FFXIV 5.3 1490 Caster Role Quest Level 72



And we go back to another episode in In this episode we will Mission Roll Level 72 in the Final Imagination 14 And as always hello to me for free so Need to do all wheel world missions Before that You can do a mission of level 80 each wheel And the wheels in the game are hmmm Summoner of black witches and blue red magic pond They are treated separately in something We are targeting These classes are currently with these Role assignments because I hit a red mage into 80. So here we are at Arma Ren, uh 25 16 We have to talk to J. Rigg quest is called the voice of Z-rig achieved invalidation Type of So oh here you are and your timing Couldn’t be better than luck A little bird told me It was originally cited in neighborhood Not long ago don’t worry I don’t have it Intent to rush like a stupid My plan is to smash the cinema from afar We may notice cavities with With our eyes and formulate an appropriate attack plan To that end, I get this Uh, a mannequin here from a dealer My acquaintance or on Crystallize by saying in Uh, the path of Francis, I mean the analogy How wide birth width should we keep From the villain So that it is not absorbed into a vacuum .

Uh, she does not have tears for a few Fellow friend His sacrifice will be our key Success and yes You see, it’s not quite At best repair, pray the sundalk Sorry you helped me and buy what We need to bring it back On his feet Uh, you are a friend of a savior or just me Bad look bought Uh, Sandkin Sibley lurking in East here I think one of their tenders It should be well served To return some spring to little Fellow step It’s like one for me and I’ll watch repairs Okay, so we have to go east From modsock so let’s go I mean I can fly so everywhere If you are still in a stage He opened the flying fetch and the shadow Please check My current guide I have Forgotten guide for each region 14.

we are here I always love to eat chocobo Companion is there because Freeze out a little heal A little extra dps etc. It can be very helpful Okay, so let’s go back We got the chord I also like about this Game how Kill one crowd to get your drops If this is a World of Warcraft sometimes You could kill like 20 and still wouldn’t Projection randomly Well here we see it right Summarize any record that finds my chord The part I’ve got is a must They operate as a temporary measure The gear cost me an arm and a shake but hey If it helps us to claim the reward in It is worth the effort Okay, let’s hand over the chord that says Stinky sinus tendon from Sandy simple Or ideal syphilis, yeah I think that is Durable and flexible enough to replace The beams cut off the drive belt, uh I’ll get my toolbox and start Immediately Meanwhile why not explore us Outside an appropriate observation point My brother was only seen last time Southeast of the city Try to find us a spot on higher ground Off the main road Well let’s go Well, not too far here we are Ojako feels like I’m out here The task is very dangerous Hey my friend as you can see Time friend It’s back in crest shape and as it is It seems you have found us perfect Observation point Why don’t we go down to work, then I will be better Loss of fire Uh, we might be here for a while Well, I’ll be the bastard Oh look closely now and catch your gaze You must witness the absolute horror with Your eyes Oh, we shouldn’t send the beam either soon If Ronnie Ronnie is Amahan, a very good blast Into small portions before he has a chance Check for recesses And there he goes I will send Mannequin mother Track him down and have fun Display As I expected, he went without a trace of a mother Don’t shed tears for our little friend By his sacrifice we now know How much distance should we keep from? Cavities avoid being absorbed in void Now it’s our turn to get a little heady Closer to see what we can observe You find that you take care not to wander around, too Close only if you want a vacation to A dark, dark abyss Hmm, as if the shadow that will rage is .

From the inside Ready to soak up anything and everything In the void that I saw Lots of terrifying scenes in my day but this one It sends a shiver down the spine Let me get out it’s very dark here Well while the friend is pale-faced You look like a ghost if you see it A voice you say from inside the hollow . This is impossible Is there anyone out there please help me Get out of here Are you alive here? Is that someone’s voice if Can you hear me please you should help me I don’t see anything, no road, no trees Not even a stream follows Which way do I go how do I get out of this place This sound is what Allah’s name is upon him .

Saying A boy’s voice says he is claiming Lost from the inside With no stream to follow the sounds As if he was adrift In the flow is not like what will happen if It is the right that was Teleportation is destroyed In the middle of the flight Wait a minute, uh, what if there were some The way you can direct your AFA In the void you may not be allowed Ethereal form to serve as a beacon Kinds of directing the child to us Of course not because I know how to go About that You think you can do just that Not even Think about asking how to do this distance Uh, evil, why did you know you were not An ordinary sinner But you still find ways to surprise I am where am I Well I’d be damned having a baby From the inside Our small mission has left us More questions than answers eh But right now this boy needs our care We carry it tomorrow and find it .

Warm bed And some food OK Go back over talking Hey boy is resting now he’s weak But I don’t hit at least as much as I can Say Needless to say, his presence is elevated questions Others are trapped in the other Side cavities If so, they may also be returned to Alive world There is a lot we must ask when Wake up to another topic Ahhh that might be a strange question however Have you ever looked at After a child before a mother In fact Don’t say everything well in this case Yours I’m guessing friend I can’t connect you well here Forever I’m worried because I’ll be running somehow I suppose first order of the day He should get some food in his stomach It looks very pale after all I think I’ll go looking for some meat Now maybe I should take it to He might be the doctor first after all He suffers from some diseases . Or instructions to the eye, or maybe I Must Damn everything I know that I didn’t cut out for This Okay, awesome now that’s going to be the next mission At level 74 Which we will do in the next episode Anyway guys that’s it for this episode If you want to be sure to give Excellent as well as subscription and Always goodbye from me My free bye bye guys

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