FFXIV 5 3 1493 Crafting Guide Level 74 to 75


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will settle, Take our craft classes from level 74 to 75 in Final Fantasy 14 And as always, hello from Miffry, so hmmm. I have decided to Change things up just a little.

There were a lot of options made. It is discussed in Video 71 72 Um, and I decided to go to the major Companies This time because an amount They give special experience. If you are Convert high-quality add-ons Too high, especially if it is Starred, They will give you a complete level with respect to For diversity. I will do the major company course For 74.75, But you also have the custom option, Hand over leave assignments and all Others.

I discussed on 71 to 72 videos, so hmmm You can use the same macro that you entered Video 7172. I still use that which it looks like Go-to level up macro for me. Obviously, what is different to me is, I finished uh the blood storm with Some of the best crafting equipment. The match still serves me very good, But if you don’t have these stats, then I have permission. You can take a look at Texts. The gear I discussed earlier, Video clips So we’ll go ahead towards 75.

Once we hit 75 for the craftsmen, we will Will Go ahead and I’ll see if there’s anything Changed So anyway. You guys that’s all for this. The episode, if you like it, be sure to give It’s cool, and so is the subscription And, as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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