FFXIV 5.3 1495 Dwarf Rank 8 (Beast Tribe Quests)


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will hit Rank 8 with the Dwarf Monster Tribe in Final Fantasy 14, As always hello from Miffry I’m. He is still working in the daily newspaper Every day in my journey towards being All 80 verbatim, And it’s now ranked seventh, so I’m here now with you Ronnie am in AH 9, 13 in Lakeland. So, let’s see what the last mission is, The quest is called Tank for Memory, Hahaha, so running looks set to fire, Particularly cheerful troll, and greeting In your general direction. [, Music, ]

Uh, only whoever I was hoping to see Larry is yours, free Bloody hope, [, Music, ] Huh. I find a lolly shovel if I hear one Uh since the last time we spoke, It was more busy than we ever paid. First, Customers, Mother of Aero, Aerofla and Kopler. I have already started using the rolling mill tank Cars to move their goods around. Until now, there was no Reports of any horrific accidents or Everything is comfort. We will target the same high Quality for the rest of the tanks. Thanks to the word of our new friends, He wanders around quickly Or orders were flying in abundance. Quick. This will, I would be better than I dared to dream. This requires a celebration. Of course,

Will not Uh be the same without all the others, So I’ll spin them all right. Meanwhile, why don’t you go to Clemouth And wait with Lorithia Well? Well, We must travel there to get there. There we go Okay, so we got there. Let’S talk to her, So I see you are the opposite: They call it Late, you seem to be here. Can you help me get everything ready, Or were you surprised that you resisted The temptation to start ( 7-6-7-9 ) before we get here? I bet you never saw a feast like This is our best Novaran flavor Elise’s mother must be presented, Say your blick brings even a barrel of Famous on the right, But how did they carry something like that? Heavy? All this I hear you cry. Yes, that’s right.

Tank of course, These things may be on the teeth With some of the most advanced in the world Weapons, but that’s what they carry. It makes a real difference. People across the earth can get what They need it when they need it, Not to mention some luxuries. In life Also, so it looks like all of our hard work has been done. Finally, Uh, I think finally right Able to produce beer again. Thank you and Ronnie. We got it. The best barley crops. In years Until the first batch, I got Approval The most sought-after villages for beer lovers Because of the great improvement Soil quality.

We were growing our fruits, Which we came from For young ones and for tea. Young children enjoyed it Well, it’s time for everyone to get the Toast that Lift the core of a tank from a veil or a tank Juice and request You melt, I’m like runit, josog or you will wear a drink. Is yours To the continued success of wasanville And all Cheers our friends O years of jihad and adversity? It seems a distant memory for the residents From the first because they strive for the best Tomorrow, Especially the dwarves of Colosia. It will have a vital role to play in Days ahead with their ingenuity. Diligence paves the way for something Something very fast, Damn it even after the dishes, The cleansing of the ceremonies continued, So stay there Mitch or not. It looks like drunk In the hookah.

I would just say: Uh, oh carrots, at least finish Shannon Before you fall asleep. I think what it means is nonsense. We all owe our sincere gratitude, Especially ronits before they appear. He is, I wouldn’t say, goose, But now it’s cool Leader. It must be following your examples. We know you have other people, Someone needs you Hmmm, so it would be oysters to expect on you Staying but grateful for the time Spent with us. This means you lost shit And if you pass by one day, you will be Make sure to push us deflated.

I mean it will be some time before more In recent times. Of course, I will do that Anyway. It is better to go back to Anvil. He says he travels. I want to make sure Say goodbye to English, mother and Shallish uh before you leave. They want to talk to you Great to talk to them. Hey there, you go Ah Ellis, and we were talking about You are We were wondering if beer was it I liked. It then happened to me: You might not even drink at first Place.

Uh. Do you participate in the individual nipple? Ah no, I never touched on this And we might find another, A client of Popular Fruit, soon juice And be sure to tell your friends. Can I say, look how cool he is To see you in this high spirits? Ah, you are like a changed man, Our change. Oh you thank me for free, considering All she did for us in our village. I cannot imagine how we will pay it back. You too, if there is All you need, is just say the word billion generation. I tell him that I am afraid to think What will happen to us without intervention. Yes, we are grateful for the mastery of Ronnie K.

Well, Thanks to him and automate My father’s dream finally came True: If we take a paper on his book by solutions, Combine ingenuity and hard work, There is nothing we cannot achieve. [, Music, ], Maybe next time you’ll. Be writing. We’Ll have something new To show you. Our doors are always open for that. Do not be a stranger, Oh, I forgot to ask, but do you have it Talk to Ozug? Something seems to be. She Would like to discuss with you. Oh Shox, Have you eaten my water for free? I’M sure she has room for more. I tried this Snoopers of Um, Ah Orange, Or if you picked the cart uh, it’s very delicious. Yes, I cannot get enough of them. Just thinking about them makes me nausea. I may live a little and feel like always Say Frightened to get lost on little ones. Yes, it would be more waste. Lu is a talented engineer like me, Choking to death for forsaken gods, ( 7-6-7-9 )

Worm I have to take care of myself if I want to These. Are our plans to bear fruit In any case, Uh Larvia? I bet your best years are Still in front of you. In fact, why don’t you come and help? What is the anvil? It must be better than drinking Tea, and soaking in hot springs are all Today Uh. When you reach my age, you will learn To appreciate things like that. You mark my business still won’t work To leave my skills rusty. I suppose I can make a spot of From time to time, [, Music ]. Actually my friend there is something I am I want to tell you Most of my life. I’Ve been living according to Others’ expectations without thinking For what I want, but thank you.

I made up my mind Like you: I will chase myself Goals of my dreams. That’S why I decided to continue here. Where can I express, I am and be what I want to be? Instead of wasting my life being restricted According to traditions and rules, I want to be free to go where I please, And I do what I like, But don’t want to go back to. The village of all waterfalls is here, Travel permit between Tamra and The anvil. Whenever they want Uh, what about you? Well, it’s not like you are. He has not yet been denied anyway. Oh really, I can really get back to you, The camera. Now I can From this fourth day I am no longer Gog. I will only live as a descendant Uzug wh in itself, My answer to no one, But you cannot take off Helmet like that Indecent. I think he was confused before A beautiful girl’s sight.

Or how is he expected to hit me in battle Who, if turned into gossip, A clown every time I take off my helmet? What is as good as a hammer? This reminds me to start In my next job. I proved my supremacy once All I’m trying to get back to the anvil Looks like I may join you soon And not later You guys brought me so badly excitement. I can’t wait to see what comes next, Even with the next Okay. So, let’s go back now To finish the job until we get Return to what is his anvil, We’ll wrap up the dwarves? Well, we made it back. So let’s talk Ronnie, So zog and hg.

I had no shyness Because she I do not want to return to comrade No need to expose itself like. I know that you are not going out or to go out, So I don’t expect you to understand. However, You agree with me: don’t you Uh the worst thing that ever happened In Lake Land? The worst thing You might take off your helmet too, Find it edited. Why never do I prefer to lose My damn head all Who took off my helmet all this husband Error. She needs a good bloody talk with, But that can’t wait. Ah, I can’t Remember what I was going to say now: Oh something about your thanks or whatever. Well, I suppose I should express thanks Uh to stick with me through the thick And skinny. Even when it looked like this entire plan, It will explode at me. I know sometimes I feel a little jealous.

You have a lot of talent compared to Mine, Being the savior of the bloody world. All that, however, I know you don’t do it to steal. Thunder is just trying to be A good friend and you are the best Bloody hell, keep going and I’ll start Uh. It glooms like a newborn, In any case the struggle uh to obtain those tanks Cards. It may be over, but I am Ozog. Others will continue here so then, One day I felt the urge to emerge Of those skills that you know. Where is it coming from? In the meantime, is better than Luck: saving the world or whatever you will do cool Reputation so far, blood swarm, It is the highest rank. Do you get bleeding?

Uh will Receive Experience, point reward when you complete, b Daily stripe task, And I leveled my level really well so that was it Again very generous experience points for that. I will continue to do so Bar uh, dwarf b anyway, because I’m still about 80 alert With craftsmen But yeah like aah. We are over now Two of the lines b, the last one we are Diagonal. Then we do every one of them. So anyway, you guys. That’S all for this, The episode, if you like it, be sure to give a Premium and subscribe too And, as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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