FFXIV 5.3 1492 Qitari Rank 6 (Beast Tribe Quests)


And we go back to another episode in In this episode we will hit Rank 6 with the Qatari Monsters Tribe . Final Fantasy 14 And as usual hello from e3, what’s new I made enough daily newspapers Out of the fifth rank and then pursuit It becomes available from Live So the quest is called a scary fate Ronker’s Great Serpent Once Again It gives you wisdom Gods Probably very gree The gray snake swinging and swinging With joy It seems she is expecting eagerly What are the new Qatari discoveries? ? Excavation efforts may lead to speaking with carbonic And see how things can be Progressing since You met well last time Let’s do it so hello friend It’s the most amazing day here Stop the ritual that v nicely He taught us what allowed us to delve into Deeper in the tunnels You will not believe our wonders Found As my son says we explored The second Uh, the class is almost complete and will be I’m glad to know that Relics and treasures that we found All but assured that Or interpretation of the second star . He was already right Our ancestors welcomed v when He arrived in the big jungle Despite the obvious differences in aspects From uh like Age status and marital position Our people have built a strong bond .

Not different from that shared by yx maja and Thor Dylan and Lena Gods We also found records of a story He said Since ancient times in av on Qataris fish together In the woods when they suddenly fell in deep hole Their bodies were traumatized and without source From nutrition They had no choice but to wait Savior to come Note that, uh, his short life was . Almost at the end Short live show diagonal by himself . the meat For his mate v that might be Survive for many years to come May uh hurt more . A tale of friendship and dedication Why are my eyes torn ? I am also glad to report this at A research that we were able to do as well Find a passage that leads further The depths of the clogs Yes I have a little doubt that the last The star is waiting for us Should we continue to delve below me Trust uh Uh for the wall or in only Or alpha injection, or is it as we are speak It is a fact that returned by a short distance While before tall uh he had nothing If I do not warn, uh, I have no doubt That cleared for tunnels .

It was more comprehensive and yes I feel that The news is not all good Poor about collapsed in shiver Heap almost immediately Upon her return, she stayed in bed . Silent with a terrible fever Ago As such, our friends have sent in sliver To come to our aid I think I saw them there Come here I’ll be over If you can join us, get in Down all this Fair enough So we brought any type as soon as possible Mother Madam hit the poor a little . Colleague Madam, I suppose this means illness Now according to who accompanied to her The passage below is blocked by wide Duet water vein and her team do not have it . Choose but dive in And try to swim their way forward In the depths It seemed that the water was getting cold Great effect on their bodies Well, or maybe they are Face the frightening lurking Leviathan in depth Or those who attacked them b Claws In a violent rage ya My heart goes out or this brave beating Spirit Thankfully, her life seems to be sans Risk And yes I feel these things are far away It is an ideal environment To shelter the wounded and the infirm .

I must agree to the incantations and the shrines They may do good to ward off creatures The depth But they do little to preserve shivering Body and This is the patient’s return to good health . They free up the guitar and live simple Life Or a luxury version, uh, we are from the night . Blessing Similar and i think uh Thrift To be a great feature and yes I dare They say they deserve to live better Relief from this Do you not agree that there is Something we can do for them So master your vlan oh magmanity He is the most influential indeed Why friends if they don’t help one Another in troubled times We must commit you to it for Your help in the meantime I’ll suspend our exploration of Tunnels Until such time that we find a way to mother Traverse those frigid and treacherous Water I’m going to collect the supplies we need Keep you A friend here is safe, we’ll need something Warm her body And medicine to reduce fever .

Did the adjacent fire not suffice The elixir of life for the distressed diagonal . Colleague Leave uh this is the front son of Uh It inhabits an asymmetric dose maker Uh yeah i think i can buy it I plug Need from our friends right now As for warmth, I think I am I know the thing my mom knows Always used for making For me it was when I got cold as a kid I will need Some snake from the lake to see Makata I’ll get it myself but I can’t be Was asked Hmm, and I fear that it is treachery Go for someone like me Can I trouble you with the task Free You are naive You are more, uh, not really my friends There is something I can do to be who Help Or do I intend to come back here and tend to Casting the throttle Maybe you can help me take care Your friend Consider it did everything I could for Be my help Every kick and ball Just because he suffers from dyslexia it doesn’t happen It means he’s not incredibly smart Oh my God, so I really need to be high Quality this time Okay so we have to go ahead There like this Once we get over it we’re ready to try And high quality collection Pepper keep up Well, we have come to the destination So I need to get high quality for that I am You will hit the paper, you will try for free a plus Chance you made 100 well there Be lucky for me Was due Basically it says we’re going to increase it by an amount 30 to 100 percent Luckily for me I moved straight to 100.

Okay, so once I get back to camp, then me It can transform the task We will continue Okay, so we’re back So how does your search memory go I was able to locate anything that might have been Keep or Turtle warm there you go How gently warm up, uh, to Touch her Yes I dare say that would help The warmth of the body of the Twarel ah And relieve her pain . So don?t worry my friends I have prepared some Additional doses to share with The rest of the excavation team Did any of them have similar symptoms? For a dozen poor Uh the relief is nothing but a quaff of pentagonal force The quintessential elixir away, said Quaf Hmm, so Charles seems calm Really slightly better at this rate I dare Say she’ll stand on her feet again None Time I cannot thank you enough, my friends I have to tell her Portugal how much I am Appreciate everything you did Us uh when you wake up Dad, I have a yes Damn me, I do Hey charcoal are you totally okay I have something to say When I took my freeze detection to …

My hands were sweetly full of my body A wave of warmth from the inside of why if we were She would have given one For every former vacation team member They can stay warm and even warm They have sailed in the freezing waters below Just a genius, my son, uh, mister Valen Uh, Mr. Quinn for Maya trusts you Take care of our dear Twitter . Instead of me I w can revert to Excavations that I may offer to Discovery friend Uh, she sure is dancing in . Tunnels Leave it to us, my friend may be there There is no greater honor than Lend my amazing, uh, talents For a proud race of Ronca That you sell let the first phase of x start of the holiday Later So the quattro and charcoal safely Returned from check-in . Tunnels [Music] Well let’s move on Let’s finish this job So I free my friends to come back The snake’s friend is with us I am glad to inform you that The third star is found Unfortunately much like the first two I’ve seen better days We must count on our blessings .

Live at all uh with what The city bursts into ruinous waters worst That you have encountered already over the years Why can I hardly imagine the horror The faces of our ancestors when they defied the death It has long been compressed Um, do not fear or lament the past O sons of Ronca, brave for Or to reclaim your legacy today She made a way onto a brighter, simpler path More Uh, a bright future, say if Divine Protector And his words may give you strength . Well, the feelings are cool at least But tell what you were able to achieve Of stone Uh, what we can distinguish from the signs He was actually more curious One diagonal shows a fish . Above his head And next to him stood my curiosity . A miniature-like creature Catfish, uh, a man with small legs Oh catfish man you say why keep silent Through every encyclopedia with a history A masturbation rack and didn’t have much I heard about something like that Uh, what a great old way Monsters you may have discovered You, uh, travel more than us Riddle have you seen before Or I heard about such a creature in Trips I ever own I’m free, so the curious sweat of fish men That live in Far in the east regardless, sorry not No wonder we haven’t heard of them .

In Overran he lists that they were one He swallowed them from many of the afflicted The flood Anyway, the sound of these catfish men Most Appetite I was great I would have done is being Very curious to know more I have a theory about what the signs are indication Or was it an old time when, uh, famine They destroyed the forest Troubled times are predecessors and They are catfish men All claim to be a vital hunting ground That the creatures no longer inhabit These parts only mean one thing The proud country of the great might .

Runker empire behind them led Slippery creatures On the large wood that recovers food Offer them and only them Devoid of a food source . The catfish men died He went out one by one and finally met them Extinction Or extinction of the foot . Ah, believe me, dad, I am not naive I think uh it was This was another bright and happy one . Chapter in history No doubt the famine you are really talking about Occurred Our forest house is the reason more that When these catfish men appeared in door step On the verge of collapse from hunger . Our distant parents Often they hunt, sorry show them fish So I wonder who is the person with dyslexia May they bear Themselves for the coming days The coolest theories are both Them and yes I’d like to post it again I read about it Old coin and Crowded with catfish Was told It predates Ronkin’s empire, right Reasonable Even it will probably be the currency An ancient civilization of fish men That blossomed in the depths below . No it is not like that and I think we were I heard Summarize enough theories for any given day Comfort and Anna rate We should go back to the liver if You are I always need magic or Elusive theories You’ll know where to find us I must say there is something Convinced with a great thought Sub-terrain civilization Maybe I should house the fish people Considered We are or may not be pressuring us anyway My son appears again And I got into conflict Explanations of our people’s past .

And so we turn again to you ally . Runka What version of history should be narrated My friend’s secret Let us lend us your wise Wisdom and Insight cool sharp Completed I mean I’ll stick with a shark Good for every one A reputation that raises the honors . Uh again my father and son quadruple Sorry, a Qatari father and son have arrived . Different interpretations of the past Also filmed in Stella The beginning of the great snake Forcing you to select the version From history it will be said I got to the honor, uh, thanks . Supplies provided to my family . Silver bow Apple stops all over hospitable since when There is no doubt that the Qatari will be able to . Return to the excavation work With new vitality, uh, a new Qatari monster Clan Daily Missions is now available From a little bit moreover Be able to Well, that’s just like Charcoal but may explain Different signs but I am I’m sure my ancestors weren’t Cruel and violent like He was saying when families were struck Forests that we took Qatar I pity the catfish people and their participation With them our fresh harvest They disappeared from the big forest distance This is unfortunate but I know that Grandparents did Mother of all they can to save their slippery Little friends This is definitely uh more intuitive The case does not agree If you support dating on The first dollar will be recovered The rewards will be the same no matter what is okay Oh, Mike Finvincent, or did you know we? We shared the same mind as you and I So the task is called the first seller a Feast for a quail shark will Convince you Or the truth of his theory regarding .

The fate of the mysterious sex . Catfish population Maybe the boy is right in history Times are not that cruel It may also appear at a glance in any case Hmmm if I really found his copy of More events I do not see any reason to object flynn fideris Let’s get however Restoration of the third star seem Uh, you will stay to see that Everything is done correctly isn’t it Ah when you’re only ready to start Say the word Well let’s do that for free Father and me We invite our best craftsmen on the spot This is complete Oh Third Qatari seller . Photograph restoration Interpretation of Charcoal History [Music] Equipped with amenities and supplies Blessed kindness brought him Pop softball is more than hospitable Ever before they rejoice at their new discovery Qatari condolences returned to .

Drilling effort with Renewable enthusiasm for energy, uh, can Just imagine what the wonderful discoveries are Not yet come So cool that is done Hmmm it will take a few days and then we will Be able to hit the seventh rank With the Qataris so anyway guys that’s it For this episode If you like it, be sure to give it a try Excellent as well as subscription and Always goodbye from me My free bye bye guys .

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