FFXIV 5.3 1497 Caster Role Quest Level 78


And we go back to another episode in This episode: we’ll make Level 7ea Casting assignment in Final Fantasy 14 and Hello, always from e3. So here we are in my header sock at Meringue At age, 25 and 16. We need to talk to cyric, so called the mission Training day for successful people, so see Worried about progress, Container training. Oh that look in your eyes! Yeah! I can see You have gained a lot of strength since We met last time. You’Ll be glad to hear that tayna has it.

He managed to make steady progress on Training as well. The boy thinks he has recovered Much of his knowledge and skills, Or is he touched before being absorbed In the pocket of time and space Wonderful reward, considering it Not long ago, He barely remembers what he has The name. There is, however, one aspect of it: Training not covered yet, But the boy simply loves to experience it battle To do the magic needed for stamping The cavities that I have to protect. My total focus and clarity. If I were Battle with Helping, the throne is the first thing that I fear concentration, It will crash easily, And so I thought I’d take the boy out In the wild So that he absorbs it.

Himself to the battlefield and further away Sharpen his command with magic In this process and, yes, we must maintain Extensive birth of meringue Uh. We had to face authoring before We are fully prepared. The results could be catastrophic, So I suggest we go to Flight of a kind. Will you be willing to accompany us? I think there is a lot of boy. You can learn from your example. Sure excellent. Now, let’s make Lake Land the beast in A lost forest. The sponsor must present a fair challenge For the boy. Okay. So let’s see where the closest Teleport is Okay, so we have to go there, but we need To travel south. So once we get there, we will Complete. Ok, so we’ve made it. So let’s talk to searig so ah here it is right Now Hmmm, it is something this is important. How do you like my new clothes? Not only free, Are they stylish? Why do I feel Power Uh they flow from within me.

Searig were present, Isn’t it the best? It was an even more minor investment. We must all take A potential feature. We wish we wanted Victory over our opponent, But our idol chatting enough worked To do mithri. I would like to ask you to go. Let’S start with an example of Boy Show him exactly how to behave Yourself in battle. We can Just so good. We can’t do well, Throw it to Wolverines alone. We can now. So why don’t we go out and chase One chase us? They know uh watch carefully and tell me Show you how for free, OK, Okay, so let’s summon Wolverine [, Music, ] Mother! Well, that was totally unbelievable. The destructive power of spells The way it spun seamlessly Mantra after the following Everything, but tell me: ah what do you want Say? The most important thing is a mage. It must be kept in mind when fighting a battle Face and enemy. I don’t know his MP level, Because you are tired of everything You received.

Your spells the right way. Sequence is the key. Oh, but of course thank you Miffy I want I try to put everything I learned From you in good practice here. It goes. Nothing! Ok Rap: Where do I do this is not curses Stay still until I can really hit you, Like, I say, stand still until I get over Head injury. Did you not let the enemy be troubled? Now You keep your focus, Correct focus. You are not a naughty person – You, oh this mars. Yes, I’ve seen enough of this, So it still needs essentially more time Nice to talk to Tina. Don’T worry! You still have time young man, My dear, this did not work out quite well. I wished Do not go down on yourself boy. I shouldn’t have jumped the way I did.

I dare say you are starting to get Suspension There. In the end, I thought it would be is being Simple enough to track me for free He drives, but when that wild creature I stared at me very flustered, Put what you’ve learned into practice. Actually, it is not a force Magic. That is the topic. You simply have to learn to compose yourself. What do you think? Is there any free Other words of wisdom? You may make me simply need more, an exercise Believe in yourself. Otherwise, we’ll be fine. Thank you, I’m sure, you’re right. I can’t Allow my phone to cut off my focus like this. Anyway, let me try one more time this time I promise you will get better. Ah, yeah boy would be okay and I have to stay in my hand, cool You. Did we won the battle Uh now? This is how you hunt wolverine.

Well done boy. I am proud that I will be here for The first victory You’re, so cute. I wouldn’t Without you I am here to show. I am the way, Thank you, But don’t give up now, uh, you should Keep fighting until all you have. I learned become second nature. Now. Are you ready? Oh let’s talk to Tina again. That was harder than I am Expected and yes thank you and c-Rig. I feel like. I can keep myself in Battlefield now. I have to agree with the way I made it A short work for the last creature.

I would say it is time to find more Worthy enemy. Let’S come back for more talk and plan Next course of action. Well, let me jump right there. Oh, we are Until you prove you’re the perfect guide for How’s boy. Miffry Drill platform can learn here, One or two things from you, But you taught him not only how to use His spells in battle, But how does he keep his focus on Facing danger With those basics under his belt? It is just a matter of time Practice until ready to face Throne Help. I promise my friends. I will not let it You’re frustrated now, if you may allow me Better, go and write Everything I learned today is new In my memory. This passion and determination are a must, Be the boy that always was Before he stole his time beyond the rift From his memories and his soul.

He dedicates himself to training and It may help us Fail from this and bring his friend The measure of salvation. There is no specification of any battle path it will take. I suspect the boy will have to Face the past with his head on Hmm. It won’t be easy for him. However, I think it is necessary, The time required for him to order. He carries a new future for himself For support and for From the so-called rank of the nation shield. We must win this battle, Not to mention our coin. Governor er Anyway, I will believe I will leave you to Your training and back to my country. The final showdown is close On hand and we must be prepared nicely perfect Awesome. So we now have level 80 Uh Custer’s endeavor to go so anyway, guys! That’S all in this episode, if you like To make sure you like and Subscribe too And as usual goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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