FFXIV 5.3 1471 Crystarium Deliveries Unlock Guide


And we go back to another episode in This episode: I’ll, open Christmas delivery in final Fantasy fourteen And as always, welcome from free as well To do this, you have to come to Catalyst 11, 8 Closest teleport In a crystal. A point is the crystal medium And it has a mission called Crystal medium. What this will do is it will unlock A series of crystal delivery tasks Uh, but they kind of pulled together Instead of getting one for each and Everyone. Uh craftsmen and collectors are collectors together, For example, to see A shield, ah a blacksmith and a jeweler, Grouped together Under the counterfeiting, face The level of work of carpenter and weaver, Grouped into a face editing The mother of alchemists and gastronomy in a group Together on The face From feeding young botanists uh, they are Combined with a face Gathering and face hunting For Fisher.

Once you have all That endeavor A string, then you will be able to m and Also finish the Shadowbringer story. You will be able to unlock an additional lock Seeking uh, Let’s wrap it all up and finish. It now Reason for opening Delivery of orders is simply Because They give a lot of experience points and They will help you To upgrade craftsmen and collectors Along the way. I now come back to this, who I am Finally upgrading the craftsmen and Collectors. Here is a method that will help you, So this is an option You have So anyway, you guys, that’s all for this. The episode, if you like it, be sure to give It’s cool, and so is the subscription And, as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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