FFXIV 5.3 1479 Crafting Guide Level 71 to 72


And we go back to another episode In this episode. We will be Drafting a settlement from 71 to 72 In Final Fantasy XIV and, as always, hello From Miffry, So the industry has changed a lot since The last time I covered it on this channel and now we are, You have a lot of options In order To upgrade the wording so The first thing, If we go back to the previous video, That is too long Before 1771 reported about Uh, we make the basic necessities Need all handicrafts: for example, Carpenter, White oak, wood on um, [, Music, ], Deep gold nuggets for blacksmithing And so on The reason for this It is my first and preferred method of settlement Above uh Crafting because it’s insanely fast Take time off assignments So for doing paperwork in Shadowbringers.

You have to come, Here’s a nine-eight in a crystal And you can accept vacations from vacation me and Uh. As you can see, I just accepted one Uh for this example. I need a job White Oak Tree Trunks So uh. Let’S see that I have to get White oak wood cut material, Okay, so I need a lever. So let me switch more than Let my level factor do this Uh this crane. I have a durability, 40 vehicle now Macro to do this, oh, But what I’m going to do is I’m going to Detailed it in description.

Video, like i used to in the past, So I rely on these macros that I made And create Something for high quality. However, You can do to help yourself get in Like high quality. In the past, many high-quality ones were used Possible materials. So such a macro is now going on At sea – let’s be totally honest Already at 100. Well, once I’m done with creating the White Oak Fishing Hook, Then of course I will continue With the aim of making it high quality. Well, we made the white oak hunt. Sign in So let me turn it on High quality delivery. You really want High quality item delivery. Continued Yeah Delivers one or more cruises. Quality items were your reward Increase by 100, As we can only see by turning one High quality ones. Get four million experience points for that? Let’S go So! If I do something else, it will get me Directly to level 72.

Now this is the first option that you can Doesn’t leave. It up depends on whether you have enough Leave allowances. Okay, so way to Check How many allowances do you have to press j on Keyboard and You get your diary and see Allowances are here. So these are the allowances that you have for Take time off assignments You can accept up to 16 leave assignments Every time, this recharge About whether it’s three to six a day or Something like that for that Uh. But if you don’t have benefits, then You have Many other one-time crafting options We get to the next stage.

We’Ll go fine for that. I have Made a quick visit to my great company And what you have and always have With the major company the ability to. I do Providing provisioning tasks for what you need To speak to staff. Your officer uh senior, The company, Then select an action option. Supplier supply functions And you have these options reset Almost every day, And she says how long is this in my case, 7 hours and 28 minutes until reset Now, some of them will be marked in stars. Uh of which a big increase in um The amount of experience they provide. We see this deep gold turning a file I’ll get seven million experience Just Under, but in high quality. It is The same rules apply That A will double. So I tend to prefer Starred due to amount They give. So I have one ready already, Let’s hand it over. You really want High quality trade, Yes and the HQ bonus doubled for it. High quality delivery. Here we turn that one element: I got Any full full level Level.

So it’s okay, no matter what Now, let’s uh, now take a look at what The next option for drafting is Well. Another option you have is Chrystrium Deliveries available in Crystal after opening it. The task I will hook in Video description to open it they And the way it works is that for each Artisans and pickers You have a different face. You can do this As a black blacksmith. I can now Do this to face faking it. He said you should be a blacksmith or gunsmith Goldsmith from level 70 and above even Follow. Until we see we get a mission Forge Master By completing this series of tasks uh, you Effectively doing such a story for those Uh different craftsmen or collectors Which are grouped together, But it also gets a lot of Experience points that are obviously The purpose of this Video, So it is a choice for you uh to be able to do Hand over the crystallium to help You level up On your goal towards uh 72, starting from this Video, So check all of these things. Anyway, let’s move on to the next area now! Well, you now have an option as of Correction 5.3, He is doing driving the dwarf monster every One day.

So, every day you get on Free missions From this character. If you open that And the amount of experience they provide Half a level to one A craft class every day, So you can basically follow the story. Will link in the description of how to open, Dwarf monster tribe Um. The story is interesting. We are Building tanks, apparently, If hmm lose the dwarf, beast tribes As another settlement option Formulate, however, Then we will move on to the next Cucumber. Well, so you have it too. The option to participate in Resetting the nest guardian in order Never have to come to Incorporation, Uh, nine, seven, eleven five In ishgard – and you have this recruitment Notice that it’s on the wall. This task will start at direction. Restoration of the nest guardian. I was told by many that this gives Decent amount of experience, So it came out in patch 5.1. There Update 5.2. There is a scheduled update coming in Correction 5.31 after recording This video, so you can watch ishgard Rollback as another option towards Level 72.

Once we get to the next site, we will Follow. Well now you have another option. Good for The settlement is the holdings in Have more teleport to you or more After you’ve, gotten enough distance into the story To open this Uh. You came to the main eighth right Next to it. You see here Collectible, So the appraiser will tell you what Uh looking for an example Uh a carpenter, she needs mustard White oak Uh collect my party. Now The industry has changed quite a bit before You used to click a button Uh to enable collectible collection. However, It’s not like that anymore, So open your Manufacturing Register by pressing n on the keyboard Go to special recipes, so you can watch Here. Then there is an option upon you.

The very bottom is called collectibles. This is where the collectibles are collected Are hiding now, So we want to define 71 to 80 and we can look here That we can make the item you are looking for Here. So it comes down to you being a Collectible items that they want Hand them over And you get some decent bonuses like Well. So let me show you quickly, So we see, depending on Achievement level, So the attainment, the level So the higher the quality rating The quality rating is higher. It will be the attainment classification. The number of experience points will affect you, You get it for collectibles Items. So you can take advantage of. That is why it is not an option for you, Then, with texts you get. If I am doing the highest for this clause, I get some yellow texts that you can then Go to this npc exchange, script, Uh text, formulation and then exchange. You Can buy Some things suppose, for example, that Your equipment is not great.

Then you can purchase this equipment Determine if you’ve got enough. Yellow Scrolls are not in any way Better, but not that bad Either. In case you did not complete Storm blood with the best manufacturing equipment In the game, and things like that like I am Act, So it is your choice for that when Go to the next site, We will continue Well, there’s something you have too The option to Do is custom deliveries, Uh, so NPC is for the new custom delivery Unlocked in your cashier. You can see that in um 1111, next to the main square of fear in Alma itself. He has a mission to do the job and You can open deliveries assigned to it For crafting custom delivery items.

You have to come to your own recipes Tab, scroll down here for custom delivery And you choose which mpc you want to do You see the cashier is Here, So you will be required to bring one of these Items you bring and you’ll get some Really good Experience points So once we get to the next place, to get We’ll get a lot of experience, points Follow Well, the last best way to Getting a good crafting. Experience is doing Something called Custom deliveries In your recipe or search Or record. If you press n keyboard, You can see it here down below, Says: custom deliveries, You have sixpcs very slowly, manago, Um and udrag. She is in the idol Shire Kourani in Sapphire c, Treasurer in Yomur and Elif Tao in Mother of Heaven In ishgard as part of ishgard, So restore.

They will ask you all Today To get them something to make Something to them. So if you go to duty And timers, You can go under custom deliveries, See at least some of them What they would like and what I recommend Do if you want to go this way And you want to raise their level to Example, Click on the name, Uh see top Because the higher is linked to editing, See what they want until custom delivery. The syntax works roughly like Collectible formulation, so the higher you go, the quality, The higher the higher the rating for The achievement. You say literally Attainment.

The more experience you get. The more I am, I recommend doing it too, because you have it A limited number of births Uh, you can do that say the connections In week, six Uh watch how much that, for Example, Uh as if we were giving 2.8 million this week, Uh manago could Give 1.8 million ku and I can give 2.8 Wah possible, gives 1.8. So I will target people who give Most experience points As simple as that. Yes, They are basically all the ways in which you can get in Lots of experience, points Drafting towards the 72 um level. To be honest, because getting experience is Oh, really Easy and craft like 5.1.

You will get This Very quickly, but I gave you pretty Plenty of options available in the game Now, in my case, I’m doing a troll Lead the beast every day I am already at level 72 and Everything. So yes, So what am I going to do? Next? A video I’ll teach you about How to get a lot of experience to rally Chapters From level 71 7172 as well Anyway, guys! That’S all for this. The episode, if you like it, be sure to give It’s cool, and so is the subscription And, as usual, goodbye to me and Goodbye from me for free Goodbye guys. You are

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