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FFXIV 5.3 1474 Gunbreaker Quest Level 80


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will 80 Gunbreaker mission in the final Imagination, 14 And, as usual, hello from Miffry. So we are, They are here In our resource in AH 21. 8. Obviously I am done settlement and me I decided to get on Uh leftover as well, for We have good equipment and now we need to talk to me Radevan. So the mission is called a rifle Patriots, blades Radavana, Sophie settling in Priest toll.

He still craves adventure. I’M free it’s nice to see you again. Since my last encounter, I was introduced For a few adventurers who were hoping for Learn the art of guns. Although you taught me Expectations, Maybe a little loud uh, rather Than it was Hardly busy. Other functions Leaves me a lot of time on Hand. Oh Those women who work in Rowena had it. I am Running behind the book’s stones Or was it stone volumes? I forgot Anyway, what were you doing? Ah friend uh become a pistol Shattered man who protects his beloved, The one with a rifle blade. Hmm, how can that be Uh? I learned in the lands of the empire Verse, But that does not change the fact that I am the only gun boy who got away Destruction of the Bosnian fortress and, if

I didn’t train him, Whoever did this must be one of the others. Still there Uh. Now that I mentioned that she is an adventurer From Credania. He told me. They saw a man in the cart Umbrella. Carrying a weapon is much like your blade Hologram too Um. I thought they were talking About you, so I didn’t care much, But you are no longer there Since we moved to earnings revenue, I want Who could be Sophie? Why didn’t you say anything Sooner or if He really is one of my amazing colleagues, I must find them. Maybe we should go with them.

Even if There’s another gun, Diagram or horoscopes or not, It necessarily means that they will be happy To see. Radovan is probably the mother, you don’t know Something about it. Okay, so we need to go mum. Our home is Gridania, but once Get there, We continue. Okay, so we got to the adventure. The guild in Gridania is here the mother. Let’S talk to her Well, yeah Amanda is like you Described here but a few days ago, And you are sure he has a weapon blade. Like me, Identical, I would say more Most importantly, he was looking for you Radhavan Um, as you were in the middle of the explanation. Suddenly the job I gave you Run to find your ex. He was gone before I had a chance to ask its name. Who is he and what he wants? Look she’s, my favorite guard. Oh uh. What a surprise I wish I had!

We never I mean I thought we’d never see you Again since last week. My sweet golden Murray is back Stir the fans with it Raise the level of performance through. Actually we came here to drink For its continued success. Then your timing, choice or location Impeccable, But we need your help so do it on Any chance to remember a terrifying graph, a leg. Whoever was looking for Radovan might have it Request from you About the guard mission Or Adifa Yea. I know who you talked. We had, I heard That Radovan was last seen creating Boy’s direct line, And we told him how much he is

He will not stay long when he realizes I’m no longer there Better find it before moving on. If you follow a similar line from Interrogating, him will lead us to Former customer. All this is probably still real. He is undergoing treatment. He’Ll probably end up talking to Jarrett. Instead, I must say it was The class doesn’t look scary, The type of person who wants to stalk, you Make sure it doesn’t, kill you or Anything Good-bye Okay. So we have to go To Olda. So once we get there, We continue Well, we did let’s talk Jarrett, So thank you, Tim and me Live together for a short while now Most of the money I earn goes to …

For Dale’s uh front date Uh to take care of Uriel, Although fortunately we still have enough To keep a roof over our heads. Ah slowly but surely it’s getting better, Although she still could not forgive herself When you put it down Tim through uh, Not sure I can, but we are All she has Dad’s mom says: mom was very sick before, But it gets better. Happiness comes easily to some people, Others have to fight for it Hope you find strength to support in the coming days.

Thanks, sir, I almost forgot to mention, But a man was asking about you, An avatar of a similar sword in the back After you told him you left The house went towards Airship landing. Not again. Maybe it is already in limbo, No Menza. Looking for you, Then, let’s go directly to the Votage uh Yafu, sign and pray that we don’t too Late. Okay, so we need to go to Lyemsa Or it seems we can move immediately Right there. So, let’s go OK. Who is fu crown sign? Yes, So this is the first time that I see it Free from you since Uh that work with uh gone west

Yes, As planned, his testimony led to Convictions of several prominent personalities Criminals. Then, after a few days, he died peacefully In his sleep. I see, though he knew it was overrun. Forgiveness Make his last work Lindsay. A laminster is a safe place, then, Except that he saw the error in his path Sooner. Another thing was a colleague A lot of horrific things like you never went through A long time ago, And he was looking for you. Instead, Mother told him that you moved to And to try his luck Airship landing. Then it must have gone to ishgard And it will eventually find its way to Reese that we hope Keep him busy until we get there.

The best zap Like chasing this guy all over the world, Praise be to God for the space transportation system, [, Music, ], Okay, so we need to go to the foundation. Let’S go basically Keep track of all steps of every task. We did break arms. Well, I hope we catch up over there. Let’S go, let’s go. Gunbreaker was a really fun classroom. The level I really like it Here is Reese. So, ah here we were just Discuss that broken fellow you are Chase after Was here looking for you, but I am, You are afraid you missed them. I might have guessed it back to the revenue. It’S the hole then Wait when I mentioned Mr

Mamoula That fellow zodiac looked rather Surprised, Then he asked me where he could find it did not see Its uh. So I didn’t see any reason not to do that. Tell him that You bloody fool. If he’s the business owner, The survivor is looking for his life. He could be in danger. Why angry? What did you do? Where did Mamula go to respect The outer walls of the camp dragon’s head? It is possible that Uh Providence Point Okay, so we need to go to Providence Point.

Let’S go Now. Fortunately, we can’t fly Regions that have been reborn, So we must be able to get there Quickly. Well, here we go O voice in front of you, uh with me free Stop. Radovan I’ve been looking everywhere, for You are Uh stay away from him, uh rural! Please calm yourself down. Instead, You mean no harm to me. Like you, I chose to put the last Behind me. I actually came here to order a mammal Help rebuild the Bosnian fortress

But this Impossible far from her, You see we weren’t the only ones They fled from the destruction of our house. Those who have been away on missions or Visit other settlements, Then an opportunity. Radhavan heard your family got lost In the blast, The monarchy too. And yes, our clan lives in a I will search for survivors. So we can. We build a home together And if we can’t go back to where we are in Bosnia Once stood, We will find a new earth that we call ours, [, Music ].

I think we’ll write errors Committed With that. I will do everything in it. Making ability Roodsticks dream come true. Rather you will join us [, Music ]. So I’m sorry I’ll actually stick I lost one family. I don’t want to lose another, but we do. They are not joined by blood, It differs from night and day. We have each other. I love you Sophie And that’s not all I have been through Knock breaker gun Dmitry The first of many. I wish I also taught someone from outside Our clan: How to use a rifle blade. You have a lot in common with Radovan. He is too, He has someone he wants to keep Aside like family, So if you meet any other boss inform they, I will welcome their help. [ Music ], Perhaps one day our past will intersect, Take care of each other again.

Thank you, rustic, so well. Well, I’ll take a look at one side, This cliff and stared at it forever. I’M rustic and that’s what I do So much for being a gun owner A killer looked very nice. Yes, I am happy. This occasion was proven wrong. Rifi is still honorable and wise, As I remember it. Nevertheless, I appreciate you coming to Help me. I must admit I feared the worst when it appeared from nothing, Although he soon made his intentions clear. I did not expect such kindness Uh, not one man, but two of them. Every reason I die. I am grateful to both of you for allowing I work for the common good Speaking of it. I have to investigate Obligations to the guardians of the nest Until we meet again Now it’s over.

We must go back to Toll of revenge and attempt to recover The money we spent on airline tickets. Okay. So let’s go back to the dividend And let’s uh finish this here, we are All this time. I thought I was Only Boston remained Now that I learned that rostec has several Others are still outside. Maybe me I don’t need to Hurry up to find new Weapon Cutters in Really. I think I would be better off Work as a bodyguard again.

And show people around for you here What we run gem, I think, is a locked thing. After all, maybe me You could do the same in Damascus, Oh didnt, I tell you that I originally From the capital city Rapanasta, The sea itself has been destroyed. I might add intentionally By guardians after unsuccessful insurgency, But our traditions live on. I think I will submit A good ambassador for my people. Then Everything goes according to plan. They travel to Arkan The distant world is a world and meeting all kinds of people, Although we are still using the proceeds of revenge As a place.

Let’S hang up our hats, as I believe by saying he goes Of course, with a mother as a talented caliph same to you, Hmm I’ll have to continue training, so I won’t To be old Or maybe it is you who teach me in the next time. This is complete Cool. This is level 80 guns Pursuit. They did it anyway. You guys that’s all for this. The episode, if you like it, be sure to give It’s cool, and so is the subscription And, as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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