FFXIV 5.3 1489 Caster Role Quest Level 70



And we go back to another episode in In this episode we will make an action Level 7e Find wheels in Final Fantasy 14 And as usual hello to me for free so we are In the crystal Its uh 11 15 and we need to talk to Ah Serig and we are playing Like red magic So I realized I didn’t do that I did role-playing tasks and that’s why I am Do it a little late But as I say late, better than not The first search is called hollow Pursuits Uh, the sea workers are arguing with curiosity So let me guess you are standing out front From Uh see a bounty hunter Uh, not parallel, I don’t know what this is Means Because you have a mind to help me with cut Dread of authorship Do I have the right or I have Her right . What If I didn’t know the best I could get I swore you just suggested you Unfamiliar with phronesis but it would have been no The value of sinner Her soul might be so ignorant Allow me to clarify the help is not Just regular stray Cydia He is one of the saddest Romans look It consists of the remainder of one of The gods bring down the warriors of the light There were four of them, it was said to them all crawling From the innermost bowels of Hell After burying it to the eye in Century If the stories were true then people came Let’s call them basic virtues Before it turns into cinema, uh Phronesis was not another From the arc of Magus or Nilbert Who fear their fateful charm more than Although it was only a few years Since its debut In amaranth is already well Pray for a lot of innocent people with His mistake Magic is not keen to see Local trade routes were disrupted Place dealers A healthy bonus on his head .

Of course I don’t want more Fail the villain with one hand I claim the reward entirely for myself Unfortunately The circumstances imposed me Recruiting buddy From here it comes Provided that you prove it to me You rather have Uh, a specialized skill set, me I ask, I promise, I’ll make it worth While Not a bad show to say that if you are Imagine yourself for the task Come find Ren me at Arma I need to get there soon That’s fair enough Okay, so we need to transfer the meringue Ok but we have to travel there Once we get to the meringue We continue Okay, so we’ve come to Arma Run, let’s talk To the offshore rig So you came good to see Someone who does not speak everything as wealth Will be Another Sydney, uh, less imposing a sample Bronesis of course has been cited Just To the west from here you prove to me You have the skill to support your words and We’ll talk more The first thing is okay Let’s go At least do it now it will be It will mean that I will be able to implement Another wheel roll mission at level 80 Immediately Like black wizard and summoner and stuff Well, I am very little But whatever Good show friend I wasn’t sure what to do We expect you but see you In the battle he left me no doubt It means I found myself cool ally So I’m going to seriously extend the offer Help me help Help the throne and we’ll split the reward Down the middle well What does this spirit mean now? there is more You must know before we keep coming With me for more talk My base of operations and I’ll have you In details Okay, so let’s go quickly OK Welcome to talk more with friends as possible We see it as a busy mall Frequent by merchants across Scientist Uh, it was at least before Francis appeared And it began to prey on unintentionally Travelers Hence the reward you see Profitable Reward Attract Dr.

The attention of one capable bounty hunter After the next However, the villain still roams free you can You might imagine why The few who saw the passes and Return to tell the story They talk about the great horrors they witness, uh Coward Uh, black holes formed from thin Everything around him is swallowed up by air Into the abyss People used to call them Hollow rumors say that One barely has time to put their eyes first Helped before he calls hollow You start consuming everything in Eyesight And I only mean everything else Today counts Full-bore caravan Leave nothingness behind Mages assumed these were holes She is literally Tears in the fabric of our reality .

Gates to other worlds to place Another way In any case, uh, it suffices to say that The next man out of the void will be . the first However, there is something strange about it All Ministers say the throne is not helping He seems to be out of his way to prey On people or settlements it is simply Uh, ruin across the road summons Hollow one by one And devastation follows .

Of course Needless to say, get close to The villain Even suicide attacks From afar they were all useless Wrong to say simply call Hollow out for each incoming stock consumption In every conceivable way Thwarting the attack Or even the most intelligent bounty hunters She has it all Throwing their hands off though The reward is now It stands at nine or ten times the original the amount I am of a different mind no matter the way I see it then Only there was a way to neutralize hollow We have more than one chance in front of bows This is why I order Services Oh, your easy victory over Sydney Speak clearly You are a magician you do not have a common skill then Anyone with vague knowledge and Position to help me discover a way Defend against sockets, it’s you Don’t worry, I try to take it completely My share of the burden And so I plan to collect all The information we need before we ask you Put yourself in harm’s way And it is better to act once It has drawn up a suitable plan to attack We’ll talk again Until then I suggest you continue on Refine your skills of selection The battle that won’t be weight sauce .

Easy cool Well hmm Assume next level 72 All right That’s it for this next episode The one we’ll be doing at level 72 cast Research mission So anyway you guys that’s all for this The episode if you like it be sure to give It’s cool and so is the subscription And as usual goodbye to me and My free bye bye guys You are .

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