FFXIV 5.3 1486 Qitari Rank 5 (Beast Tribe Quests)



And we go back to another episode in In this episode we will hit Fifth place with the tribe of monsters in Qatar . Final Fantasy 14 As usual hello from Miffry so we are They are here Its uh ratica great wood at a price 17 You’ve made enough dailies to listen Uh, the roof of the fourth rank with Qatari Then a new task appears from Serpent Quest called Delve into the mighty snake . ronca that transmits divine wisdom on you Or so you think So that the snake jumps well With joy Country fossils appear Effort is smoothly going spoken With Shark wall and see if something That you might do to lend a hand Okay, so let’s do that Hey free, you’ll be happy to know Charm your friends’ fashion to us It worked great We were able to reach even deeper depths since when Thank you take back .

The first star is complete You simply have to see it and it will be I am glad to know that the effects are and Records that appeared On our next trips below I have Confirmed that Interpret the history that you are Exposed it was already and not Uh, it is true that our duties faced a lot Ritual machines in the tunnels below Obviously, that’s enough for We say that we are Qatari . He wasn’t particularly adept at The Art of War So our ancestors searched Far and wide for a safe haven Where they can call home wrongly on on the other side It consisted of many powerful peoples Ronzo Brave Warriors The Duran Mother adapter arcanas and wah These archers uh peerless all of them work together For the prosperity of the empire Uh, it wasn’t long after the Qatari was introduced for the first time Communication with the empire is our skill Clerks And as the screeners became clear To senior court officials and we Show a prominent role In Runker Society vs. Sincere service Uh, four races, uh, different every neighborhood And work together for the largest good Oh what I will not give to be able to Only one nest A day in those glorious days of the empire But our work is in fact elusive we’ve got The explorations we found are showing To be an entrance leads to a draw Deeper level than the caves I have a little doubt that the rest The stars lie below I’ve sent a team below to take action Preliminary investigation Before we start the next one from Serious prospecting A trusted frown, uh, throughout Manuel Uh, it should be here for a report .

Um in any Uh, Mr. Ketry, bring the news from below The news I’m afraid is not good . Or qui kital again swear If we are Qataris, we are not so lucky . He will not have anything at all In detail what I found down there We entered the second layer, uh, we came At the tomb of the Hamitic mother aux dalan looks like it was Destroyed by the monsters I love below But it still exists after all these years I tried to say no doubt that it was a bluff By our ancestors Most likely to ward off some of the greatest Risk That lurks more below Uh, this was my fault, and so is Mr.

Catholicism or the Cave Flood of scary creatures from the depths . We were too Multiplied to press forward, uh, no knowledge Any calamity that may befall us But we have to pressure somehow you can’t appeal Dalan somehow that he It might protect us as we go deeper In fact, there is probably a suitable option Suitable ritual Unfortunately if there is I fear that it exceeds Knowledge I think I know the ones who can I help you Why yes, then v is nothing if Not well versed in error Imitation of the one with hair Uh, the color of the night master, Lanel was . I heard it He lived 10 ktri, yes I do Sure it will They have knowledge that serves us well Long-lived because they are so wise They passed through Generations without a doubt It rivals what our ancestors recorded If anyone can help us, I dare say it they Good memory, pray, take two now Once I will meet their lanil master To share its depths Find out the old bug Rights Okay so we should be able to teleport Right there Well let’s go Not far, I mean, let’s be honest Well let’s go All right here is Lanil And it doesn’t look like 200 Year Uh, we heard rumors about the Qatari He went back to the big forest but he didn’t Expect to receive a visit very soon I just saw you bring back memories Antiquity Memories mean you knew Ancestral I’m bigger than you think, baby Friend anyway the answer is yes Have you heard the name sharp or ? My best friend was and will Come calling a lot to share news the wood Uncle Togolph I think I saw Father’s family tree name .

But if I remember correctly she was Great great great great great Great great Great grandmother That was long ago Soon the years fly by I can still feel good to be around Baby shark For many years after the flood I was afraid We will not see it One of your kind again And you are welcome back in the meantime What brought you to us today . I see our Qatari friends seeking to Discover their history And restore knowledge and law from Their ancestors Really cool goal without a doubt . Not a simple task We are honored to offer you our help And restore links between our people . That was very powerful in the days of Ronca Now tell me more about these tunnels You are exploring My dear sister has a huge weakness in me . ancient monuments And traces that you see, uh, to tell the truth I was preparing to leave the great Wood On a journey into a world but country wanted Help me maybe I can be put off Departure a little longer scree looks great The snake is smiling Our partnership also has this Really auspicious Mr.

Lanell did not teach him diagonal He lives a sorry life here and now Very little I fear stories I can I remember hear from my late dear . Friend and No more, unfortunately, the fine details of . Beyond rights and country rituals . My memory And yes, I remember, uh Uh, Cheboul once mentioned that he is Qatari Prayer To oxdalan were remarkably similar in Form for our petitions To measure Uh, it is not surprising that it is given How close are our two peoples Connected in those days If we would let you know one of us Mahab traditions You can attack it and adapt to yourself the stuff You were going to do this to us at a bad age Friend But first we’ll need to prepare A simple altar to take an oath And we find ourselves a suitable offer Uh, liver and blood Old beast with one Deland clutch Crustaceans, uh, rare, lurking in Cold water Who, uh, lost Or lost Or do I know the ways of the beast . Wood leave hunting to me For the final show I think The win will be Slight difficulty getting it yes Excellent in the meantime mmmmmmmmmmm Teaching rituals for little charcoal here Uh was, uh, the path to the tunnels Greater we will accompany you Ourselves but unfortunately and do not worry Good, uh, mister Lionel I’ll learn the words and gestures as Well and then I’ll hear our plea Just wait and see the ventilator one child But beware, uh, Mr.

Lanell is directly Ah, a mistress mission God forgive me, my friends, I will My best anyway Uh, let’s all get together again Stubble When we finish the allowances mission Okay, so I need to have a Dalan’s claw Okay, so once I understand how I actually get a claw ground We will continue Well, we’ve come to that river This is marked here so it looks like we just have to catch Claw okay So the task mark was activated But let’s see if I can have it Let’s connect it Well, we did it well Hmm as soon as we get back to Uh, the Qatari camp, we are Follow Okay so we’re back so let’s give it a go Clutch so I was wondering when you can Get back to me for free Have you found Show what we require Yes there you go [Music] So Reed thinks that’s enough . As an offering to the earth Very good beer with just charcoal And we get v, we’ll start The second stage of drilling So why do we look at all Qataris? . Bearing I heard they were Hardworking people but to see him with Their eyes are really very dazzling Umm Hail and I met well The most prestigious and this is my sister Sooner we came to help An undoubted ritual for your son I tell you Greetings Greece please accept I apologize for making a very close fuss Your village And without all due respect I fear I was too busy With my duties here No need for that friend we are Who should apologize for our sisters Fear you when you return Home Um, as you know well our people Strong friends And the Allies in the days of Ronca .

We were honored to rewrite that bond For the time being, uh, you should ask Anything you need from us but say the word Hmm anyway thanks to the ambiguity here We saw that we all had Offers whether or not required to proceed with ritual Do you remember all this teacher Lanel I taught you coal But, of course, I said ah to talk Myself a hundred times Um on the road here i will do uh I will do the main lanil and people My people are proud I should have seen my son well Digging begins Shox we Allow Later Will we see this? Cave at some point So quattro and charcoal are safe He returned to the house From their investigations into the tunnels .

Well talk to him to finish the job So I cannot say for sure that we have found The second star but I am afraid As much as the last one also proved Huge to carry To the surface as we were meditating Next course of action This armored man arrived and . The mighty one comes out Monitor Uh, exactly while I can’t admit Fully understood Import what he says I can You just think live again She wishes us to pray wisely . Yronka The legend that brings back the star To its previous form And until the last time the inscriptions were Weathering was done I pretty much have it Thoughts about What they point to but I hear my son’s voice The first theory I won’t tell you charcoal [Music] Well, let me see now, uh, one censorship that was Clearly from v Knock the bow, uh, then I can get out Scattered appearance His arm appears to be pinned in the air Image of v’s um on Catri .

Stone how cool this is the first The time we photographed our date with Ronca Empire There is no doubt that these signs indicate The first meeting between our two peoples Um befriend the philanthropist RunCanders Mmmm our team then met Maher v Hunters and Sage for forest roads The police were our grandparents . They threw their hands in the air In glee This is, uh, the most optimistic . Interpretation of my son And yes I feel it makes more sense reading Stone in a different way, no doubt v against our ancestors The youngest was wandering around in the woods and Take them for prey The arrows point to their hearts .

We’ve got Grandparents threw their hands at the Shiites . Terra So that was the newcomers for Great Wood Almost ran with The mighty Ronkin Empire Our myths tell how the gods are Imagine our people guide Through the jungle but say a little What have we been waiting for On our competitor there as much as we can Say Both theories are more than reasonable I still hope to believe I won’t Say no more Hmmmmm i’ll have to stick with me A nose in matters of Katori . A law I agree that Qatari history should be Written by the Qataris themselves . Anyway we are glad we were Able to contribute to your cause in some Small road We’ll come back to now, but please do Please feel free to contact us again .

There is still a lot of catching up Among our peoples Once again it looks like we have found it We are faced with a choice Sweet Yes my imagination I pass it to us Wisdom wants more . How do you tend to explain History Now let’s continue Well, the reputation has grown to Respectable Once again father and son arrived in . Various theories regarding history . From Atari as recorded on the star Um when bidding the great snake You have to serve . As a mediator you achieve it with respect . reputation With wise agents and Barakat v’s an The altar was built for the land of Augusta The jump will undoubtedly stop the CIS It works to protect And to impart country affluence on . Continue exploring tunnels . Strong questions are available Moreover, you can do for free Questions to get the reward And you can get a wider range of Fixtures Oh let’s continue again I’ll work Pick the coals until you see the two of you, Mister We welcomed Lanel when we visited now yes Why simply after oh Another ex-uh thinks that friends From the greatest of the great etc.

Grandmothers and grandfathers chased us Like vermin Yeah I’m sure v’s were Our friends From the first days of Qatar in M marks Intended to raise his hands on Absolute joy despite your agreement If you wish to testify to coal History will be the second star . Return to reflect his interpretation . History Continue and you will not be able to view The other star From the other guy he rewards you by receiving Content Next will be the same regardless Well, I’ll support his theory Uh, thank you very much oh Free I knew you would see the things that I did So look for quick second seller friends Ah Sharlka to convince you of . Advantages regarding his theory in Date between You believe Qatari and v I think the son has a right as well That there is something It is said to embrace a brighter vision .

History Okay, so let’s go ahead with [Music] Recovery Finally another piece of History stands out But our struggle to reclaim our legacy Pray continues, he continued to lend us Help Hand it over to the father and I will send The finest craftsmen should start working on Once This is complete cool The star, uh, my second diagonal was . Restored To interpret Pic Charcual for The first meeting between the Qataris .

And v Protected by the new raised altar According to the tradition of v And I am happy with another redesign A piece of their heritage . The hosts are back to Excavation efforts with new enthusiasm If you choose to continue helping Them in their case . All right, all right now, I’ll need Keep doing the daily newspapers Until we get to the next rank which will be Sixth place So anyway you guys that’s all for this The episode if you like it be sure to give It’s cool and so is the subscription And as usual goodbye to me and My free bye bye guys .

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