tank rolling card, uh, coming Together of the great minds of us play them It will take several minutes You may wish to cancel any pending party Researcher recordings Well let’s go has a meaning So So what a pleasure to make The acquaintance, uh, not Rafia tells us You are in the transportation business Such as Ah Caleb and me Yeah we’d rather hope that You will help solve a small problem We have From the late hordes of predator and ears Everyone is annoying as I am sure You can imagine is it true that you are You are currently in Building Of the type, uh, vehicles capable of avoid These attackers I’d like to stop turning it into more meat Such as Transport safely while blocking All morals outrage Well that sounds pretty cool This might be exactly what we needed If there is any city that appears rolling Tank card can handle With them before they approach anywhere Hold on and it will be glued in Hands So I can think of this Everything seems very complicated Uh, those who used to work with the gunsmith You may experience difficulty operating these vehicles is yours Uh, the controls are inhabited by Purposeful automation or Automated what can go wrong Just pull the lever to see what happens The wonders of modern technology never .

Stop amazed me with the driving machines . Machines Whatever follows, uh, this is surprising good idea So if everything is sorry then all it takes is Give instructions for A robot or robot that anyone can do that Uh, a neat solution I have to say Uh, I just made this up, right Well, we’ll sort of work on all of that later Now keep doing what you’re doing While all this is an interesting young man Ronnie, I’ll feel a lot more Comfortable to deal with you If I could see your face, maybe Better read Intentions though, I do not doubt I consider validity an issue . Courtesy You want me to take off my helmet however Uh, the dwarves law prohibits him then What do you want him to dance? . On the table for you Oh, incredibly sorry I beg you Shameless from me Uh we are a lot uh we are so much Embarrassment I’m familiar with Dwarven the customs You’re too kind to interfere . Prevent more Mother of impudence on our side Thank you for free if you are not here I don’t know what I would have done Well, I think we’ve covered the most Related points But there is one last thing we can Ask Uh, before we get to the decision, what should we do? .

You think we sisters are valued in everything the world Your hats, your answer, please . Honesty or excitement I would say honesty That’s the term for business, my dear Not the answer we were looking for I do not know I like to think honesty is bad The minimum we can expect From others, especially those with them We will do the business they are well Business language ah Fortunately we have been Able to make sure During this conversation That you both have this in Abundance This was a little struggle but we are It finally got there really well Mother of Hero Arrovla and Cobbler Uh, the warm response bodes well for Ronit And his rolling tank card It looks like you have guaranteed buyers vs.

His tanks Provided that they reach You complete it . Of course, as faithful singers . Once the cabinets are finished Uh, you should have a demonstration We’ll all be interested to see how Ethereal defender in Work by actually raising it and Running will not be an easy task I assure you of good luck because I only know A man directs you in the right . direction I will write a cover letter for you I ask him to help you with this .

Small effort [Music] OK So give this message to a rosad in the basilica He looks a little majestic . But he’s friendly enough then again If you are asking I am sure He would be more than happy to help Uh, one of these days, people . The debut would be Climb over each other to have a chance You do me a favor Just wait and see but until then I have a lot of work to do let’s start Okay, so I gotta go to this guy on Crystal So once we are there we will continue Okay, so we got to Rosad, let’s have a chat for him Greetings what do I do for you this . beautiful morning Well, that’s the cover letter Some say you may ask why on this day . And age still depends On these ancient forms of communication Did not upgrade to Something more modern like smoke . Signals example To see and blow their bloody heads .

From this plan anyway If firepower is based on AF you are distance I have something behind me like Happen or occur This model was produced in large quantities Installed along the perimeter Crystal Specifically to deal with Sydney a Results oh These guys soon, uh, give up Uh, ghosts after the explosion of the center I flee on the face Hmm, I like that mother’s voice . I can’t get the credit for this Though the crystal cannons Uh, the country, originally . Design them I suppose you can call her my mentor If she says I will help you who I am He refuses Now let me see how I get you copies A f Church charts Pleasantly surprised I take it .

Uh, the Jerfian behind that sharp . Tongue and insight is one of the . The most caring people you will meet I expect she appreciates uh what you are The performance Especially considering what happened on Not to mention that we are in crystals Owe Many more uh for you to recover . Night sky Not every day we get An opportunity to help a dark warrior itself In any case, every city, uh, puts your tanks Down Less than our soldiers dealt With uh like this Sharing crystal charts The cannons It is the least we can do in the meantime I will look forward to hearing Your success It won’t be long before tales .

Cardboard tank roll over the flanges Everyone in the northrend Thank you very much Rosar Let’s have cannons to build To the anvil So cool once we get back hq troll We continue Okay, so we’re back so let’s talk playback that So I swear everywhere we go Treat you like a hero I suppose you are a hero The hero most trusted friend next door The best thing for that I will agree Having said that when it comes to Build these tanks I still Assistant It just happened to me some I work for you Uh, there are more of these cannons for These scanners are made of this crystal So maybe you can actually guess there is Many different parts make me The head turns as soon as you think about it .

Um, I think there are few things You can, uh, fabricate him for me though It shouldn’t be too hard for someone like Maher like you As usual, you will find everything you need in a Toad Mika fetch-o-matic If it’s not good then you’re a smart boy will Come up with something OK let’s go Correct so I need to make a box of Crystal cannon supplies Dwarves monster tribe quests Synthesis of crystal cannon supplies Well, you don’t need to make it loud Quality so let’s just Do as fast as you can Done [Music] It is over Oh well, don’t keep me in suspense Well here are the written supplies Various ingredients and concoctions Located inside this box They are not going to form some of the most Advanced weapons in Ofrane No doubt, the funds themselves will Look back At this time as one of the most prominent events His career So it feels like I am all the time About the chief engineer like me Pay Now once it’s established and tuned canon tank prototype I’ll be ready after that it’s just that A matter of producing more of the same As fast and cheaper as you can not I will cut any corners for me Oh, let’s continue Nice, I am making progress at least So with the last piece of the puzzle Crystal cannon in place of rolling Tank prototype is complete However, this is only the beginning From the runner’s plans As it will take more than one tank To ensure the safe transfer of the goods To and from various locations across Nov So I earned respect for Acting in the anvil The daily tasks of the new Peace Tribe Dwarf are Available now Moreover, you will be able to take three Additional tasks as a reputational reward Uh, these additional tasks will become Available after accepting all Current daily newspapers And you will be able to reach a wider range Merchandise selection Nice so here we go now Rank uh five with dwarves .

It will take a few days before we can do this Sixth place Well anyway guys this is all for If you liked this video, be sure to Give it a thumbs up and subscribe too And as usual goodbye to me and Goodbye to me for free, bye guys .

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